>unironic emoji speak
what went wrong?

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GT7 when

>what went wrong?
Mishandling Accelerator. The answer will remain the same as long as he remains in the same role in the story.

5 months maybe

So if she was doing it ironically, you'd be okay with it?

Cringe user lacks reading comprehension.

All this shows that the “punishment” that Aleister is obsessed and forced into the world’s culture is pointless, and any character supporting it indirectly via only saving supposed perfect victims is now completely unsympathetic. It’s funny how Aleister achieved Coronzon’s goal of dispersion causing people to turn on and spiritually cannibalize each other though.

Not enough aradia feet

Read Horizon and Kawakami's other series if you want to see a long running novel done right.

Literal mental illness, the only fetish that is known to develop after the brain is forced into unnatural patterns.

literally what are you talkong about you schizo

bruh, only old heads use emojis like that

dumbass ESLfag didn’t even read the Coronzon arc

Based truthteller user pissing off the faggots.

I read it an it doesnt make sense

>Skip the whole volume
>read the finale and epilogue
>miss nothing

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The raws arent even like that, its just js06

Also read Accel World

Who's (((((Estelle)))) partner?

rosenkreuz? dont really care lol

more importantly why is Saten barefoot?

Improvisation. There is no other way Kingsford's unique speech could be translated to english

What is wrong with wanting to gently fold it? Why can’t I love undressing her and exposing her cute tummy when half of the threads are hornyposting?

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It’s like a domino effect. GT can’t be corrected now without writing Accelerator well.

>Why can’t I love undressing her and exposing her cute tummy when half of the threads are hornyposting?
Because Accelerator is not a girl

Accelerator doesn’t exist as a person. Accelerator is an idea, and all the best iterations of that idea including her being female.

what's the raw like?
I know moon but I can't be arsed to look for a torrent/DL right now

>. Accelerator is an idea
and that idea includes the fact that he is male

This is not only the correct conclusion, but one that can be reached by basic application of pattern recognition -> critical thinking -> problem solving. It isn’t rocket science.

No it doesn’t. Just like two people can look at a painting or hear a simple story and get two completely different things from it, people will disagree here. You can argue on whether or not the details or one interpretation are valuable, but that’s it. The only way to avoid this is to not share your ideas at all.

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I pity those who try to read the bakatsuki version as a pdf

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>ust like two people can look at a painting or hear a simple story and get two completely different things from it
Listen you retarded psued if one paints a man everyone will agree it's a man.

you have no idea how little it takes for a twitter user to headcanon a character as trans...

>pictograms for yes, no, masu and kara
>random katakana particles
that's a rather moderate level of cancer

Accelerator has only ever been described as androgynous, you idiotic crybaby. That explicitly allows for a huge gray area whether you like it or not. Even if that wasn’t the case, you’re missing the point. Canon doesn’t matter, and your outlandish misunderstanding of canon much less so. Your original complaint is also irrelevant, since no other user has to justify their reliance on noncanon material and offmodel art or is criticized for posting ten times as much. The funny part is, those anons are way further from the original work than I am.

So it was just pictograms but the actual word was in furigana?
And some kanji was replaced by emojis for no reason
What did js06 mean by this?

>Accelerator has only ever been described as androgynous, you idiotic crybaby
Last order would know if he was a woman retard she took a bath with him.

Who cares about teens on Twitter? As long as their headcanon isn’t shallow, there’s nothing offensive with it. It their case it usually is, but that’s because it’s based on taking as many characters as possible and declaring them trans for woke points and not from deeply considering the character. In that way, I’m one of the the least shallow here and you’re acting as shallow as they are. You are no different from some minor attacking random people for not believing that a character is gay or trans.

retard, even the author doesnt considers accel as a male

woah user slow down, I just said that if one paints a man not everyone will agree it's a man

No, you said the exact opposite you lying faggot. Keep backtracking and proving your retardation with your failure to understand the original analogy, though.

>this month nothing
>next month Railgun novel
>month after that AW5
3 months at the earliest
Unless Dark Elves wasnt axed or theres is a break after AW5

Just about everyone has figured out at this point that you only insist on Accelerator being male because you believing masculinity is shameful. Learn to like yourself, ragetard.

ok troon

Troon? Trannies like you are the only one who would be so hung up on this in the first place. Interesting to know that you’re so ashamed of your cock that you’ve thought of cutting it off, but still, you should know that no one else can help you.

t. doomfagcuck

>you only insist on Accelerator being male because you believing masculinity is shameful
What the fuck kind of logic is this

Inference based on his insistence and tone which seems to be correct from his reaction. Idiots who like to cast Accelerator as a villain always make them male and often make them an adult because of their own biases. Others who see Accelerator as male don’t get offended.

>t. tourist still bleeding from his ass because the doomfag shit was called out as manufactured

based painted nails

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keep projecting fag

Accelerator is neither a villain or adult, retard. He’s a victimized (male) teenager. Even the clones don’t hate him - they hate the role he was forced into by Academy City. The “fuck you” the American Misaka said to Five Over Accelerator was not directed at the boy, it was directed at what AC did with the boy

Aradia should be blacker

I agree

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Except AC has done much worse. What Accelerator experienced is as monstrous, if not more than, what he did. Focusing on Accelerator as the manifestation of all AC's evil is just stupid, since the average student's or scientist's ethics also clearly need correction.

>this is what the scene meant to convey
Only the author could know that. What the author needed to, and failed to, consider is that including that was in poor taste because most of the possible interpretations reflect badly on the Misakas and on the story.

You're lucky if you haven't seen people say he's an adult when the series clearly says he's a minor. That's what that user meant, not that he somehow thought Accel was an adult.

>Lines of light filled the night sky around her like a planetarium. A satellite viewing the earth may have seen it as a glowing net capturing the planet itself.

>“So I will claim the assistance of everything floating in the air! Around 10 thousand tons of cosmic dust pour down on the planet ever day after burning up in the atmosphere. With invisible pieces of the moon in hand, I can even absorb all of the carbon dioxide out of the earth’s atmosphere. The witch goddess will use her ointment to save humanity from global warming! And the good deed of saving the world will be returned to me at triple strength. Then I will concentrate all of that power on a single point to obliterate the enemy before my eyes!!”

Wouldn't removing all the carbon dioxide cause an ice age?

sssshhhh the point is that technobabble is supposed to impress the readers

Who cares? The story won't allow us to say fuck you to Crowley who's abused and hurt countless children, so people don't want to hear a victimized child get accused of things way more severe than what he's actually done.

Aradia is such a horrible antagonist. Her thing is her hypocritical moralizing, but that's exactly what the author ruined the story with. A fucking strawman of a character.