Golden kamuy

This manga is a kamuy on its own…
Post hinna stuff

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Sugimoto is built for Citatap


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Why is he such a fucking child?

How deep is that wound?

I kind of want to stick something in there. Not sure why.

Nothing fits there

Not with that attitude

leaked cover

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>the last thing you see before your dead brother makes you blow your brains out


Cute Ainu onahole wife

Asirpa WON


>Why is he fucking such a child?

It's beautiful, probably her best or at least second best cover.

That being said I'm surprised it wasn't Tsurumi and then a group cover for the final one.

Sugimoto is getting the last cover, or will it be a group shot?

How do I get a sugimoto bf?

a part of it is basically no skull, essentially right under the skin is the brain which is why he has to wear his shell and is constantly leaking through there

I love her

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How do I get a Sugimoto gf

How do I become as handsome as these dudes? Pls I need pussy, I'm starving here

In terms of character
Genjiro > Koito > Ogata > Tsukishima > Kikuta > Usami > Yuusaku > Ipopte > Nikaido

Have pretty blue eyes and be garden gnome height. If you have that then wait until a bear attacks him, help him out and begin culinary grooming.

What does that even mean. How can you put Yuusaku and fucking Ipopte over Nikaider?

This line he said to Sofia right after killing her came off as kind of strange. Right before he had already said he forgiven her, so is there anything to this line that I'm missing or am I retarded?

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Putting Yuusaku over Ipopte was a mistake but as funny as Nikaidou is and as great as his death was, his character is pretty static after he goes nutty

He forgiven Sofia, only Sofia, not Wilk. That's why he shot Wilk on picture she had

He doesn't blame Sofia, never did. He only blamed Wilk. Fuck Wilk.

The land battle of Goryokaku was fucking amazing

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look closer to those pages, all his shots go through Wilk in the photo, he didn't forgive Wilk.

Interesting shading/texturing thing on the bottom with Tsurumi that the author seems to do a lot.

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Considering how autistic Noda is about the whole Saichi thing, it's gotta a solo cover for sure.

Good catch.

Will I ever find a manga as good as golden kino?

Tsurumibros....Catbros.... It was supposed to be their turn
Sofiabros...She didn't even get a cover

What is she looking at, Yea Forums?

I love nikaido a lot, I can’t explain why

It's because he's like the Rickety Cricket of Golden Kamuy, in which his life just gets substantially worse every time he stumbles into the main characters, and he slowly turns into an adict maniac, and instead of treating this as tragic, the manga treats it as hilarious.

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also some of the funniest moments in the whole series, like him getting his leg weapon, his hand that has chopsticks in it, his human skin cap made by a serial killer maniac, or probably becoming one of the first meth addicts in history.

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Sugimoto did kiss Ume…right?

He did not. Sugimoto reached the end of the manga as a total kiss virgin.

All those moments with Nikaidou make me wish Noda made comedy manga about hospital kinda like Scrubs

Yeah, kissed her goodbye. Off to greener, cuter pastures.

>Off to greener, cuter pastures
cuter and...funnier pastures?

It isn’t like he had a choice
She married someone else.

ANOTHER asirpa cover

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i love tsurumi's contrasts of being a complete goofball and turning into the scariest guy in the series, sometimes a couple of pages from each state


At least her covers are beautiful

Doesn't sit right having the main villains last volume cover be from Abashiri.

The funniest. Pic related: a man en route.

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question, sugimoto did carry or fling asirpa around several times to save her or while being in danger.

but did he ever carry her to do things like just have her having a higher view?

i don't recall this thing ever happening which makes me think about sugimoto treating asirpa as his equal even if she's a tiny little girl

He's her childhood flame, even Toraji was afraid that nispa was gonna return and cuck him. Instead, he dipped without so much as asking how she was doing.

So the final cover will be all the characters I guess

Are there a compilation of ALL the color pages?
What is your favorite one, there are so many good ones I can't decide.

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She seems very cute and funny indeed. Sugimoto is a man of taste.

The one with the serious Asirpa holding the ceremonial knife in the bottom row is my personal favourite.

>did he ever carry her to do things like just have her having a higher view?

No, the one who did that was Ushiyama, who's about three Asirpas and a smaller one added stacked on top of another in height. Sugimoto barely reaches two Asirpas, so she preferred the higher view.

Finally found the panel they referenced in Tanigaki's panel in the final chapter. He truly followed in the boner's footsteps.

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mating press nakadashi ainu women

>three Asirpas and a smaller one added stacked on top of another in height
These imperial units are getting out of hand.

>three Asirpas and a smaller one added stacked on top of another in height
> Sugimoto barely reaches two Asirpas
Sugimoto confirmed manlet

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sugimoto was around 178 cm which is higher than the average japanese guy but still