Eyeshield 21 Storytime

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rip OP

I wanna read it

Starting with the one-shot.
Takes fifteen minutes for a pass to reset IPs.

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really? for me it takes 30sec, I'm running the hikaru no go storytime and I also reset IP at the start
but nice, it's starting, lets go, thanks OP

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Yay ^^

Some times it does it, some times it doesn't.

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It's 30 minutes for me what the fuck?

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Its actually 15 if you manually log your self out and back in. If you just wait its 30.

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Creepy locker goblin

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Good luck OP. Probably my favourite sporst manga even though it does go on for too long but i consider the last stretch of the manga more like a victory lap.
Oh man, these early designs are rough.

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