This was painful to read

This was painful to read

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He's right though?

>you accepted gifts therefore you also accept all these other things

Hey you did wait a few days this time, good job OP

Men are pathetic

This is how the world works.

Nothing is free.

I'm just jealous of the mother's husband

no such thing as a free lunch, user

Plenty of things are free. Most of them just suck. Maybe think for yourself instead of regurgitating boomerisms. This advice is free.

Shut up woman.

Gifts are gifts. If they entail other obligations then say what those obligations are. Otherwise you run amuck in a sea of ambiguity.

>Otherwise you run amuck in a sea of ambiguity.
That's what social norms are for

This advice is not free, it comes at a cost of giving attention to a transgender individual

Those norms are nebulous.

This is the exact line I used to propose to my gf. She has now mothered all seven of my children and is heavy with the eighth one as I speak.
Nothing beats limitless breast milk on tap, my guys.

So then returning the gifts should be sufficient recompense for him.

They're really not.

>t. Econolet who’s never heard of gift economy


Only if you are autistic or socially stunted

The whole point of gifting something is to give away something for free without expecting anything in return.

Holy shit kek. No, absolutely not. At least not in a social context. If you buy some flowers to your mom or something nice to your friend it may even be, but if done to people you haven't a ver close relationship to then the act of gifting is very regulated by social conventions.

>i'm going to create imaginary rules, not tell you what those rules are, but hold you accountable to them



If you expect something in return after giving or doing something for someone it's not a gift but an investment, so you are wrong and the guy is either a liar or badly raised.

t. sociopath

However, after you gifted something it becomes the recipient's property to do whatever they like with it. If you didn't write down what specifically the gift is to be used for, you don't have a leg to stand on. The recipient owes you nothing.

>Tell me you are autistic without telling me you are autistic

People don't owe you user

>Shut up woman
Incel tear

My brother constantly arrives at my door drunk and out of it, sometimes on drugs. I help him only out of pity and that his death would likely cost my mother more than supporting him in life.

I get absolutely nothing in return other than peace of mind that my mother will not suffer heartbreak or financial ruin yet. That is the only reason why he is alive.

Then I do not owe them courtesy or the right to respect their desire to live, do I?

Your line of thinking is flawed, and you're likely a very selfish person under the guise of charitability.

If a gift comes with a price tag that the receipent is expected to pay for, that sounds more like a bribe than anything

all gifts are bribes

A gift by its definition is charity. Didn't women screech this at us for years, about how being a nice guy and doing good deeds doesn't result in them owing us anything?

Absolutely, but your reputation is gonna suffer from that. How much depends on the entity of the gift and how many people ends up knowing of that, so for small gifts it may be irrelevant, but it's still something. The guy that doesn't bring gifts at Christmas parties stops getting invited. The girl that gets know as the one that let guys offer them dinner without doing anything gets known as a gold digger.

a thing given willingly to someone without payment

>umm how could he not read my mind? what a dick, the signs were obvious, I was clearly wanting him to do this!
also wom*n
>umm actually sweaty no clue what you meant by these gifts, free dinners and constant flirting haha guess you just like to be nice!

No mean no

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If you trust web-given definitions in a world where they're now changed to suit political agendas, I don't know what to tell you

Now those women that said that are complaining that it's gone. Pathetic.

>If you trust web-given definitions in a world where they're now changed to suit political agendas, I don't know what to tell you
Hahahaha fine fine you win troll, go keep circlejerk bout women

Yeah. Nothing is free. Gifts are bribes. Whether for favor or affection.

There's no point bothering with women anymore because they will never return it.

You sound like the kind of person that manipulates and takes advantage of others.

This was written by a woman

You should seek therapy for your sociopathy, user.

Peeminists ruin everything

If you cannot understand the social norms behind stuff like reciprocity you literally can't survive in a modern office space dude. Or well, yes I suppose you can survive, but you sure as fuck you are getting climbed over by any fucker that does for stuff like promotions and similar.

Then you are actually helping your mothern ot him.

kek you literally sound like a villain from something like Kaiji

Every time I have given gifts and opened my heart, I have been met with nothing. Am I truly at fault for no longer caring? Do not expect a beaten dog to eat from your hand as you spit on him.

I see nothing wrong with this

What is your job

I made it to partner in under five years. Competence is a much better ladder than you think

I know you're going to ignore this, user. But if your entire purpose of gifting things was to be met with something, then your actions were never sincere.

> Am I truly at fault for no longer caring?
Yes, but at least you've somewhat learnt to love yourself and hopefully now know not to expose yourself to people you don't truly trust.

Competence needs to be in a field where its extremely valuable to compensate for people thinking you are an asshole because you never return gifts or favours.

Don't lie to yourself by calling them gifts. Just admit that you don't want to help others, you want transactional relationships. Acknowledge your sociopathy

I'm a long-time mangaka who's been on a bit of a hiatus lately.

Get back to work you fucker.

user could just have been raised in that enviroment. Bah. The truth is always so elusive. Norms so obvious... they retain incredible plausible deniability.

user, one of the worst days of my life was one where my brother hosted a party while my mother was away against her wishes. He got drunk, probably fucked up on drugs, and kept it up until past midnight. After I finally broke it up, he nearly beat the shit out of me and left. The day after he came back, I asked him if he was okay.

He told me to go away.
I don't know what else to tell you.

That's every field. I cannot describe to you how badly every employer i know lacks capable employees. Unless you're FAANG, it is extremely difficult to pull in enough smart, self-starting people

>Norms so obvious... they retain incredible plausible deniability.
Yes. While not returning a gift can be a social faux pas is nothing compared to acting like the returning was owned. Which is literally what the guy in the OP is doing.

The bad guy is retarded because why would you want to marry a woman that's already sucked 50 dicks. He's trying way too hard to use those used goods.

he's right here . do you really expect some stranger to just come and give you stuff without trying to get something from you

I've seen this thread before


You're right and it makes simps who still think maybe their favorite streamer loves them or women who know the game and seethe at anyone threatening it cry foul.

>That's every field.

Literally all relationships are transactional, you loon. The entire point of a marriage contract is that the guy can get sex and will bust his ass to provide for his whore wife while also benefiting their parents' families with grandchildren and closer ties and this has been the case since the invention of marriage as a concept.

And this is quite literally how every rich family uses it, you're advocating some meme like "give me shit for free because I'm special otherwise you're mean" because you're a fucking actual retard.

>one of the worst days of my life was one where my brother hosted a party while my mother was away against her wishes. He got drunk, probably fucked up on drugs, and kept it up until past midnight. After I finally broke it up, he nearly beat the shit out of me and left. The day after he came back, I asked him if he was okay.
He told me to go away.
You are sick in the head if you keep having contact with a person like that, sometimes is just better to let people go away from your life, even if you live together, asking if he is ok after all of that sounds pathetic because theo ther guy is an asshole, try using that energy and goodwill with people that deserve it.

Historically men giving gifts to women was always meant to get her attention and therefore sex. The one being insincere is you by pretending it's just a free handout, a sincere woman would refuse gifts from men she isn't interested in. But you already knew this, because you're basically a grifter.

I was thirteen.

People who give gifts with the expectation of reimbursement later on their own terms are complete scum. Under these rules, the agreeing party has to be wary of any gifts they receive as someone could hit them out of nowhere with an unreasonable request that they are obligated to fullfill, which is retarded. Like many have said, gifts are gifts, and if you use them to curry favour then you are a scummy manipulator.

This thread sure is about my favorite anime and manga.

Sure, this is the extremely cynical view of human relationships. It probably works if you spend your time mostly with people who share it. The altruist view also works as long as you're around people who share it, and i much prefer living that lifestyle

The literally most competent person at my job, the one without which I can guarantee you that the entire place will collapse in weeks and that does the job of at least three people, is currently played the same as the most incompetent one, which is so bad that when she's on turn you work more efficiently simply by sending her away.

>People who give gifts with the expectation of reimbursement later on their own terms are complete scum.
>on their own terms
I never expected that. I at the very least wanted a thank you or I appreciate you.

I never got so much as that.

is everyone here is a retard. gifts are a way to make a connection with someone . only an asshole will take a give and give nothing . love is reworded with love . your a piece of shit if you did not give something back no matter how small

He's just gonna reply with altruistic people being delusional or whatever.

Take your meds and stop reading shit by grifters and closet faggots. Your brain is broken.

Well maybe I'm just exceptionally competent at my job and at negotiation both, then

Altruistic people do selfless things with the expectations that other do the same.

I expect that other altruists will do the same, but certainly not all people. And I'm not restricting my good will to only altruists, if i did what would be the point?

No you fucking retard, gifts to women have ALWAYS been given to win affection. You are the one medically fucked in the head trying to say "you should just give me things for free, just because!". The only case where you give gifts without expecting anything back is if it's someone's birthday, christmas or you already have a close relationship with them.

Fuck off with your nonsense, if you don't want people accusing you of leading them on then simply don't lead them on you deranged whore. It really is that easy.

>It probably works if you spend your time mostly with people who share it.
It's the only thing that works if you're naturally unattractive.

You would not do the same if you were beaten, mocked, or ignored for it. Someone rewarded your good behavior or reciprocated it. That is why you are altruistic.

Being altruistic with people you know are altruistic is great. But social norms exist to regulate when you met a complete stranger and you have no idea if he's altruistic too or a cynical asshole that will take your kindness and reward it nothing because "he doesn't own you anything". So your choices are either to hope he follows social norms too and be prepared for a stab in the back or to wait for your kindness until you know if he's a person you want to stay around because he share your altruistic view.

It's as easy as turning down the gift if you don't want the expectation that you'll have to return the favor, you literal grifting tard.

>user gives an example of why he is the way he is
>everyone stops dogpiling on him

that actually hurt to read

The whole thing was painful to read. Reminder that after this, she dug in her heels, and on to marry her former student, stealing him from her sister, who he had a child with. Trashiest fucking thing I've ever read.
>t. stillmad ruifag

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>Don't lie to yourself by calling them gifts.

if your iq wasn't so low you would have noticed the intention behind the gift. why did he give me this..... does he want to be friend....... is he flirting..... is it because (............) .

go get some help go outside and meet real people

I think you should clarify this at the start of all your relationships. Make sure the woman knows you're actively attempting to buy her love, and that you expect a reciprocal but not excessive amount of coquettish teasing before she eventually repays you in kind
Hookup culture is a cancer

>Eight Children
>In the current year
Yeah not buying that shit unless you're a millionaire.

Meds, now!