Did you know May 5th was Children’s Day in Japan?

Did you know May 5th was Children’s Day in Japan?

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Heh he
May the Fifth Be with You
Get it? Like in the movie...

Yes and I love them very much. Too much.

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I get it just like what Clifford says when he's on the century bird

Dangerously based

I can't wait for the day the smorgasbord of twitter memes that comprise your pic becomes as reviled here as wojaks.

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Yes it's a pretty awesome day.

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/ss/ is best when the shota is also appealing
that's why allister and bea make a great ship

/ss/ is a dicklet fetish

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I am attracted to little boys.

why are you gay?

faggot fuck off to your thread

And may 9th day is Victory day.
These one-sans should partake in the old russian tradition of rape


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everyone loves cute boys

Cute boys need corrections by JKs

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I love kodomo

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cute boys are for forced crossdressing

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God, I wish this was me

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Ara araa

>faceless shota

Then why are you fapping to /ss/ when there's no shortage of gay shota h-manga?

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Because why not both?

because I fap to the woman too

>Caretaker of Sunohara gave Aki too much of a growth spurt that now he's near the same height as Ayaka and Nana

Is there any /ss/ anime coming out soon? Only one I know about is some Undead King who's a shota but the manga is garbage.

What children?

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never going to happen, to them it's "japanese twitter" so it's okay

Hetero relationships are just better. Nothing matches the erotic excitement of a little boy staring at a pussy or a little girl staring at a dick, gay dynamics are just boring in comparison.

sadly, a lot of straight porn isn't catered to bi audiences that love both
that's why futa on female is a thing

i chose none itoddler

They're all shotacons, right?

GIWTWM the thread?

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poor mom :(

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Uhm sauce? Saucenao didn't pick it up

>that salute
Little things like these are what turn good drawings into great drawings

saucenao has a crop feature if you click the image

That's pretty clever actually.

What's this?

Da Griznak.





shinjiro commentary: If I ever get reincarnated as a high school girl with giant tits I would enjoy pushing up against a cute boy on a crowded train and watching with half-closed eyes as his face turns red then blue and the sensation of something hitting my thighs

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Only two of those originated from a Twitter post and neither of those memetically spread primary on Twitter. One originated and spread on Yea Forums, one in a H-manga translation that spread here, one is inherently Japanese, and the rest are just generic pedo phrases. Lurk moar.

The thread reminds me of doskoinpo's art.

all got what was coming to them for this fantasy

Women showing scared kids porn is a little bit too real

this is one of those fetish things where you might like a little groomed landing strip but the hairy fetish people will give girls a 45 year old turkish man's armpit and pubic hair because they have deadened their libido with overstimulation

I wish some good doujins would be posted. It's only blueballing stuff ITT


Why are the best couples always the /ss/ ones?

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Wow I love children! How come America doesn't have a children's day?

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Americans hate children.

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I think they do though I can't be bothered to remember when that is as I believe it's a fairly recent holiday created by feminists or something.

Apparently the 2nd Sunday in June is Children’s Day in America but I’ve never heard of anyone celebrating it.


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Why yes, yes I did

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That's hella gay yo

Children look like THAT??

wtf where did u get that pic of me and my onee-chan?

Do they not have shota-only cars to stop this from happening?

I don't think anyone would stop a shota getting on a female only car, but that would only exacerbate the problem, wouldn't it?