Ousama Ranking 195


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show your stuff, clown

The clown gets a chapter? Seriously?

Those are just two teaser panels for next week. Zaki is still fixated on the clown while Bojji (and Oyab) is taking out Geslan's army in this chapter.

Even though I still think it could be good for the story for Kage to end up kidnapped, this reunion is so cute. Even while he was swinging at the knight, Kage was really terrified.

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Oyab is definitely scum. There's no heart of gold waiting to be saved by Bojji here.

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i can't get over this guy's teeth

His lower jaw can't get over them either.

He can blame his dad's genetics for the teeth. Keeping the same hairstyle is his own fault though.

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so, Zaki dies in next chapter?

Maybe he'll escape by running away with his tail between his legs. Or perhaps he'll be rescued by an ignorant deaf child or retarded God-halfling.

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Ringi is the most fucked guy so far, I like him more now, if he allies to Bojji, Oyab probably will try to kill him

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I like the clown. I hope he slaughters Zaki with minimal effort.

>Oyab probably will try to kill him
For sure. Ringi knows exactly what kind of person Oyab is, and Oyab doesn't want Bojji to be swayed away from him.

>only read the manga
>nobody will ever fill the 100 chapter gap between when scanlations stopped and when the anime ended and scanlations picked back up

The translation for the first fifty chapters is shit anyway. Just MTL the whole thing yourself.

Bojji wins over another one. Hopefully he doesn't get killed off.

I don't expect him to. It doesn't feel like Ringi's death could serve any purpose, just like none of the Big Four or Underworld criminals got killed off. This arc should end with Ringi being welcomed back into Kuhya's arms, to stay.

makes me wonder, is Geslan stronger now? His presence has been mysterious, I assume he went up in the ranking because he become strongest or because he can negotiate, after all Zaki is his ally

A king has to be strong in their own right to reach a high ranking and be respected by their people, so I assume Geslan must be a competent fighter, at least. There could be many reasons why he doesn't fight on the front lines himself. He's deceitful, so maybe he doesn't want to have direct connection to the dirty tactics he's using in this war, in case it comes back to bite him.

Like said, just use a translator. I used google translate and it worked well for the most part. It ain't perfect but since the series is more show don't tell, you can usually get what they're saying.

He's such a cunt.

Looks like the clown's about to do the deed. Zaki looks scared, too.

So, after the clown kills Zaki, do you suppose he'll get the chance to say something foreboding to Bojji? Like, "if you ever use that strength of yours to become a king, be mindful of your purpose. You may have shown kindness to the soldiers here, but even the strongest and kindest kings can fall prey to desire, like the former king of the Underworld".
There's a great opportunity for Bojji's path to converge with the Underworld's again, but he could also just whiz right past it again and remain ignorant for another 50 chapters.

or maybe while the clown is scraping Zaki's viscera off his shoes he can comment offhandedly, "at least if Geslan is retarded enough to keep a God for a pet, it shouldn't be as hard to drag him into the mindrape cave as it was Desha"

I was just thinking of Clown and saw this thread now, I didn't even know that guy made teaser panels
The Clown is pretty important we can be happy Ouken didn't murder him. He is based.

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did you really think anything could stop the clown?

>Kage freed
I wonder how they will get to Geslan now. They will surely bring him in.

Think he will live for at least another chapter because he is the only one that can explain the mysterious Satun memory from the last chapter.

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I don't fucking get why nobody is giving this an actual release. Where did the subbed anime air, CR? Usually they always license manga after the anime air, even for shit series nobody watches. I don't get it.

>Where did the subbed anime air, CR?
I couldn't tell you why the horrible BookWalker release was allowed to happen and then it was swept under the rug.

Is he thinking of her?

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probably Geslan will consider bojji a new enemy and will hunt him

He's just overwhelmed that the person he was so afraid of (Geslan's knight) just ate shit because of a tiny child.

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funny how she get a fanart and Ringi didn't, even Ringi being main cast

Yeah seriously after this embarrassing failure of "official" translators plagiarising it should have been declared dead forever and a real physical translation announcement should have happened but nothing.
I bet they will either just not do anything at all and declare it dead or get new translators for the rest of the volumes even though this shitty project cannot be salvaged. Nobody fucking buys a digital manga with typos and MTL tier shit translations especially not after it made it into the news for being a plagiarism.
>inb4 they will ask HHS to translate the rest

If Bojji goes back to Kuhya after this, he'll surely join Kuhya's forces against Geslan's takeover.

>inb4 they will ask HHS to translate the rest
Too cursed to even joke about. The HHS faggots already think the fact that their trash was stolen by an unscrupulous freelancer is proof that it's good enough to be official.

Yeah that pisses me off since the start, even before this issue. They act like they were professional translators when their shit is barely readable. And their website doesn't work for me either.

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>that much of a jobber

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He's just not immune to having a KO pressure point hit. It's like jobbing to One Punch Man.

Speaking of it I wonder if Ouken will ever use his stone-throwing technique again after getting his brain back.

He should. Shirasampe is a technique he developed while he was sane. I wonder if he came up with the stupid name for it.

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Clown fears no god.

She's a cute girl and Ringi is an ugly dude. It's not surprising.

Place your bets now: is Zaki's death going to be more or less embarrassing than Satun's?

Even this rando has fanart.
AND Sadie.

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The gods are cartoon characters, I bet the clown accidentally slingshots him to the moon

>this rando
That's just a uniform. There's more than one dude who wears it.

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More. He's already afraid and looks goofy.

He looks like some Disney cartoon villain from the 40s or something

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Should i catch to the manga? I only watched the anime but is it worth the reading?

Yes absolutely if you can get over the artstyle. But the drawings are much better now so you will probably get used to it quickly. Most anons agree that the post-anime content is better than most of the stuff from the actual anime.
Though the anime surely helped a lot making emotional scenes more emotional thanks to the colors and music, but still.

Ousama Ranking is quite literally written by a children's book author.

I can't believe I am saying this, but Satun must have been an ikemen among the gods if the rest look like this atrocity here.

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The mouths on Gods really make me feel like they should be eating humans.

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Literally titans. Bet the fortification walls are gods.

Chabi is the most handsome God.

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Genuinely want to know what cultural role the gods play.
Like do people generally know about them or are they more like the monsters in Berserk during the early arcs people might have vaguely believed in but never seen? Or are humans used to them even to they are rare? Do they know how they look? Do they revere them? Or fear them? Will anybody who sees Desha on the surface react to him because of the god-look?

Gods ruled over humans in ancient times, but now I think they're competing with every King to rule over people. Gods and those who revere them don't seem to be very widespread anymore, or maybe Toka has just neglected to show them.
The peasants that Zaki killed a couple chapters ago seemed to not understand what he was, aside from a huge monster.

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Where do you have the JP version from for this, user? I only found the earlier stuff with KR translations.

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>Will anybody who sees Desha on the surface react to him because of the god-look?
This worries me a little, due to potentially tragic irony of Desha's "kill Gods on sight" policy. I doubt it will happen though. The bread lady who fed hobo Desha didn't seem fearful of him in the slightest, at least.

I bought a couple volumes off dlsite.

I wonder where the gods usually reside. Like that high place where Bosse fought Chabi, or the throne room where they knelt before Zaki. There are other shots that show a bunch of gods together, as if there was some assembly hall.