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yo yo

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Kino ed

new ED

New ED was good.

>EDアニメ―ションディレクター Vynz Allen "Vercreek" Lopez

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More animators' sketches in this thread

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Also and

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>that miko

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is the rap(p)ing finally coming this next episode?

Miko a shit.

why is it rated so high on mal
it's just another romcom

Yeah, the ED is solo animated by a young foreign animator. He started out doing key animation on SAO Alicization and has come a long way since. I believe he's only 19 years old at the moment.

Thank you

GOD I would KILL to be that flute.

Apparently, he's not even 19, just 18 years old.

This episode is gonna have some shit subs

>not waiting for the superior subs

Where's the fucking Chika, yostar you piece of shit. I paid for your shitty gacha mahjong gems just for her.

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Why was this chapter so good? holy shit

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>it's just another romcom
It isn't so far. Has very different things and this episode is another one

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what is with this obsession with rap? ive seen it here, in koumei, in that assassin isekai

It's a romcom framed like battle shonenshit. Shonenshit is popular.

ED was ass. Too "le fast cube man"-esque. Plus how the jarring it was converting the teenage anime cast into realistic adult proportions.

>reddit: the anime

By whom?

I think anime peaked with this episode

Thank you captain obvious, but i think almost everyone knows this considering the current quality of kaguya threads since season 3 aired.

Now that the dust has settled, which anime did rap better this week

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There was also a scene in Aharen-san.

For me, it's rape

Koumei is the best

The rap itself was better in Paripi Koumei but Kaguya absolutely wiped the floor with it thanks to its delivery.

I don't think I'll be able to watch this without cringing

I lost it when Ishigami teleported so it could be faithful to the manga chapter.

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can't spell RAP ED without it

>dude, le secks xD
you faggots call this comedy?

Good evening. I would like to begin by introducing myself. My name is Hydrogen and I come from a low income neighborhood where life is not very comfortable. I've stolen many things, and have been involved in many altercations, most of which have ended in gunfire. In addition to this, I've had sexual intercourse with a great number of the opposite sex. In contrast, and despite the lack of legitimate evidence, I believe you to have been in a involved in a number of homosexual activities. Activities I, and my companions, look down upon.

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YES, it's fucking HILARIOUS

send the police

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I never had sex so yeah, sounds funny to me haha.

Did he awkwardly shuffle past Prez or step over his legs to exit from the right side to get to Maki's left, get up from the left to walk behind and around Maki's couch, or get up from the left to circle around the back of his and Prez's seats all the way to Maki?

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This episode was surprisingly wholesome considering it was about two faggots having a rap battle and a JC finding out she is a cuck.

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No, he just crawled under the table like a normal person.

> this show used to be so much fun
> half the episode was fucking rap

Good old Aka writing

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they should have stopped at 2 seasons with 13 episodes each, with the ishigami trash cut out so we could get a president + hayasaka ending

Rap is the future.

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The future looks grim

Third anime this season that has rap. I'm afraid the age of isekai is over. The age of rap anime has arrived.

I know, great episode, right?

god i fucking hate rap

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You can't spell crap without rap

Shirogane will impregnate both Fujiwara and Hayasaka.

Good episode.
Kaichou and Heartsaka should fuck, as friends.

But from I heard of the manga, it's Heartsaka and Fujiwara now, appearently.

>2nd episode this week thats all about rap (the other being paripi koume)

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While Kaguya watches

>getting filtered by rap
>twice in the same week

Well this episode is gonna be hard to top.

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Why is rap so popular now?

Rap isekai when?

And this is why I appreciate the anime so much.

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Thank you Aka for bringing this masterpiece into the world. I lost my sides again.

Re:Zero season 3

Based. I know PrezGuya is endgame but I haven't ruled out the possibility of kaichou donating sperm to his orbiters in need for seed.

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You mean Rap:Zero

the ending was fire