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a best

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she is always prepared

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how does she taste like?

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Smuggest girl in all of Monogatari

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She has no reason to be this smug

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I love her so much.

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kaiki's cock slave

crab forehead

Do you guys think she would be into sounding?


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sounding, what's that?

Putting a rod down your urethra.

Why is she so autistic?


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I wish she was real so that I could send her money while expecting nothing in return

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-loves Cat. And we should all follow her example.

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What do you like about cr/a/b?

I wonder how often she accidentally jabbed herself with one of those.

>gets away with being an autist because she's hot
Very admirable

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Delicious shoulders

she's so gorgeous

love them crabs

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Too smug for me, hot voice though

That's a crab alright.

Crab is a fucking bitch
She's the kind of girl that would rim your asshole while squeezing your nutsack and then calling YOU the faggot

>has a literal harem of girls interested in him
>commits to the first one who jumped in his lap
What was Araragi thinking?

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to be fair, bat will outlive crab so bat is playing the long run

but that was hanekawa user

I miss Snake's old hair style
and her hat


Why is snail wearing bat's underwear on her knee?

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That's a big crab.

that's really hot

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Bat didn't really jump in his lap, she was dying when he stumbled upon her

I'm getting crab for dinner because of this thread.

A purple crab?

She's the least insane.


Wouldn't that be Ougi? Her default expression is smug.


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So Araragi secretly desires to be smug?

We all want what we cannot have.

tfw you cuck cat

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If cat isn't your favourite, it better be bat.

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Now I wanna watch monogatari

An user with exquisite taste in women and doujinshi.

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poor cat
at least crab let's her watch

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I fucking HATE kanokari

Violent kuudere is an amazing combo.

Will she ever be topped?

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Karen looked better with the ponytail

>please be gentle

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What would she do if she seen THIS?

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