Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Would Boruto be more interesting if Naruto had died at the end of Naruto right after redeeming Sasuke and impregnating Hinata with Boruto and then Sasuke steps up in Naruto's place and marries Hinata, becomes Hokage and raises Boruto himself?

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look at this cute family

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They need to kill off all the human characters and send Boruto and kawaki off to Otsutsuki planet for timeskip. Then the show will be Kino.

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He should be. would be more useful with edo infinte chakra same for sasuke

>First Incest OP
>Now this

¡Dios Mio!

Sakura look a lot cuter with ribbon

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>He's here

Boruto would be more interesting if Boruto wasn't an ungrateful brat as his first impression. But no Kishi had to shoehorn his bookend moment and then justify it with Naruto being a deadbeat

the raikage is so lucky...

Yes she is.

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Mutt's law


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We all know who she subs for.
No, not A, dumbass.

imagine the Ocular powers...

Tayuya would have made a great duo with Hinata just for comedy's sake. I hope she and Himawari get to hang out with Delta for the same reason.

I bet RtN Kurenai is musclegirl taijutsu specialist

That's worse.

Hinata since Tayuya has been dead for over a decade.


Tayuya has been dead for pretty much two decades at the point in Boruto right now, and it would be over two decades after the time skip.

I don't see Kurenai in that video

Oh, never mind

Because you touch yourself at night

Have Hinata and Sasuke ever had a real conversation? Do we even know what Hinata thinks about Sasuke and her husband's blatant lust for him?

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Reminder that Bitchnata is shy on bed but Hinata is a freak.

Femdom alt dimension hinata

Those shy girls, man. You know how they be.

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During the war, uniquely among the Konoha 11, Hinata's reaction was neutral and impassive.

By the era of Boruto they're on amicable terms.

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I think about it a lot.

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>hinata is only relevant in fillers
what did pierrot mean by this?

In other news, Hiroshi is back from montreal
Note that Bamco has a studio at there. Could be something related to new Boruto game.

*one filler

From previous thread

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When the Timeskip first happened, I was hoping that Sasuke would turn out to be a complete goofball dad like Sakura's father, either to mask his seedy job or unintentionally due to him trying to be a good parent.

Hinata's thoughts on Sasuke weren't and aren't relevant enough to be properly shown in the story, that's what usually happens when you're a side character.

She seethes every night knowing her kids and husband love him

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>Wow this guy.. he's literally me!

Cuck Raikage ntr shit is loved by
Narusaku fags

2 times, one in a filler movie where she said "Sasuke-kun" and in the Boruto movie when he asked her about Naruto.

Kishi doesn't like drawing/writting Sasuke around females that don't lust over his uchiha dong, that's why every girl who didn't want to become part of the uchiha harem either dies in their debut arc or is never in the same place as him most of the time.

You fags are so annoying with this shit. Self inserting nerds when your self insert is the one that turns into girls.

Himawari in the little cape is precious.

>the one that turns into girls.
For shits n giggles

Which one is worse? Raikage or Akamaru fucking Hinata?

Both. They're both worse.

What about Hanabi fiddling Hinata naked at baths/hotsprings?

What the fuck is happening in the manga, Ada likes Kawaki? What the fuck is that shit, how the fuck is that an alien enemy

Kishi went out of his way to make sure Hinata showed no opinion on Sasuke because she doesn't know him enough to be personally invested in bringing him back to the village, but she can't be against Sasuke or else that would make her incompatible with Naruto.

You would love Kawaki too if your only other option was Boruto.

Does Deidara have to brush his hand mouths teeth? Would they have bad breath?

>You would love Kawaki too if your only other option was Boruto.
Er, no. Boruto is way better looking and has a better personality than male Hinata

Don't talk to me.

Has the Sasusaku manga started up yet?

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How did a talking asshole got access to a computer?

talk shit about Samurai 8 all you want but shit like this is still miles away from what we have in Boruto.

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Shut up kikemoto

Ada is a shota slayer she taken a liking of Kawaki.

Both are shit.

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Ada is the worst thing about Boruto. She won't be in my fanfic

No it would still be shit.

You'd think that some filler writer or Boruto writer would have done something with this.

Kishimoto really seems to like eyeball visuals.

Miles ahead in a shit layer.


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Had a bizarre dream about Boruto last night (which is rare).

>Amado accuses Shikamaru of baiting Code not just to capture him, but to condemn Amado on the suspicion that he was up to something, some kind of threat.
>Even though still has that hole in him from Code, his composure and stance doesn't look like he's been tortured.
>I don't know exactly what Shikamaru said, but it had something to do with Code and Ada coming to the village causing trouble and Amado basically admits his intentions by stating “Because I demanded them to.”
>Amado then has this whole speech about the village's security that I can't remember, but Amado does mention Danzo and I think it was supposed to mean he worked for Danzo or at least met him or something.

I have no idea where Code and Ada went. But that's all I remember.

The dumbest thing about this picture is that Naruto couldn't have used the chidori.

>but Amado does mention Danzo and I think it was supposed to mean he worked for Danzo or at least met him or something.