Mato Seihei no Slave Chapter 83.5 Raw

Chapter 83.5 raws are out, dumping.

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Excuse me

Page 3

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The Azumas... won...

damn those sweater puppies

Who is she again

Page 4

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Made for breeding

please gradma lews please gradma lewds please gradma lewds

End of chapter.
A short chapter involving Homare.
I'll be dumping the recently translated omake chapter of volume 10 as well.

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How is she constantly fooling around with a much younger guy, what happened to her husband? She doesn't wear a ring either, does she?

Fuck, she is really cute with the hair down

Start of volume 10s omake chapter: Slave High School.

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2 more weeks...

>what happened to her husband?
No boys allowed other than Yuukey-kun

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She is virgin, user.

>yuukey being assertive
Is this just her imagination?

cute juri is cute

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Page 4. Uncensored.

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why can't the family just share?

Poor Homare.

Every haremnete is pathetic, infight you


Reposting page 5 because I fucked up the spoiler.
Page 5. Uncensored.
End of omake.
I find this one interesting, Kuusetsu being able to access Yuuki's memories may prove to be a double edged sword since he may leak information about the MDC.
I have a lot of thoughts about this omake or maybe it's just my overthinking.
Varvara appearing as a graduate makes me think that she's older than her peers except for Fubuki.
And the Chiefs who appeared also make me think that they were the ones that Yuuki remembers more than others, although it's weird that Varvara is there while Mira isn't since he's more acquainted with the latter.

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Bro nsfw??

>that THICK sweater puppies on Fubuki mama
FUCK i'm hard...

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And that's how Homare became an haremette

damn, she was absolutely ready for the SEX

My copy of vol 10 should be arriving today

Thanks for posting.
Thinking too hard about this extra probably isn't a good idea. Although Kuusetsu exhibiting control over Yuuki in the dream world is interesting.

She seem to have a maledom fetish too.
And she is cuter with her hair down.

Well at least Mira gets a full chapter.

All women maledom fetish user, they have just never realized it

97 cm is totally not her bust size

yeah, that number is low by 10 or 20

>Thinking too hard about this extra probably isn't a good idea. Although Kuusetsu exhibiting control over Yuuki in the dream world is interesting.
I guess you are right, the omake will probably not have any bearing for the future chapters except for Kuusetsu's having access to Yuuki's memories.
If her words are really to be trusted then the only place where she has any powers at all is in Yuuki's inner world.

>leak info about the MDC
or maybe it will just serve for her to grow more interested on him instead of just sex

We still haven't seen the other God's reaction to Kuu's defeat.
If they've given up on her, then she's a neutral party now.

2 weeks for these 5 pages. Worth it Homare is very cute with her hair down. I take it this is yuuki visiting the Azumas for fatigue relieving massage? Is this part of fubuki or grandmas master plan to get slave genetics in the azuma line?

You're thinking way too hard.
Also I prefer the homacute one.

Has there been any news about the anime?

>fully expects the rape, damsel in distress
>nothing happens, she wonders what’s going on
For whatever reason I find that extremely erotic.

Gomen, superior slave seed is for main family only.

How adorable! Homare is a pure maiden at heart, just like Mira. I'm surprised she's not in her squad.

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So when does this all happen??

Maybe after the honey reward?


That is one way of looking at it since it looked like she won't really be able to interact at all with Yuuki or the outside world when he's awake.
I wonder if we'll get more information about how Yuuki can talk to her, whether he has a choice in the matter or it's entirely up to Kuusetsu.
Or is it something else like he has to be really exhausted for her to appear.

>Biggest Tits
>Best ass
>Down for Oyakadon
How can other woman even compete with Fubuki now?

Probably after Kuu fight.


>used good


It's been too long I forgot the spelling, but assertive Yuuki + submissive Homare would be perfect

Why is Tobara angry?

MC turning into levels of gay harem protag never thought possible with all this running away.

It says that Yuuki visited during his dayoff(?) or vacation time(?). I'd assume it's sometime post-Yokohama since his physical condition recuperated in the final panel.

anime PV doko

he's a jap not a nigger ready to hook up with every girl that touches him

"You moron, if you're going to attack, make sure to bring him down!"

She's pissed off she failed.

There's no way Yuuki remains a virgin by the end of the manga

>Azumas are out for his dick
>still goes to get massaged by Fubuki

>Yuuki is already visiting his future family in law
Bros ...