Berserk worthy manga panels

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This is just an overhead shot of a boring village with boring buildings? Yeah Kishimito put some effort into it but it's not like something you'd hang at a museum

without context this is shit

looks like a giant infant with his hands up

How about this

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Is this literally the only good spread in Naruto?

I don’t know
This one’s my favourite though

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The roof really ruins it.

Cold and mechanical, devoid of soul

Naruto has lots of good spreads. Madara vs Hashirama has one too.

How about this

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Doesn't do anything for me, sorry

Let me guess still nothing?

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I never read the NGE manga so I have no context for this one

Why don’t you provide examples for objectively good manga panels

Holy shit kill yourself Narutard.

This is one of the rare instances where someone inadvertently came close to Miura's greatness through a stroke of genius

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…On God?

Shitty thread, but good idea

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tsugumomo author very good

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Awesome but has that glossy purely digital look to it, checked btw

You’re just saying words

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Too digital. Smoke looks downright terrible.

What's the difference?

picked this one up recently

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make way

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Togashi referenced famous works, while Miura/Inoue/etc... make original scenes

Fuck off, narutard.


So he's just a talentless hack you say?

Not a panel, per se, but it's probably one of my favorite title pages in all of Dragon Ball.

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Yes but he's a veteran hack, so you better show some respect boyo

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The only kino panel from Sidonia no Kishi

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>Berserk worthy
Fuck off berserktard

Muratard at his peak

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r8 mine

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Soulful and cute

meh, would've been better without text

That just means he's been shit for a long time user

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>jackson pollock

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How come Drifting Dragons never gets posted even though it's consistently beautiful?

The artist can't even draw but sometimes he manages to make this.

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>It's good because it “le reference”


Is this for real ? Looks like a bad fanart

I really like this one, you move the screen and it looks as if the ship is moving. Dunno if it was intentional but I like it

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it's not even Kishimoto who put some effort into it. The backgrounds are drawn by assistants, which is why Pain looks so out of place in that panel, because he is the only one who was drawn by him.

it was actually improved on later on

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same thing happened in the anime, End Of Evangelion to be precise.