She will always exist

She will always exist.

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to be used by Chinatsu

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Who will? Why'd you blank post?

Why are her """friends""" such bitches?

they're girls

Don't summon us to your Isekai. She is an imaginary thing in our world.

The tables have turned already, the rapist became the victim

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try actually posting the character you're talking about next time

not sharing at all
fuck the world

Are they really friends if they are bitches?

I finally had a dream involving the yurus yesterday after wanting it for months but it was weird instead of cute or lewd..

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They're good friends.

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best anime opening ever

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She will always be best girl.

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Is the front knot just for show, or can I actually untie it?

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She doesn't exist in my heart.

I'm more curious about her unbuttoned shorts. What's the point of wearing it like that besides looking hot?

I think it's to entice the viewer into pulling them down. Or autists into buttoning them for her.

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>Bakkin finally uploaded the calendar art for May

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over the years Cheetus' hair has changed from gray to a pink-ish colour

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I think Kyouko might be lewd but I'm not sure



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Yuruposters are the jews of Yea Forums.
And so are gochiusa, hidamari and other kirara-esque stuff posters.

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I'm glad yuruthreads and yuruposters are still a thing, even if there aren't that many of us. I should look into how the threads looked like during the shows airing.

I love this sweet little angel.

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My darling daughter Akari

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Your daughter is very sexy.
Mind if I shlick her bean till she comes?

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It's kind of what happened to me.

I once had a dream with Rise in it. She was just as small and cute as you'd imagine her to be, but we didn't interact much. In fact, the dream wasn't a nice one and would be quite embarrassing to tell about in detail. I had for a long time wondered why it was her whom I saw in that dream. Back then, neither she nor YuruYuri grabbed my attention that much. But then I realized that her being mute had probably made it easy for my brain to reconstruct her: can't have Japanese speaking characters in your dreams if you can't speak Japanese yourself. Maybe this is also why I very rarely dream of anime girls in general. That one with Rise was five or six years ago, and I'm not entirely sure if I've actually had any dreams like that ever since.

The weird thing is, last year when the manga was posted on Yea Forums and I finally got myself to read it, there was a chapter with this peculiar caption. The other thing is, the last thing I saw in that dream was my friend laughing his ass off at a blue board post describing what happened to me.

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Kyouko is the lewdest yuru, even lewder than Chitose. Chitose just fantasizes about her friends doing things but Kyouko wants to do those things herself.

Shouldn't you start with holding hands and kissing?

Finally, Akari with a girl who's kind to her and cares for her like she deserves, unlike that abusive pink bitch.

Akari will always exist. Eternal, unchanging, everlasting.

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> Spookasa
> That Konata×Kagami doujin

> Spookari
> Requiem For a Daydream
> To think the creator of Yuru Yuri would draw a cum-stained loli with tears in her eyes.

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Nuru Yuri 2 when ?

high cut one piece on a slender female with bigger hips and thicc thighs are just my thing

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Eh? Who will always exist again?

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What a perfect wife...

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while everyone is busy saying chinatsu is the worst one, she was the ONLY yuru who went to fetch her friend from the barrel down by the river.

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Is it gay to want to fuck Yui?

she is a very handsome girl
if you are a woman, you are a lesbian
if you are a guy, you like the yuru who looks like a twink so you have the gay either way

I feel like something's missing...

to rape the body (that was deleted from episode)


Good morning

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She never did.

take that back motherfucker

Good morning sir.

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It depends on where. Butt or yurupussy?

Good morning Chinatsirs

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good morning Himachads

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I don't stick my dick where shit comes from.

That's kinda spooky. Mine was something like this. I held a party and invited my old highschool classmates but for some reason Nishigaki-sensei and Ayano showed up instead of them. Ayano was wearing a really pretty dress but Nishigaki only had her standard labcoat. I had a couple shots with Nishigaki-sensei and played my pool table with them, then Ayano fell asleep on my shoulder while I kept drinking with Nishigaki. Also my bedroom were infested with praying mantises and I had a pet bat who I fed strawberries.

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Akarin IS real.

Wasn't she the one who let it happen and didn't tell anyone else?