Oricon's April Top 20 by Series

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volume sales for last week

One Piece? More like Three Piece amirite??

Kimetsu still in top 20. Damn.

>Haikyuu and Kimetsu there despite ending two years ago
>AOT out a month after final vol release in mid 2021

>black clover higher than mha

anyone had the total of the year?

Jujutsu Kaisen- 9.036.837
Tokyo Revengers- 6.851.828
One Piece- 4.056.207
Spy x Family- 3.417.031
Kimetsu no Yaiba- 2.478.980
Mystery to lu Nakare- 2.436.967
My Hero Academia- 2.169.737
Kaiju No. 8- 1.800.042
My Dress Up Darling- 1.582.010
Kingdom- 1.390.764

the only thing that'll change on this list for the half-yearly sales is kingdom getting out and blue lock getting top 10 or 9. otherwise only places will swap

>s kingdom getting out
>he doesn't know about the movies

what movie? yearly half sales are due in 3 weeks

Congrats to Wanpiss 102 for only being the second-worst-selling volume in its Oricon history after 101.

I'm not that sure about Blue Lock. There is hype from the Twitter fujos but it will get very overshadowed if the anime is in the same season than Chainsaw Man.

Kingdom is at 1.39M. blue lock sold 1.38M
oricon half-yearly sales is may 22-23. CSM didn't even sell 500k since. Not sure what it has to do with this

>CSM didn't even sell 500k since
Not that guy, but that's because every CSM volume is already at like 800k+ sales at this point. Part 2 of the manga is coming out in about 2 months and the anime shortly after, shueisha and mappa are going to start their promotion campaign soon and sales could potentially explode depending on how much it will all blow up on social media. However, Blue Lock is a sports manga, I don't see how CSM could "overshadow" it, they don't even attract the same audience.

I hope ao ashi sales corresponds to better episodes. I caught up to the manga in 2 days, It got so much better after the twist around the 60th chapters.

My point in the reply was about oricon half-yearly sales. CSM is a non-player for that top 10 at the moment.

That's true, but it will receive a new volume before November which will probably sell close 1 million copies and the backlog should at least get a small boost as well. It will most definitely enter the top 10 but it won't overtake Blue Lock. Blue Lock has massive growing potential because the average volume sales are still somewhat low and it has 18 volumes in total. It could become the new Tokyo Revengers.

JJKsisters are eating good

half-yearly sales are in may 22. three weeks from now.
as for yearly sales then a lot will get out. for example i don't see My dress up darling staying. Kingdom will re-enter. there probably won't be many new series entries though
CSM depends when it starts . if the august rumor is true then new voll will be in nov at earliest. It might squeeze through. depends on the lowest top 10 number and how much early boost it can get

JJK shitting on One Piece with no Movie / Anime hype boost while the latter is on the climax of the biggest Arc so far. Need more proof the Wan Piss hype is dying.

JJK just had its movie boost bro
OP is indeed declining though

Pissisters? Why are we losing to fujo manga?

Black Clover releases a new volume and can still barely sell more than the 2 series that ended 2 years ago... lol

>over a 1 year after the anime aired Tokyo Revengers is still selling +1M
Holy fujobucks printing machine batman

fujo too stronk

A priori, you'd expect a Zoro/Sanji volume to do better...

>A series that released a new volume barely higher than one that didn't.
I think you mean kek.

JJKsisters… we lost to a shoujo manga…


>18. Kimetsu
soon it will be free from Oricon chart for real

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>Mystery to lu Nakare- 2.436.967

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Jujutsu Kaisen- 9.036.837
Tokyo Revengers- 6.851.752
One Piece- 4.056.495
Spy x Family- 3.417.031
Kimetsu no Yaiba- 2.473.670
Mystery to lu Nakare- 2.433.021
My Hero Academia- 2.186.444
Kaiju No. 8- 1.815.042
My Dress Up Darling- 1.579.711
Kingdom- 1.407.764

Iruma Victory

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>that "art"

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By Volumes April (Apr 04 - May 01)
01. Jujutsu Kaisen #19 - 1,485,960
02. ONE PIECE #102 - 1,325,680
03. SPY × FAMILY #09 - 1,004,695
04. Tokyo Revengers #27 - 719,730
05. Meitantei Conan #101 - 374,392
06. Takopii no Genzai #02 - 312,632
07. Golden Kamuy #29 - 208,798
08. SPY × FAMILY #08 - 200,350
09. DRAGON BALL SUPER #18 - 193,333
10. SPY × FAMILY #04 - 170,239
11. SPY × FAMILY #05 - 165,907
12. SPY × FAMILY #06 - 162,071
13. SPY × FAMILY #07 - 161,625
14. Black Clover #32 - 147,010
15. Mairimashita! Iruma-kun #26 - 133,849
16. Takopii no Genzai #01 - 131,371
17. SPY × FAMILY #01 - 112,899
18. SPY × FAMILY #02 - 110,530
19. SPY × FAMILY #03 - 108,455
20. SPY × FAMILY 1~3 Box-Set - 105,158

The yearly chart at the end of November isn't soon.

I’m reading Basara right now, bretty good

When releasing One Piece 3 days early backfires on you stupendously and puts JJK above it on the monthly chart.

But they didn't release it early ?

I'm genuinely surprised Dragon Ball Super even ranked. I kept hearing that the sales were terrible and the arc was floundering around

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Yes they did?
>Weekly Oricon Ranking (by Volumes): Mar 28 - Apr 03
>01. ONE PIECE #102 (211,922)

Thanks OP.

>Blue Lock less than 100K away from Ao Ashi even without the anime
It's over before it even began

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What's with artificial rivalry? Both aim at completely different audiences.

So why did you leave
03. Jujutsu Kaisen #19 Limited Edition (66,684)

battle shonentards are really insecure when it comes to sales and popularity

Vol 28 is gonna be released in June and the PV for S2 will probably drop in the live event they have prepared will give it a nice boost, so the total sales won't drop below 1M for a good while.

And ao ashi has 2 times more volumes...

I wonder if blue lock can blow up. It certinaly can hook the battle shonentards but can it get really big being a sports manga? the only one that hit that level was slam dunk and that wasn't really battle shonen-y

>puts JJK above it on the monthly chart
JJK would have done better anyway. It sold more every single week and ended up beating Wanpiss by over 500K, which amounts to outdoing it by >30%.

I'm not a fan of her art either, but she's a fantastic writer.


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both JJK and SXF will keep outselling OP with eacch volume. SXF new volume will start at 1.1m+

Kaiju8 and CSM will be next

Wan Piss just CANNOT catch a break

its really weird how OP has fallen so low. Kimetsu really broke the curse

Sadly kaiju anime is in late 2023 at this rate.
I really want a month with all these four and one piece. all outselling one piece

the wan pissers cope and rage will be delicious

The world cup is right around the corner, so once the anime airs the chances of blowing up are pretty high. But if the anime is a QUALITY fest it'll be forgotten

it looks high quality. but is soccer that big in Japan? only big one was tsubasa

TR was a QUALITY fest, people give way less a shit about animation than you would think

Tokyo Revengers has declined.

That's 24k in backlog for bc.
It's chugging along but can't seem to gain a momentum.

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>Studio 8bit
Don't expect much from them. Maybe they can pull a few freelancers to get 1 or 2 sakuga scenes every episode.

Ao Ashi is much better than blue cock and has less fujofaggotry too

It looks good and the amount of sweat they put on characters is also good. I can assure you Blue lock will be the new fujo magnet

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>01. Jujutsu Kaisen #19 - 1,485,960
>02. ONE PIECE #102 - 1,325,680
>over 500K
I see you need to retake 3rd grade math.

Ao Ashi has terrible art and the games are not as fun. BL is way too gay tho, although that appeals to the rotten girls.

That was before it blew up, tr season 2 will have better quality.
They do the slime isekai anime which is good.

The moment I got hooked was when the mass release sped through the steal a member games and the retard chapters. That was fun af.

I doubt it will have better quality. They banked with that mediocre shit already, why put more effort in when they can get away with way less effort?

Why make any sequel when you already have the boost?
It's getting the anime it deserves now.

TR anime is on fall this year right? thought it'd be summer