Can we do a Lina Invesre screenshot edit thread?

Mostly with pics of the movies and OVAs, I like those more than the main series.

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You start

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cursed images

Isnt she supposed to be a plank in a world of cows?

Not in some of the OVA's, where she's pretty much a C-cup.

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i miss slayers sundays

She actually gets a bit of Gainaxing in Slayers The Motion Picture.

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You mean uncursed.Let her be happy with her milkers.

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When she is such a great witch why didn't she made it so that she isn't permanently sexual frustrated or is that why she wants the lightsword

Lina's fanservice scenes>Naga's fanservice scenes.

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True, but they could have given her more fanservice.

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Wasn't actual tabletop Deedlit just seriously trying to scam Parn's sword off of him?

Lina>everybody else

Bruh. She's pretty busty sometimes. Animators are weird like that sometimes.

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She's never been flat, it's always been an absurd joke

What would her milk taste like?

And it was never funny, either. I want a Slayers adaptation with her being given a Senran Kagura body.

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Fukin elves stealing my shit, yeah that sounds about right in D&D

It'd be hot.

Cause fire.

>spicy milk
I could get behind that.

She's a pretty heavy meat eater, probably not so good

Some official art sure loves showing off her nipples.

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Look at her blushing. She knows.

And she likes it

Oh, Araizumi REALLY likes her erect nipples.

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why even bother with a top at that point, you should post more maybe we can lift that secret.

She could just poke an eye out with her nipples.

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i have some meat right here for her if you get my drift

Too bad most porn for slayers is mediocre.

Eh, there's some good if you look hard enough.

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you lost me

I have some steaks in the fridge I wouldn't mind sharing.

Ah yes I imagine she'd like that

That happens more frequently than I like to admit, the stuff I'm interested in has rarely good stuff and franchises I couldn't car any less about get a ton of really well made art.

So, one gonna do any screenshot edits for this sexy redhead?

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I can wip you up some shitty paint edits if you like.

Can you try to her boobs bigger in this pic?

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you asked for it :^)

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Okay, that was funny. XD

shegot a bit bigger sadly the others became holstein.

Why just Lina? I like her very much, but the other characters are great too

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Lina is flat, thus pic isn't her
What is this mockery?

Lina Inverse pads her chest! OHHHHOHOHOHOHOHO!

There's literally an episode where she does this as well lol!

>Are you the autistic boomer who keeps commissioning slayers edits? I'm almost done your latest order jesus.
No that user but oh that's explain the OP brainlet behavior.

It's just banter because everyone else has bigger tits. Lina has nice tits. They're bound to grow bigger, probably to Naga's size, once Gourry grows a pair and knocks her up.

She's flatter than her companions and technically a loli.

Basically this

>technically a loli.
Isn't she 14 years old at the start?

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Me kissing my wife. Are you jealous?

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This guy was one of the scariest monsters in the original series. I also remember another fisman was able to swim in the sky.

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It's not fair Nagabros, why was she the only one left out of these pics?

>Lina Invesre
Is it internet time at the old folk's home? What's with all the grandpa anime threads?


Are ya blind?

That is not a very good edit.