People deem the ability to create water at will worthless in isekai

>people deem the ability to create water at will worthless in isekai
Can you think of a way to make use of it anons?

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Who needs water created by magic when you can drink at much as you want at the local river?

Give those filthy savages without indoor plumbing a bath.

That depends on how much water and how quickly it can be made.

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>can fill a small lake at a moment's notice
it's worthless

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>read the raws
>the cup can duplicate any liquid put into it
>MC put in sugar syrup and medicine later on

Pretty awesome desu

Sex with goddess.

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>be isekai writer
>shit out dozens of works hpoing to make it big
>6 get a manga
>finally gets an anime after years of writing
>her other works now likely to be adapted if a decent success

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I travel to desert.
I Profit.

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Minotaur is proud
Write it till you make it

Shitting out dime novels sometimes pays off

Sex with villainess.

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Forgot which isekai, but they balanced create water by making it impure or someshit if u werent high specced into magic

who the fuck would deem water creation as worthless?

Infinite water.

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Did Atou have sex or is this just retarded hyperbole as usual?

Remove Goddess

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if you can create water at a distance you can create a pneumatic system with it by creating water into a sealed container, which addition can be turned into a high pressured cannon. you can flood an area to sabotage it for an attack. use it for creating weight for various situations.

Isekai is a goddess cruelty free zone.

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oh my god, does this world actually run on minecraft physics?

I don't think the natives consider his ability normal

The world doesn't, but his powers use a lot of it. Which is why everyone there reacts that way when they see what it does.

Would you commit world-scale genocide in the name of god?

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>Do you want me to pull the lever twice to make sure, Lady Noah?

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wait are you fucking serious

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What will happen if you cum in the cup and pour it into town's plumbing system?


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Sounds like a sticky situation

Coagulated conundrum more like.

A viscous vexation, if you will

Technically speaking, the Demons in Slime are isekai'd individuals, too.

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More protein in their diet.

>Did Atou have sex
Yes with the Hero. And psychological NTR when she refused to hurt the heroes when she snapped out of the brainwashing.

People with negative imagination or people that just want to kill stuff.

>its a food stall chapter
>its all stuff like meat on a stick or salted fish on a stick
I'd take a fucking bowl of ramen in medieval Europe at this point.

Bowl of ramen on a stick

>skirt actually tightens on her pussy
Based artist


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Why do japanese author girls love grooming so much?

...wasn't the Hero female?

That drop isekai author is a girl?!

Murasaki Shikibu’s influence

Did I stutter?

The Tale of Genji was written by a woman, it's their national heritage.

meh, overlord already did it

You are isekai'd as the noble, what do?

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They are a good start.

>nazuna miki
anime confirmed

>blond haired guy is actually a cool dude and isn't evil/traitorous
What the fuck? No way that sticks, they're setting me up for the "twist" later, I know it.

The emergency should be she's not longer as flat.

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>cuck man
Fuck off.

>Shilling Worse Guts
Kill yourself.

>MC that doesn't look like a cuck
>he's actually a cuck
>MC that looks like a cuck
>might be a cuck but probably isn't
Why is this so common?

>LN character art changes to fit the manga more
Don't see that often.

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Is it cuckness if you don't care if your women are used?
NotGuts lets his soldiers and random men fuck his harem and wives because he doesn't care about purity.
I don't remember but I think he sucks or fucks them right after they are cummed in by his soldiers too.

>Is it cuckness if you don't care if your women are used?
It's a cope.
Even women fantasize about a man who throws them away when they get raped by someone else.

Is it cuckness...?
Yes, you are a fucking cuck and should kill yourself, now.

It wasn't necessary to put such a major flaw in that. If a MC is going to have so many of them some could be one time and then forgotten, but those shouldn't get to be anyone of any importance.