Holy shit, Eren's D looks like that?

Holy shit, Eren's D looks like that?

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The fuck is this

new 18+ figurines of SnK ofc

Here is the Mikasa one

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Here is the Reiner one

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The most obscene

Kek. Is there a version with the rifle in his mouth?

Placing it next to one of the naked ones would be funny I think.
Or have Mikasa and Eren on both sides

Is he cut or uncut?

Looks like me when I'm constipated sitting in the toilet waiting for the poop to come out.

>Is he cut or uncut?
Fuck you for making me post the uncensored one

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You big gay

chink bootleg figures, the unlicensed kind, not the kind that cloned a legit figure


>18+ figurines of SnK
post uncensored dumb cuck

How to display this without people thinking you're gay?

Finnaly we can get an answer if eldians are jewish or german

You're gay.

posting the mikasa one uncensored

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That's the worm

Is it just me or does seem kinda hispanic

Why's he hanging a towel on it. Dumb fuck idiot Isayama self insert

No front view? I want to know if she has the Amazon jungle down there.

I think you don't know how a "hispanic" looks like

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No way this cuck has a big dick

Goddamn thighs

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why the fuck Rainer is the onlyfigurine that's not naked?

Not the shitskin ones kinda like guy who play William from pirates of the Caribbean

the front view is censored

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There is one shot from behind, its a cute pussy. But you cannot tell if there is pubes in front or not.

Post it

yeah, post it

can you take off the towel from his dick?


The nakedness would detract from Reiner's eternal suffering.

God Mikasa is so sexy

Well who wouldn't want to molest and sexualize a broken man?

Cut, like a real man should be.

wouldn't his titan regeneration just regrow his foreskin?


so you were mutilated as a child? you will never be a real man now, you might as well cut the rest of your "dick", you tranny
infinite foreskins, that would make a jew salivate.

Shifters can stop the regeneration of an organ if they want, Eren stopped his leg from regenerating when he was undercover in marley

if he is cut, then that means he's been making a conscious effort to not regrow his foreskin since he gained his poweers

Why is he hard?

He's looking at Reiner

Her breasts are are far too big here.

Jean is so lucky!

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Are there even fans left that will buy this shit?

Are you serious? SnK is still one of the most popular franchises in the world.

Have you seen how she looks in the latest episodes? It's not that far off

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People stopped caring about the story but still like the character designs, eren is hot tbqh

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So he choose to focus on keeping his dick cut. No wonder why he’s a fuck up.

> cut
Eldians were the jews all along, wtf

he became a titan after the fact

Since the attack titan has that non-linear memory sharing thing, this also means that every attack titan to ever exist was aware of the fact that Eren chose to devote a portion of his concentration to constantly keep his foreskin from regrowing.
Which makes you wonder why his dad even bothered going through with the circumcision.

Are those 2B boots?

Why are her arms so rail thin? She's supposed to have some muscle?

Marley were the good guys all along.
Fucking kek
>Which makes you wonder why his dad even bothered going through with the circumcision.
He’s a eldian and a cannibal. Grisha probably wanted to eat it.
Where the fuck are her abs.

nah, 2B's are more elaborate, tho now I want to see a figure of Mikasa in 2B's dress.. after all 2B was partially inspired from her.

yeah, that statue is shit

He's looking at , while she is lookin at

He's done it
He is not Eren D. Yeager

Is this the same company that made the naked Zoro figure?

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> those boobs
> those thighs
> that ass
> also, younger mikasa


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