Slam Dunk Storytime

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^^ Let's Gooo

OP is here, all is right with the world

It's time bros

I'm here for the last one! Let's do this together anons.

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Love this cover

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Oh boy here we go.

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>Defend till death
>Fight till death
>5 against 4
Tensaibros... are we dead?

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yasu-chads we're at the front!

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It's been real fun reading this manga for the first time with you, anons. Finishing it today on my birthday makes it even better. Might post some drawings/sketches I did along the way later.

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>Team Hanamichi gets it
I love these guys

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S-sannohsisters... I can't stop shaking

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Who is he!?

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Come on Sannoh of course they would go for a three pointer

MItchan ^v^

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Morning bros
I don't want it to end ;_;

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miurabros.....we are not even in the cover...

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Even Kainan started cheering

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Miracle play.

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It’s TIME!!!!

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Holy shit. Good job OP

HORY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sakuragi's play in the second half is out of this world, he was definitely the game's MVP.

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30 seconds

Godmode Mitsui

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is akagi unironically the biggest winner in life?
> athletic
> good grades
> live in a family with decent wealth
this is the kind of person who goes to ivy league uni. I guess his only problem is his ugly face, but then again his other attributes should make up for it