New episodes in 3 hours time.

Also Room alpha is airing right now.

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1 hour.

Happy Birthday SatoMai. Is it a Rinne episode?


19 minutes.

Did that concert get ripped? If it was even worth it.


It was okay. We got more RieMei in the concert than we did in 16 episodes of the anime.

Towards the end there was a voice drama where Rie is tired from 'playing games' all night with Mei. Can you guess what kind of '''''''games''''''''' they played?

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During 3rd Live, Riko did mention the 'Work of Destiny' in the voice acting intermissions implying it was set in the anime.

Speaking of Riko. She already tried the vtuber gig.

>Mayuyu as Rena Araki
Stacy energy

>Mayuyu as Airi Eniwa
So shy and soft you can believe she'll break when Yuuki puts her big mecha dick inside her.

How does she do it?


Finally these 4.

Oh dear, Honoka DRAMA....She made Saita-san angry?

Is Yuzuha the only southpaw in the cast?

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>voice acting episode

The script for that episode only has Ayame (Honoka) lines.

Best girl.

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Weird ships for an anime only

Yo, Naru-chan episode!

MeiRie time at last?

Damn they actually changed the verse and visuals.

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> Thunder Woman

Damn this show makes good parodies

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Gotta sell those OSTs.

What is his problem?

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He likes to make newbies think they screwed up.

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These 2 1st year JKs.

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sweater puppies...

>OP changed

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Poor seiyuus, probably won`t get other works after this

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Precursor to next episode

> Shiho Meme Face


Rio Mama best girl

So what was Thunder Woman's weakness?

It's a burger comic so she's secretly a man.

being bound by a man

Damn Airi don't drop the crepe!

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Chuuni wasted too much of his time

Skyblue team with Akarin is awesome!

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Sex with Chuuni.

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Finally a Honoka episode

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I'm excited for next week

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