One Piece

Looks like this is it for Kaido. One Piece is on its way to ending, OPchads. What will Oda do to make Luffy vs Blackbeard surpass this? Luffy vs Lucci and Luffy vs Katakuri used to be my favorite fights.

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>Looks like this is it for Kaido.

-Not Show Awakened.
-Not Use Acala move.
-Not get defeated on the final page

He will be fine.

Kaido is going to beat the shit out of Gear 5th Luffy.
Yamato won’t join the crew.
Usopp’s big moment in Wano is coming.

>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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I think we all know that Wano won't be ending in 2022

Does anyone really care about this fight anymore?

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Kaidobros... we got this...

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>mfw edgytards

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the raid is ending in two chapters and the Wano wrap up is the rest of the year.

>it's another wano flashback chapter
>it's another orochi survives chapter
>it's another samurai take the paneltime chapter
>it's another unlimited health chapter for luffy and kaido
>it's another chapter where we don't see any straw hats
>it's another "luffy will finish kaido with this attack for sure" cliffhanger chapter

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>>that fake spoiler saying Act 3 ends this chapter
At least Orochi should be down now. Oda probably wants to end Act 3 once the war is over

>Orochi is finally down; no more subplots left
>Momonosuke just got morale boost to move Onigashima
>Luffy went "I'm ending this"
>Kaido went "Come at me bro, but I AM ending this"
This is it, we're gonna have a double power struggle next chapter ending with Kaido BTFO and Momonosuke finally moving the island.

I think this time both (Luffy and Kaido) are going down. It will be a tie.

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at least we'll see Croc again probably in the next couple of years

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Yeah, there should be ~23 more chapters this year, it's enough to cover the raid wrap up and then the Wano epilogue.

this is reaching "WE HAVE TO STOP DA BIRDCAAAGE" levels of tiresome

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SHE IS ZOROS MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Kaido will be BTFO and Luffy will fall down tired like in most of his biggest battles (Crocodile, Lucci, Moria, Doffy).

Bonjour, Pierre.

ah good, there's no way any fight is lasting over 23 chapters in a manga.
not happening.

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>Usopp’s big moment in Wano is coming.
please let this be true.

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>same height
>same breasts size
Ulti cope

Kaido fight started 62 chapters ago.
It is over.

its forced perspective

Orochi and Kaido still need to see Adult Momo.

>>same breasts size
That's true though
Yamato's just taller

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>Luffy taking three chapters to throw one punch
An new low for the series

The big scene will be Yamato (Esposa de Momonosuke) seeing him.

Stampede did it better

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Looks like poop.

>anime will make it 4 episodes

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Yamato's breasts are proportional with her height and thus way bigger than Ulti's

>Just punch harder bro

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5, let's be real here. The completely pointless Wano flashback here will be adapted into 2 full episodes with some extra filler content and about 10 minutes' worth of reused scenes from the Oden flashback sprinkled in


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>GODA planning Wano's end to not be satisfying years in advance
Fucking based.

>thats what I've been saying the entire time but nobody listens

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That was already established when it was revealed Momo was going to be the focal point

nikkas tongue my anus

Post Wano Bounty
new bounty will be higher than their opponent

>Luffy Vs Kaido
Monkey D. Luffy - 4.7B

>Zoro Vs King
Roronoa Zoro - 1.4B

>Nami & Usopp Vs Ulti & Page One
Nami - 410K
Usopp - 410K

>Sanji Vs Queen
Sanji - 1.4B

>No opponent for Chopper
Tony Tony Chopper - 200

>Robin Vs Black Maria
Nico Robin - 500K

>Franky Vs Sasaki
Franky - 480K

>Brook Vs CP0
Brook - 200K

>Jinbe Vs Who's-Who
Jinbe - 600K

Height =/= size
She just has longass legs

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Holy shit her breasts are huge
Milkmato indeed

>nami and usopp are stronger than doflamingo
nice try


doflamingo bounty was stop when he became a warlord. his bounty would be similar to yonko's commander if he wasn't a warlord

>Not a Zoro chapter
I don't FUCKING care.



That's most women in One Piece, retard.
>compares her to three men instead of Ulti herself

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Hiyori ffs, Denjiro just saved your life. Show some gratitude.

How likely is it that Orochi gets back up from this?

In the legend, not only the heads, but also the tail were removed if I recall correctly. So it's somewhat possible he lives.

Very high

But he will have the next cover story, lasting 70 installments

I just wanna know what One Piece is, man
I don’t wanna sit through a shit ton of dragged out chapters, man


>The Yamata-no-Orochi is said to have visited Izumo Province (located in present-day Shimane Prefecture) every year to devour young girls. One year, it fell to Kushi-nada-hime to be sacrificed, the last of eight daughters whose sisters had all died in the same way before her. However, on hearing of the girl’s plight, deity Susa-no-O offered to kill the Orochi in exchange for Kushi-nada-hime’s hand in marriage.
>In preparation for his fight with the great serpent, Susa-no-O had extremely strong sake prepared and poured into eight jars. When the Orochi arrived, it thrust its head into each jar and drank up all of the sake. The drunken Orochi soon fell asleep. Seeing his chance, Susa-no-O attacked the creature, tearing and cutting it to pieces, and ultimately sending it to its death.
>After Susa-no-O had slain the Orochi, he noticed a magnificent sword appear from the tail of the beast. Susa-no-O took the blade and offered it to Amaterasu in Heaven. This sword was the Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi, which would later be known as the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, one of the three sacred treasures of the Imperial Regalia of Japan.

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With that logic you'd have to be assuming that Ulti and Page One are stronger than Doflamingo.

Am I the only one who finds Whitebeard overrated? He was named the strongest man on the sea but I doubt he could lay a finger on Kaido or Nika.


In 2022 he'd be able to use his quake DF to stop the vibrations of their hearts or some bullshit

>No kaido flashback
He won't lose.

whitebeard was the strongest man on the sea when he was younger, marineford WB was old and sick and definitely couldn't beat kaido now


>orochi spends the rest of his life butt chugging

Whitebeard was dying and was still the strongest man in the world at Marineford, Akainu blew a hole in his head and he just shook it off like it was a minor wound.

after Roger died yeah, also I think their fight would have ended in Kaido being KO'd and Whitebeard dying.
they wouldn't fight anyway, Kaido was going to back up his big bro Whitebeard because he thought Ace was Joyboy.

WB's fruit allows him to replicate advanced CoC, while also mastering advanced CoC
he could definitely punch a hole through Kaido at his peak
even Marineford WB could give Kaido a run for his money

You might be onto something, Jacques.

Here's a question that came to me recently: where currently is Sunny?
It was left in the Onigashima's bay, but when Yamato tried to leave the island the water and ships weren't there. Was it flushed out and is now somewhere in Wano waters, or is it laying beached in the empty bay?

Not any dumber than Bepo ending up in the North Blue

doesn't matter it'll be here when Luffy needs it, believe in Oda

Much like a Daggerfall ship, Luffy is able to fold the Sunny up and store it in his pocket when he's not fast travelling

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How do you guys think this arc will end? Oda usually fucks up and drags out the climax of Luffy's fights but the ending of the actual arc itself is usually pretty good.

>Magma melts and burns away a stone horn the size of a building instantly just from being near Kaido's flames
>Luffy who is in direct contact with the core of the flame just goes "OUCH! WOW THAT'S HOT!"

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