Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road

New episode in a few hours!

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Did you enjoy v4?

Which virgin would you road?

princess>momo>menu>annoying cow

I didn't make a thread thinking it was too early. user did it anyway.
Ah well, might as well as discuss v4

Let's start with Flare, I wasn't suprised that Flare did a similar journey with a different Japanese girl. What I didn't expect was Orwell, and the three legendary dudes to be involved. Whatever happened and truths they found in that story, it crushed all these legends and twisted them. One went on to become a world wide terrorist leader. One stopped thinking and became a pawn. One went to human error zone etc

Also the sinful girl who tempted all of these larger than life figures including Flare pure concept was [Light],

Akari is kill.

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Nice, it's that time of the week again.

That's the Executioner's Way of Life™

What can that pure concept do?

>church name is Faust, based on a story about a dude who sold his soul to the devil
>capital city is called Garm, based on the mythology about a dog who guards the gates of the underworld/hell
>all the evil and bad shit is happening underneath the city's surface
I think the church is evil.

Akari ga Kill

She doesn't look like she cares

Momo, for all her big talks, started wavering in like a week lmao
Akari, has a feeling of wistfulness and melancholy in her this time. I feel bad for her really. All her goals and dreams have been crushed here (thanks Pandæmonium). She won't have a sad farewell and returned to Japan. She won't die in Menou arm in dramatic fashion and make her remember her forever.
As of now, all she can do is hope for Menou to do the thing she could never do in all the loops, as in win against the church, suppress her teacher and kill her before other could.
Menou was basically bullied by everyone in the volume kek. Still her reason for standing against the church was a nice suprise, it's something I should expect yet I didn't

Probably all things light related, but it wasn't shown

Conjurings, aka magic spells, apparently new ones can only be made and discovered when Isekaijins go human error, since that pure concept now spreads to the world and becomes accessible to everyone.
Basically a released/completed pure concept is a whole new branch of magic. So there is no way church would let go of a valuable brunch of magic like [Time] when there is a way to safely kill her in error mode before she can do any damage

Yes, it was very good. V5 when

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Way too long

Is it Akari time?

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So do I get anything wrong or misunderstood in spoilers or do you guys have anything to discuss about v4 anons?

Also Pandæmonium was scary at that part. Can't wait to see her in anime, may JC staffs have the budget for her


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I swear if this series doesn't get a happy ending...

>look at v6 and 7 spoilers

Just believe

Volume 7 isn't the ending.

I wonder if this was her first date.

It's the start of a new big arc iirc, wonder if it will last another 6 vols

This should be from this episode

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So is Menou also an isekaiee?

No but she may be a tiny fraction of one

>no pure concept
>below average mana
Can't be

Does Flare have her own secret agenda?

cute pink yaya deserves love and attention

Flare feels weird. She somewhat agrees with the elders according to herself and Director called her a pawn, yet she feels like she is moving for herself and no one else
So I am going to assume she has her own plans

Yes, but it only reinforced my opinion that all isekagaijins should be erradicated as soon as they touch ground.
Hopefully they could kill themselves first to spare poor Menou of her suffering.

>wanting Akari to die, leaving Menou with no wife

Momo is right there.

Momo is an ugly goblin and Menou will never have romantic feelings for her.

>a tiny aspect of yourself gets the girl you have been waiting for 1000+ years
Man, imagine the sheer cucking [white] is getting if the speculations about Menou and White are true

Menou was emotionally and spiritually blanched so that must mean she's actually asexual.

What killed the hype?

I hate this shit. I wasted my life reading one "yuri" manga about them thinking it will turn into actual yuri but in the end the bitches just stay asexual. Fucking stupid misleading tag.

Depends on what Flare is like actually, loli Menou is like a white canvas or an agate like her name means after all. Her color is based on her surroundings

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Shitty power usage and action.

she completely pure so obviously she will want the purest form of love.

Ignore baits

Momo won't even get princess, princess will have to return back to her country one day and her imouto will put her in her rape dungeon then

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Menou will become yuri.

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the boring plot

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she knows she can kill

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wow she just broke momo's ribbon like nothing

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Local crazy dyke goes berserk.

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mad lesbian

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the hell is this

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persona 3?

It's pure whiteness

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>why is this thing still here?


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I hope there won't be any threads for this show after the season ends except for maybe one or two but I know that the trolls will still spam threads for a few months.

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>yuri rabu beam
Really now.

what is this DBZ shit

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