Looks like the endgame for the Pokemon anime?

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Endgame for Ash maybe, the show will continue with the femboy as the new protag.

allister fucks bea

2 Charizards
And yet Ash won't bring his back

Is it a bracket tournament? I guess Ash battling Leon is inevitable due to Galar shilling, but it would be a shame if he didn't rematch Alain. Although seeing two Charizards would also be boring.

Pikachu and Ash are eternal, and you can't just replace the most marketable pokemon icon Pikachu.

Leon will probably fight and beat Alain
Mega Charizard vs. regular Charizard to show off Leon's superiority when he wins
Classic jobber plotline to hype up new opponent

>Dude dey gonna replace Ash
25 years and /vp/fags still don't understand this anime

Is Alain actually confirmed?

Dude, the poster for the Masters 8 in the PWC is right there

To be fair Ash already deserved to beat Alain in XY and the end of their battle was complete bullshit, so Alain might as well get shat on here. In that case I'd hope for Ash to battle Cynthia and either Steven or Diantha, the latter cause they had already battled once but they were interrupted. Battling Iris would make sense but also feel underwhelming because she was never portrayed as strong in the BW anime.

We can just hope that it's
Ash vs Cynthia
Ash vs Alain

and finale Ash vs Leon

they want to and they try every generation, why do you think they keep making pikachu clones?

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>because she was never portrayed as strong in the BW anime
Dumb lie. Iris was constantly getting stronger through the season and defeated Ash and Dawn at some points.

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Emolga is superior to all of them.

But it's never working

Defeating retarded BW Ash isn't an accomplishment.

>2 charizard
was there really no one else available to replace alain?

You want the Darkrai guy?

>Iris and Alain

You don't?

Why the fuck Iris is so hot...

Are we really not getting revenge on that shitter Tobius and his Darkrai?

Well, who doesnt? If only for ash to get his revenge against that fucker.

Then again, i could bet the suits at TPC would be thinking that they 'overdid it' with Tobias and are gonna totally change his team so ash could win, because god forbid ash actually has a legit victory in a league.

I don't care about battles I only watch the anime for Gou.

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>two charizards
fucking LMAo
How the fuck do people still like this franchise anime or video game.

>no Tobias

it doesn't count

Because Charizard is the strongest of the strong!


Tobias went on to get wrecked by Cynthia IIRC so Ash battling her would be revenge by proxy.

>Oh, that's nice new team you have there Ash
>however... BURASTO BAANN!!

where is mimichad

not confirmed, he could have just forfeit the match

Tobias fell into depression after losing to Cynthia, so he quit battling and sold off his pokemon. Preasu understando

Either way Cynthia is a bigger fish and there was that scene at the end of DP with Ash imagining himself battling her while watching her match on TV, which can now become reality.

>Two of the top 8 Pokémon trainers in the world have shiny Pokémon
what the fuck i thought they said shiny pokemon aren't better

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I better see Ash finally beating BURAAAASTO BAAAAN because why else would they bring Alain back. Don’t care if Greninja doesn’t come back for this I just want to them to fight again.

Is this like a Tournament of Power of Pokemon?

>Ash-Greninja wasn't shown for some reason, most people think it's being saved for another episode
>Greninja is still in the OP
>Greninja mentioned during the episode
>Greninja SHOWN during the episode sensing Lucario's aura
>Alain confirmed in the master 8

So the two options are kalos redemption for the frog, which by looking at Twitter for the nips and everywhere else for the west, is what most people want.
Or the shilldog getting a "revenge" for its master like pic related

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i think it will go liked this

Rank 1 Leon vs Rank 3 Steven - Leon wins
Rank 2 Cynthia vs Rank 4 Lance - Cynthia wins
Rank 5 Diantha vs Rank 7 Iris - Either
Rank 6 Alain vs Rank 8 Ash - Ash wins

Rank 1 Leon vs Rank 5 or 7 (Iris or Diantha) - Leon wins
Rank 2 Cynthia vs Rank 8 Ash - Ash wins

Rank 1 Leon vs Rank 8 Ash - To Be Decided


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im still seethe desu
fuck that alola championship

I guess Tobias is already fighting in the multiversal tournament

>throws out unknown Ultra Beasts

Needs more Charizards. Lance better have a Shinyzard and Ash better bring his Charizard back.

Based Zard making contrarian hipsters seethe

I hope Alain kicks Ash's ass again.

I didn't even realize that we're getting new ashnime series this year.

Is there chance he might bring back his old Pokemons like Snorlax, Sceptile or Krookodile

The only one who seems likely right now is only Greninja against Alain and it's only a maybe

Alain was based. He cucked /vp/, Ash, Frogkeks while getting a cute loliwife in the end.

Will they ever end the series without getting all of the female protagonists in the same place?
I think we all want a Misty/May/Dawn/Iris/Serena/Aloha girls situation, don't we?

For me, it's Togedemaru.

I think May's VA retired due to an illness or something

Where's Wallace? Steven's cool and all but Wallace is more fun

He's more of a contest guy in the anime and Ash fought him recently

anybody has a compilation of the pwc episodes?

Why tf is Lance's signature pokemon Gyarados? I know he's a special snowflake shiny but Lance is always that guy with Dragonite

>Endgame for the Pokemon anime
Imagine being this retarded.

>3 dragon users

My prediction:

Ash vs Cynthia
Lance vs Iris
Steven vs Alain
Leon vs Diantha

Ash vs Lance
Leon vs Alain

Ash vs Leon

I just hope the battles are 3 vs 3 and not crap 1 vs 1 battles. I already lost all hope on full 6 vs 6 battles

>Ash vs Lance
>Leon vs Alain
You retarded son?

Even if Ash becomes the world champ the people still butthurt about Kalos will remain butthurt.

I'll only stop once Ash beats Alain. That's all I care about.