It was one year ago

It was one year ago.

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RIP Filthy Frank

couldn't he have written something good, like naruto?

I miss him

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>naruto good


narutotard-kun I...

Rip miura, may you draw lolis in heaven

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I'm no longer shocked by how fast time moves.

Time moves fast because you do the same thing every day. If you go out and have new experiences, time will feel slower again.

I miss Berserk, Yea Forums

Any word on what's going to happen with Berserk yet? Is it being retired out of respect? Or is someone who worked with him and a new artist going to 'finish it' like sometimes happens with long novel series?

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The concesus is, if they were to can it, they'd have done/said so already

why is his face painted white?


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If Miura had a some manuscript of final it will take years to be found. Which is common thing with many authors and artists since they put their some their stuff in random places. Even some unreleased Tezuka works were found decades after his death.

holy shit what a quick year that was

It was probably due to the vaccine, RIP Miura.

The clotshot.

I can't believe Papa Franku is dead

>it's already been a year.

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is it better to still get sad over it or just to let the jadedness win?

Should have taken the Rengokupill

>one year
Time really does fly, isn't it?

sum idolmaster pussy please?

Everything changed when the fire nation attacked

>one year
I don't believe it.

But he just died a few months ago

>we never got to see Morda naked
You know he was plotting aome way to make it happen. We were robbed.

Came here for this today,
Thanks OP and F

Maybe Togashi is also dead but Shonen Jump doesn't want to admit this?

literally who?

His wife confirmed he was alive just recently

I'm still mad about missing these threads

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So, like, is Miura his real name or his mangaka name?

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put yo grasses on

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I miss both of them

Good riddance this cancer died.

Recently? Did he got resurrected or some shit?

>tfw missed these threads because of work
>tfw didn't even know there were threads going on

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>tfw missed these threads because I was at an army combat exercise camp
I only heard about his death few days later when a friend messaged me about it.

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Post some schierke to ease the pain papi.

Go see a doctor for a physical and be honest with him about anything you think is wrong.

>it was one year ago
>some random japanese dude

Did miura die a virgin?

It hurts on my pp, is thiss normal!??

Was it today? I can still remember thinking it was an elaborate prank or fake news just to diminish Berserk's legacy and name.
Has your feelings changed about whether you want someone else to continue it or not?

That he died or everyone found out that he died? Pretty sure he was dead for weeks before anyone outside of his family and friends knew. Anyway he was a lolicon so fuck him.

I'm trans btw


Ah yes, the moral high ground fag.

How does it feel, knowing a lolicon achieved renown and recognition beyond what most mangaka and artists in general ever will, and will be remembered by everyone who delves even ankle deep into the medium for the foreseeable future?

He'll be "remembered" for never finishing his life's work by weebs, perverts, losers, and comic book nerds. What a legacy. I bet less than 1% of the people who read the NYT even know he ever existed.

Who cares what americans think?

You do, apparently.

How do we, the Yea Forumsnonymous Yea Forumsnons of Yea Forums, feel about im@s robbing Miura of the best years of his creativity and leaving him a hollow husk barely able to draw a chapter a year?

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tfw i though my sword never made it in for an entire year and only saw him swimming in boat clouds today ;_; rip miura