The Breaker

S3 is out bros...

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Can it surpass The Boxer?


Oh shit i've been waiting for this

How to kill a series
>release a decade later
>have worse art
>webtoon format

I legit don't have a picture that shows how disappointed I am

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What the fuck is this

>Webtoon shit now
Yeah it's fucking dead

Melodramatic + edgy shit. So this is the power of gookshit

That dragon at the end was pretty sweet

Wonder if mc's 15 different spontanious powerups he got will actually add up to him doing more than punching harder than everyone else, being immune to concusions and having infintie blood now.
He barely even used his apparent genius talent in part 1 and 2

Damn I didn't expect this. I can finally see more of Sera being best girl.

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I like the new kid. He’s funny.
I always stayed away from vertical manwa but I think I can live with this. The jump, the memories, and the dragon sold it.

He’s official a Sun-Woo now. Sera belongs to another clan. Doubt we will see her for a while.

Veritas sequel when?
On that note, I'll also shill:
Shin Angyo Onshi
Witch Hunter
^^high quality manhwas.
Some nice Korean animes:
Aachi and Ssipak
Squirrel and Hedgehog.

^Koreabros, is this^^ stuff popular in Korea?

Sera clan was sun-woo vassals since part 2 I think

Holy shit its been what? 6 or 7 years? Maybe Im retarded or its been so long I have to re read Breaker and New Waves but whatever happened to the loli from Breaker that gave him the sigil for her Murim shit? I feel like we saw her in Breaker and she disappeared in New Waves and we still havent seen her again? Was she just a mcguffin to give him an inroad to a clan?

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Why is it a web toon?

fucking retards, we'll take a break to work on a new series, no one cares about. at least kishimoto ended Naruto and went to make samurai 8

No way, read both seasons back like 4-5 years ago. Neat.

She's with German secret big bad who's behind 9 arts dragon. She has powers now

Wow, 10 years later and with shittier art. They're going full Togashi.

Buckle up Yea Forums, we in for a ride

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>The third part has a new weak shit MC.
Damn this is a bit disappointing. New dude NTRing Siwoon's entire harem when?

I forgot almost everything about this series.
Guess I'll have to reread the first two parts now.

Stay in your gook contaminated thread

And you be autistic somewhere else.

>that art
what the fuck?

Not bad, I liked the parallel from chapter 1. As long as the wimp doesn't become major character. Also,

>webtoon format

Neat dragon at the end

Yeah, I'm hoping he actually starts consciously using more techniques than the ki punch. Seems like there was enough of a timeskip for that though.

life in Korea must be pathetic

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Now that 6 chapters are out, will we get 7 next week? I understand these are paywalled on the original service.

>be high schooler
>get bullied
>be office worker
>get mobbed and bullied
>be boyfriend
>get cucked
such is life in south korea i guess

>get school desk destroyed, garbage on top
>beaten to a pulp in class
>teachers look away
>classmates do nothing, trembling in fear
i am feeling such revulsion for this "fist world country"

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Are Korean high schools actually like this? Every webtoon I've looked at seems to have a bullying issue with some fuckhead flexing his dad's job.

>just realized there's more than one chapter uploaded

>2nd grade bullies

>the exactly same premise bullied kid everyone hates me meet broody n edgy kpop ki master and learn ki, again

>new MC is weak kid who gets bullied and becomes OP
so glad they're continuing the second season with a rehash of the first.

We don't get enough power fantasy stories in our manga and mahnwas...

btw I can't wait for the reveal that the new MC got isekaid into Breaker world!!!1 gonna be so AWESOME.

bullying is the back bone of south Korean's society
you want find anywhere else such a "vertical society"
its all about the climb, and cheating and bullying are necessary (with cosmetic surgery and high fashion on top of course)
40 years ago 95% of the population was poor
i dont know how to explain it but its not exactly an organic country
also, highest suicide rate among kids and teens

Why does this make you seethe so much?

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because its literally bullied kid learn ki blast again
>whoah only half a month and he super fit
Ki blast isn't martial art, this is just loser wet dream

There's plenty of shit I don't like, I don't go to their thread to spam the same post about why it's bad 10 times a day.

Same, i don't spam the shit out over every threads about this kiddy trash is a mastepice and better than all manga like some gooks

>Same, i don't spam the shit out over every thread
you clearly do


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>actually degraded art
You know I give manhwa a pass cause at least there's effort put in there, but really? webtoon?

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Let's assume it will flop as this webtoon format sucks, and we were all used to manga format.

Will the authors still finish the damn story, even if it gets cancelled?

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I'm tired of Shioon, give me more Goomoonyrong kino.

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Who knows. There would be nothing stopping them from posting the webcomic on their blog or twitter if it somehow got cancelled. I think the Breaker has decent enough popularity that it won't get cancelled unless Breaker 3 is literally just Breaker 1 2.0
It's possible that the kid could end up having the power go to his head just so Shiwoon could suffer more.

It was later improved. Jinnie, on the other hand...

Its weird how the artist fucks up everyones introduction art then later on they look okay.
Like god damn thats normally the one thing you dont fuck up

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damn I really would have cared about this like 6 years ago

you will read nu-shiwoon's story for 50+ chapters and you will like it

>Webtoon format
>New shitty MC
>That godawful art
WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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More like trannie lmao

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she's got shorter hair, big woop
that shit gets in your eyes in a fight

How do I get a woman to look at me like that?

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>Wait for so many years to get S3
>Ruins all the girls
I fucking hate webtoon so much.

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The Breaker is dead. This webtoon is just borrowing its name

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Just say Hi.

here's your head of the sunwoo clan bro

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i will miss the amazing art, not gonna lie
top kek

>dude is supposed to be normal ordinary person
>BUT he is actually have super "special" ki and super "special" body
>learn martial art but never do anything other than super Ki punch
Now repeat the same process with breaker the 3rd, new dude have special ki and special body too

remember, kids, winners do drugs

It's called eternal force so can we cope by saying the breaker ended with part 2

improved ver

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>we finally get to see Shioon go up against 9AD and kick his ass
God please don't turn it into some pussy shit where they team up later. I want one of them dead by the other's hand even if it's done reluctantly.

>calls Jinne his girlfriend
>does not deny it

Look at the one positive.
The lame ass childhood friend is gone from the series now