Why isn't anime funny?

From what I’ve seen, there are pretty much 2 types of anime humor:
>A) Cartoonishly overreacting to situations
>B) Sexual harassment/assault.
To be fair, the former can be done well, but usually isn’t, and can get old. As for the ladder, the only time I’ve ever found it funny is when Mineta does it in MHA, but that has more to do with Mineta being a tiny baby man than the actual sexual harassment part.

Dragon Ball GT is probably the best example. I’m a huge Dragon Ball fan, to the point that I actually enjoyed GT, but Dragon Ball has rarely if ever actually been funny. Weirdly, its juvenile sense of humor adds a unique sense of charm to the series, but who’s actually laughing when something Goku does or says makes everyone around him randomly fall on the floor? Who’s laughing at the Puparapara Bros? Who’s laughing when some middle aged alien weeb tries to undress Pan (who, keep in mind, is a fucking 10 year old)? The absolute worst individual example of this is actually in Dragon Ball Super, when Master Roshi straight up threatens to rape a girl if she doesn’t leave the tournament of power.
How is this comedy?! Even the Big Bang Theory is funnier than most anime, and that’s really really saying something.

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>Why isn't shonen funny?
Fixed. And the answer is because it's targeted towards kids which are easily entertained.

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The Japanese have a primitive sense of humor. Greek comedies from 2400 years ago they’re the same way, any time there’s a joke more complicated than DUDE SEX LMAO the character has to address the audience to let them know it’s a joke.

Don't bring a ladder into this

That's just Japanese humor. They never really moved beyond the era of slapstick comedy like most other countries.

i found KnY (your pic) to be quite funny sometimes. but it kinda got old and boring in S2 (for mostly unrelated reasons).

Shitty manga made to appeal to the lowest common denominator aren't funny because appealing to a lot of people means appealing to a lot of retards
There are a lot of genuinely funny anime
>The devil is a part timer
>Saiki Kuso
>Parts of OPM and Gintama
Just to name a few

Weird how these threads are always about children's shows.

I'm a big fan of "wacky thing goes on but nobody notices or cares" humor. I believe the key to making such a joke work is to do it with a smile. And actually being able to deliver the joke correctly.

birdie wing, umayon, ueno-san

Something can be humorous and amusing without making you burst into laughter.

none of this are funny.

cromartie high school and sayonara zetsubou sensei are the only funny anime out there

1. Most of what you're watching is literally made for children
2. Other forms of humor frequently have trouble coming through because of the language barrier
3. You're wrong because Yakitate Japan exists, even if it absolutely does trade on outrageous overreactions.

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>Kimetsu child thinks he's an expert on anime

KnY is trash through and through
And the author will never be a woman

>Why isn't anime funny?
Because most punchlines in anime is set on wordplay, which (You), a filthy gaijin, can't understand.

The fact that you OP listed mcdonald's of the medium only further proves it, it's as if asking why movies don't make you chuckle while watching only capeshit.

>japanese humor

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Because anime is made by Japan for the japanese ONLY and this is their kind of humor, not only visual shit but their play on words too.
It doesn't matter if any other country doesn't laugh, the japanese do and that's all they care about over there

I don't think we'll ever reach those dizzying heights again

>no our culture is hilarious, you just don't get the dick puns
it's shakespeare all over again

me on the left

broadly speaking japanese humor in general is very systematic and based around variation within an established formula. there are exceptions on the fringe for sure but you're not going to see it in mainstream kids anime

>this dude hasnt seen Cromartie High School

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Off the top of my head Excel Saga, Prison School, Galaxy Angels, Dirty Pair, Abenobashi, FLCL, Cromartie High, Sakamoto, B Gata HK, Devil is a part timer, and king of the hill have all made me laugh in different ways. I'm sorry you haven't found any anime humorous yourself. It may not be the right medium for you.

Cromartie and GTO are funny


Japs have shit humour, the laugh at everything kids laugh at

the video title alone makes me vomit

So not different from the west always laughing at fart jokes

Kill yourself, election tourist.

I always feel bad for people that make this thread. Firstly because 90% of the time they only watch shonen (as is the case here), secondly because they spend time on a hobby they don’t even enjoy. Like, imagine your hobby is watching literal cartoons but you only like the super serious parts. Crazy. I will say that I often prefer “Japanese humor” in manga to anime, it just makes more sense in that format and the exaggerated reactions, while still present, are way less obnoxious. If anyone legitimately has the same gripe as OP, I recommend relaxing with a nice cup of coffee or tea and reading some SoreMachi or Yotsuba or something.

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Yeah, because they're relatable, everyone farts. While perverted or overreacting like anime do is just more silly, things that never happened

Maybe watch an actual comedy series first before declaring that anime isn't funny because 3 different battle shounens didn't make you laugh.

That being said, you're right about the screaming overreactions to things being annoying as fuck. The deadpan humor in Aharen-san has been a real breath of fresh air this season. On the other side of the coin, Kono Healer Mendokusai has been terrible because that faggot Alvin won't stop screaming and overexplaining the punchlines

Almost everyone believes their country's humour is vastly superior to the rest. I'd wager the developmental years influence sense of humour more than anything. Afterwards it seems unlikely you'll pick up on the cultural code without years of conscious effort. It's just really tempting to say my thing SOVL, your thing soulless. I also don't find the things you listed funny but they're probably aimed at average Japanese teens.

To be fair, a well-timed fart can be pretty funny.

It's mostly just screaming

you could always watch stuff that takes itself more seriously and explores more mature themes but that would require you to stop watching shonen which seems to be impossible for 99% of this board

I find Japanese and Korean fiction way funnier than westernshit, sorry

Go watch asobi asobase and then get back to me. If you don't crack a smile then you should probably go see a doc about the stick wedged firmly up your ass.

Kono Healer Mendokusai made me laugh a few times. Also Spy Family with some Anya's antics

The blond faggots overreactions aren't funny. It's tanjiros reactions to them that make it great. The straight man fucking carries.

Kek that's pretty funny

I do agree overreacting isn't very funny but sexual assault is goddamn hilarious.

>Other forms of humor frequently have trouble coming through because of the language barrier
Wordplay isn't funny even when you get it

read Grand Blue


I find it rare that I find media actually funny. Often even comedians cannot make me laugh

Not OP and I don't agree with him, but what I've seen of Grand Blue seems just like the shit he's describing, but also with le epic references.

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See, you're no different than the people you accuse of having shit taste for liking japanese humor. These threads are all about "thing I like good thing I dislike bad".

I specified read because anime simply cannot be funny as a format

One Piece is actually really funny. Oda (or Toei) does do the whole "character explains the joke" thing but the joke is so good that it balances out.

Perhaps you are the one who's unfunny, user.

Watch more anime, execution gets a lot better than gay ass MHA

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>posts another overreaction
You sure proved him wrong.

Go watch Cromartie High School

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OP sucks dicks.

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Link the reddit thread you got this from


Because humour is based on subverting excepted situations in an unexpected way and since you don't know neither the language nor the cultural code.
It's a double language+cultural barrier.
For example, I find the Japanese word "zenzen" funny because it's spelt as 全然, which literally means 人王肉犬火, "royal people eat roasted dog meat" but if you don't know Japanese kanjis you won't get the joke.

Honestly, I wouldn't find Golden Boy nearly as funny if it wasn't for the dub.

Yeah, pretty much all things are subjective, but people tend to like more things when they're relatable, unless Japs ending touching breasts and overreact on a daily basis, it's just silly