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Ch. 183 fanscans out. Dumping.

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youtube.com/results?search_query=pachinko machine

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thx cya in a few hours

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please dont tell me i'm a retard for not having a clue whats happening here

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I genuinely can't make heads or tails of fucking anything happening here.

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I don't understand SHIT

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>brain fries the second something more compelx than haha luffy punch hard happens
so this is the power of wanpissfags...

>Don't transmit utter crap like that into my mind
Gege is deliberately doing this.

Will reply to this message when I find the author's comment. But dump's done.

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Thanks for the dump. Here's a few errors I noticed for PR-chan.
>His attack are the preview performances.
Should be 'his attacks are...' to match the verb number.

I'll pass it on, thanks! PR chan might be dead tho.

Ah, I see, so that's how it is.

I don't even read one piece, what the fuck are you on?

What the fuck is with his luck? Second pull and he gets a jackpot.

he is playing pachinko

>"This work's main heroine. Has no features worth mentioning."
Kek. Gege dishing out in all directions.

this panel is really all that matters, hakari's gameplan is just to keep his opponent busy until he hits jackpot

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im a retard and i really thought i wouldnt understand this ability but it actually wasnt too hard to follow. good job gege

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spoonfeed me, smart user

I don’t like this chapter. I feel like I pretty much got what was happening, but it wasn’t really enjoyable.

It's actually easier to just watch a youtube video on how pachinko works. youtube.com/results?search_query=pachinko machine

How the fuck did Hakari develop an extremely specific and obscure manga turned pachinko theme machine as his DE and CT?

Makes no sense, how the hell will he last against someone like Yuta if all he can do is depend on luck? Dude got a couple of slashes from this noob sorcerer so he is no Ishigori with high amounts of CE and CE output to defend against Yuta's monstrous offense.
Tranny-fucker was hyped up for nothing. He is lucky to meet such a weakling.

Hakari was really overrated.

kashimo soon

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maybe yuta was going easy on him, maki said that yuta is stronger

Charles can see the future so he has an easier time dodging and hitting Hakari, something that Yuta wouldn't be able to do.

>The rules are simple!

it says "ver."
i guess it pulls from real-life (in their universe) pachinko machines
hakari likely has some choice in which themed pachinko appears since he used this same one against yuuji (the subway doors)


This feels like satire

So basically it's like crit mechanic where if you don't beat his ass in time (or he stalls to well) he'll eventually get a lucky roll and punk you?

Hakari is awful

Maybe I forgot but have either of these characters ever shown up before? I don't know why I would care about either of these guys if not

Basically, everything is all window dressing. Just picture Hakari is pulling slots while fighting you. Everything is the same except a hologram plays out simulating his slot pull all around you. If he pulls 3 in a row, he gets a bonus (we will find out what exactly it rewards him next week).
And he also can use subway doors all throughout this domain but they don't do much damage, they're mainly to disorient you.

Is the train manga a real rom com/parody of a certain work?

There's gonna be even more wack domains in the future.

The chapter was fucking hilarious. All that random shit Charles has to keep track of, in order to gauge the situation he's in and whether he should attack or defend. Problem is, he was fucked from the start, since he doesn't have a counter measure when the inevitable jackpot hits, not to mention the sure-hit that a domain grants. I guess his best chance would have been to ignore the information clutter and focus on taking Hakari out as fast as possible, even it it means he can't keep track of Hakari's current powerup state. This way, he'll at least not be preoccupied with other stuff while fighting.
As for Hakari's domain, it seems effective, if the opponent lets himself get drawn into the mindgame, but I wonder if it's all that good with an opponent who ignores the pachinko show and goes to town on him. On another note, did I miss some mention of what happens with a jackpot? I see mention of a "reward", but that's it.

yeah, but you probably can infer what will happen from the holograms, like how Charles noticed that the guy wouldn't get past the ticket gate from the way he ran towards it
and later, Hakari probably knew that the jackpot was coming based on how the hologram played out (while charles thought the pull was a dud since the feMC wasn't there ) and just let himself get hit so Charles would lower his guard, which is the point of his final line about capitalizing on your luck

So he can get unlucky and the domain straight up doesn't do anything other than letting him summon some doors and pachinko balls?

>did I miss some mention of what happens with a jackpot? I see mention of a "reward", but that's it.
I think much like slots, each character has its own different bonus for matching 3

The thing I don't get is it seems like the domain is all-or-nothing. It doesn't grant Hakari any boost until it lands on jackpot.

Charles should have just ignored it since he has the rules downloaded into his brain, he should know that nothing he does will change the pachinko. Just focus on killing Hakari before his luck pays out. Everything going on with the station is inconsequential.

I guess I just don't play enough pachinko

His domain feels like a good twist, you first see him and think surely he's just a pure unga bunga head. But in reality he's keeping track of so many fucking variables kek

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I don’t really like his ability, maybe it would’ve been better if it was used on a serious character like sukuna just to see his reaction to being in a romcom. Also what does it mean by hype? Like do you need hype in pachinko to fulfil win conditions?

the slots thing reminds me of no more heroes, i hope his rewards include powerup jokes

This is your average JJK reader

>The thing I don't get is it seems like the domain is all-or-nothing
Higuruma's domain was the same, he only gets anything from it if you're guilty, otherwise it has no effect
In Hakari's case atleast he can just stall the fight long enough for the jackpot to come

All these villains-of-the-week are going to join the supporting cast just so that Gege will have the luxury of killing named characters during the confrontation with Kenjaku or Sukuna. Adds gravitas even though they're all barely developed characters.

you cant blame him with all those names and characters that show up and dont do a whole lot like that new shadow style guy with panda in shibuya

You didn't miss anything. It seems like Hakari doesn't know exactly what the 'reward' is either, but it's probably a power-up of some kind.
When you're playing pachinko, you usually get the same 'reach' animations over and over again. They change up when you actually get a jackpot, so when you see something out-of-the-ordinary happening, like the chance up events mentioned or a differently-colored door appearing, you know that something's good going to happen.
That's what the whole 'hype level' thing is all about, too. It's more literally 'expectation level' (an alternate term is 'trustworthiness level') and it's basically the chance that this reach animation will result in a jackpot at the end. If something unusual happens in the animation, then the odds go up even more.

I thought his sandpaper like CE would be related to his DE. Like his DE world would be in Microsoft paint

>When you're playing pachinko, you usually get the same 'reach' animations over and over again. They change up when you actually get a jackpot, so when you see something out-of-the-ordinary happening, like the chance up events mentioned or a differently-colored door appearing, you know that something's good going to happen
yeah, most gachas do that too in their pull animation, the initial summoning animation changes to let you know you got a SSR, 5* or whatever even if the result is a dupe or some useless weapon or character

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Imagine Jogo in that domain and suddenly having to deal with whether Yume is staying on the train or not. I kinda want to see that.