Yujiro raped a man

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Probably not just one

And Mama killed a man

I'm glad I never started reading; I hate yaoi

yooo this nigga gay lmaoooo

No he had a feminine side to him therefore he was a woman

Baki fights are getting boring, no issues beyond some bruises which heal in months.
Gotta bet some bungholes to spice things up.

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Jack literally bite a finger out of sukune

Could Yujiro be #metoo'd?

I mean, we know Hillary creams he pantsuit on the sight of him, but if he goes raping whatever he encounters somebody is bound to go to the media.

Your mom would

what are they gonna do about it? Yujiro is fast enough to *teleports behind you* from dozens of meters away, strong enough to where asphalt is like wet cardboard to him and tough enough that punches that make 3 meter wide craters in granite, punches that make shockwaves and continued exposure to lightning bolts are inconveniences to him

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All arc Sukune has been ripping the ribs off from everyone he faced, and Jack is gonna maul everyone he fights from now on. The hell are you on about

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Agreed, he already is more interesting than Sukune ever was

>ripping the ribs off
Sukune's throws are so damn gnarly, and that's on top of gripping someone's ribs through their muscles which probably HURTS LIKE HELL by itself. Itagaki knows how to make me hiss like no other mangaka. i can watch x ray cams of characters getting their entire ribcages shattered into shards no problem, but Sukune's rib throws, Doppo's arm, the deconstruction of Dorian, etc all made me wince and look away

Writer was just fed up with Yujiro being the favorite character
so he did this


It’s also true that KeGAYa looks very average (like Katsumi) but even so, he does give me that STRONG vibe

They will all be fine when Itagaki changes artstyle again.

Pussy alert

Don’t think that’ll ever happen. He will probably be retired or dead (rip) by that point. Also, I’m thinking he won’t be working on Baki for more than 2 years. No more than that.

they're all going to look like battletoads in the next art style

Doppo destroying that thug who slashed the kid is one of my fav things in Baki

He should those techniques more often
Maybe then he’d be up there with the “big bois”

Well, they would obviously cancel him and get him banned of all the martial arts competitions.

e-even the next Raitai?

Was Jack a wake up call for Sukune? Until that point he obsessed over kicks and shit, but after Jack he realized that he has to step up his Cosmic Rikishi game too. Even Yujiro and Baki beat him with trickery and striking, while Jack grappled and Goudou'd him into a clear loss and ate all his strikes, charges, and throws if I recall

You mean he raped a man (woman)

a woman with a beard and all that body hair?
he has impeccable taste

Yeah we know

Its clearly Bara you pleb

I hope so

Is this a Baki reference? The wording seems way too specific.

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It was a metaphor, he didn't rape anyone


that nigga hairy

We've literally only just seen his 1st chapter and it was nothing, he split a rock that literally every character could split

I can't believe baki turned into this gay shit. It was a cool manly manga before.

Stfu and just answer

Kehaya is stronger than Sukune

Gay can be manly user
Baki proves this

Wrong, retard

He’s not a “nigga”, he’s white. A “nigga” is a word used almost 100 years ago by white people, they used this word to describe black people. So for example, if you were working for a white person in a mansion, then you (the black person) would be called a house-“nigga”.
So you are wrong. White people can’t be “nigga”


Cope for you and black people, yes

Thats fucking gay

Someone literally died in Baki wtf are you on

The Chinese don't count as living beings

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That wigga hairy

no its not, everyone thats not yujiro is a woman.

What did he mean by this

Chad move

He raped a little wussy and turned her into a man.

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Is Diane a man now too?

Diane is still an angel

Literally Joe looks gay

I’m so FUCKing hyped for chapter 124
50ish hours left FUCK YEAAAAHH

True, but angels can be men (I think?)