How is your country depicted in anime?

How is your country depicted in anime?

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I don't think it is, outside of parts of our mythology and Dublin getting colony drop'd in Gundam.

They depict america uhhhhhhhhh I don't know I can only think of kaleido star, heroman and banana fish as anime that took place in america and those basically just portrayed it not so different from how japan portrays itself.
Eyeshield 21 had a pretty accurate portrayal of america the episode that they went

Can't complain.

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Pinoybros...the election of our lifetime is ahead of us....can we stop Hitler 3.0?

It isn't.
t. kiwi

That slum is too clean

Downside up

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it's not sadly Algeria

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You guys got like 10 seconds worth of flashbacks in Fate Zero, I guess.

It's not.

As shithole, which is pretty close to reality.

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Outside of Hetalia it isn't.

Wait, I think Budapest was actually in Trinity Blood. Not much, but more than nothing.

Accurately enough.

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i dont think i ever seen it being pictured

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Well at least the new Fate servants are hot.

Britain is portrayed as London and grey, just stereotypes I guess

It was only in a my hero academia movie that I can think of, so barely represented at all. Unless Cristiano Ronaldo is in some footie anime.

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VNs have nicer things to say about Britain now and then.

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I don't think Japan is aware that Croatia exists.

military nerds know

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Fractale is set in a (incredibly innacurate) future Ireland

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There's also pic rel from Gundam 00. Kinda like the majority of your country's history in the 20th century. Kek.

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>gay weeb sails to the other side of the world to fulfill his gay weeb dreams
Seems about right.

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>it's another anime that uses indonesia as its setting
>it's jakarta
>it's used as the location where black market transaction happens

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It's not. And if anything they just mention the brazilian colony

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Imagine anime set in Angola.

Was he not a trader like most dutchmen in japan at the time? I think he said something about tulips.

Mostly in positive light

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War stuff, emotionally broken women, and hentai

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Yeah the Dutch trading company affiliates even got their own quarter in Edo at the time, it's pretty cool.

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Anno said ur country is a dirty shithole lmao

It'd be amazing until the English fuck it up for everyone

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We can but we need the hero to stop the Demon King and his loyal followers from voting the tyrant's son


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Wish the Dutch East India Company got attention on a similar scale as the British East India Company by historians, decent books are kind of few and far between and I don't know any Dutch.

Lol I forgot about that. I don't know if I want Qwaser to be the one manga to reference Croatia, but I guess it's something.

Pic related was pretty accurate imo.

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It's either football or tango, seems fair
There was also that one knight in saint seiya i think

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Beautifully and accurately

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Trinity blood

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Hello fellow tuga, was about to post this.
>Unless Cristiano Ronaldo is in some footie anime.
The only one I'm aware of is in "Ginga e Kickoff!!". it was just a small cameo anyways together with other famous players.

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Everyone is blonde, sophisticated, and drink tea from dainty china tea cups while eating cucumber sandwiches.

The drinking tea part is right I suppose.

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Retarded ending retarded motive.

>mentions Ronaldo
>gets quads of TSOOOOOOOOOOOO
Holy shit user.


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It only appears in world maps, but it made it into Tate no Yuusha. I actually live in the bottom left island (Ibiza).

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Of all the places they can show, they showed the walking street lmao.


>of parts of our mythology

The Nips took a real fucking shine to Dullahans for some reason.

The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception from the Nasuverse are also explicitly inspired by Balor of the Evil Eye.

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the only canadian anime character I'm aware of is a fag from some homo skateboarding show :(

Most powerful race, son.

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They haven't quite got the hang of it, but they do try to depict it pretty accurately. Mostly only when it comes to butlers or witches, though.

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Surprisingly comfy and somehow safe enough for kids to travel from NY to Colorado safety alone. Japan has no idea about 13%

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Hard to blame Kiritsugu for being mindbroken by her death. Where was she said to be a filipino, though?