I can't get enough of blonde anime gaijins

I can't get enough of blonde anime gaijins.

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I know you love them Aryan anime girls, Yea Forums

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Quite unequivocally based.
But what of blond anime gaijin's feet?

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I prefer their pits.

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But let's not forget about their midriff.

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why do japs like to make blonde female character a lot?

Blondes that aren't busty bimbos is the better way.

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why do Westoids like to make [insert token race] characters a lot?

blondes have more fun

I like how they somehow piss off Yea Forums because they lust after twink Asian dick.

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Blond phenotype isn't native to Japan, that makes them exotic. That makes them desirable.

>why do japs like to make blonde female character a lot?

Let's hear what the creator Saber and Arcueid has to say about the matter!

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>baby killer

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Try living in East Germany and stay a decent human being. You really can't.

Real communism has never been tried!!!!

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He's right you know.

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The classic.

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I'm not white
I though japs prefer their own native people?

It's probably what the other anons said, it's exotic, and euros have by far the greatest phenotypical variance among themselves compared to other races, which allows for a lot of combinations in terms of character design. Euro beauty standards still being the dominant one in the world probably also has something to do with it, though in all likelihood to a lesser degree than feminists and non-european people tend to think.


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They also culturally insensitive.

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don't nips and chinks make fun of whypipo for having big noses compared to them, too?

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Euros have their own types of phenotypes they consider exotic and desirable, but I believe the blond phenotype still remains the peak phenotype.

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Big tiddy weebs certainly liven up any series.

>responsible for the fall of Europe and tens of Millions of deaths
>responsible for a couple of hundred deaths at most

I think it's clear who the real villain is.

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I meant that more in the sense that euros can be pale as milk or kind of tan, have black/brown/red/blonde hair, straight hair, curly hair, brown/green/blue eyes or any sort of combination of these, etc.

I think the aryan phenotype being considered to be the ideal is a matter of its rarity more than anything. The jury is still out on how important culture is in determining what people find atttractive and what they find unattractive.

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>I think the aryan phenotype being considered to be the ideal is a matter of its rarity more than anything
I believe so. I don't think the blond phenotype is all that hyped up in region where it's native and widely available, except maybe in circles that value racial purity above all else.
What is available becomes boring, what is scarce becomes desirable.

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They're hyped up, but it's because those cultures have developed to consider that phenotype to be the ideal, not because it's a racial purity thing for them. Even if you read medieval poets from France or Germany, the women idealized are more often than not blonde.

Probably similarly to how heian-era japan thought super long straight black hair on women was the hottest shit ever. It's just how the dices rolled.

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>he has scary eyes!
>they are just really squinty
Suddenly it's ok

It's okay because they can take it.

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Sign you are an asian.
Burger and eurokek prefer brunette / black

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All blonde anime gaijins should line up and be impregnated by me (blonde real gaijin)

>blonde real gaijin
Show pubes.

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Don't Euros fetishize the Nubian nowadays?

No? I think you're confusing the male preference for variety among women for the culturally embedded preferences of particular societies.

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I actually have no idea. I feel It's mostly a social media bias but I don't really know how to check the real numbers.

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White girls love Jap boys. Simple as.

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Can fake gaijins join?

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asian prefer blonde?

Everybody does.

Blondes are the worst kind of white woman, brunettes are the very best.

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You posted used goods.

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Correct, for I have used her, and several times.

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So true

Billy, stop posting on Yea Forums and make mobile suits.

Human prefer anything they dont have.

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White girls are for ____

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Don't need gaijins. Even Japanese girls can be blonde.

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I want to drink everything out of Olivia's orifices.

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Whites make the funniest feces.

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Patsukin best kin.

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>enter thread hoping for majikoi
>not a single poster outside of OP

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Doesn't bother me. It's a nip cope

It's the white incels online that still believe Asian men are worthless that get angry.

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that's just an abomination called "mixed race"