Thoughts on Berserk (2016)?

Thoughts on Berserk (2016)?

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The soundtrack was really good

Seems so bad that I've never seen it

>inb4 contrarian

just watch 1997 anime and read manga

It was great, watched all of it.
>uhhhh contrarian
Fuck off

Unironically one of the worst pieces of shit that exists in the entire anime industry.
It has shitty art, awfully traced manga panels, awful animation
ATROCIOUS CG, ATROCIOUS CG animation, skipped scenes, atrocious directing, shitty art direction, indian tier sound design, subpar voice acting (despite being the same people who voiced the movies) due to the awful directing
There's nothing good about it. Nothing. Hai yo doesn't justify the existence of this filth.

Pretty sound track but otherwise a waste of a good story
The 1997 anime was beautiful and did the manga justice

Soundtrack was 10/10
Anime itself was 1/10

but it gives me hope that some day we will get another adaption, maybe in 2036

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Sucks ass.

>but it gives me hope that some day we will get another adaption
why would they adapt an unfinished work?

you'll have blown your brains out well before then

thats in 14 years user, the 1997 is already 25 years old

I don't understand how anyone could bear to watch it


I actually don't hate it. It just took getting used to.

>the single worst peace of anime media i have ever consumed
Based sound track tho

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>ps2 game

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One of the worst things I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. Even if I didn't know about the series beforehand it would disgust me.

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Should never have existed.

Only EX-ARM is worse than this, somehow

What a waste of conviction. Fuck 3D cgi bullshit. I wish 97 got one more season.
I heard Ex arm anime killed it’s manga.

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Bastard's getting a new anime. Anything is possible at this point

>I wish 97 got one more season.
I'm legit surprised it never got any OVA's like HxH '99 did.


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HxH 99 did get 3 seasons before it got its OVAs. I wonder how they would have handled the eclipse without skull knight or lost children without puck? I like 97 but it feels off.

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This is not real right? I've watched a few episodes and it was bad but this isn't how my nigga transforms right? Wtf!

What the fuck.

It's that bad.

There was enough leeway in the anime to have a flashback of the Eclipse introducing Skull Knight rescuing Guts and Casca. I guess Puck can be introduced in an original scene where Guts is healed by him after battling a horde of monsters

I guess it could make sense. What a shame that 2016 got a second season(2017).

I found berserk better without puck

For me, he should have fucked off post convention.

Unironically a good call.
Guts then changed as a person and his goals so there was no moral dilemma that Guts and Puck had to go through and once they meet Schierke Puck became obsolete in the thing it was supposed to do. If Puck left after Guts found Casca and they meet on the fairy island it would've been one of the sweetest moments in all of berserk, literally just behind of Casca regaining her memories.


I wrote a hypothetical composition of how a one-off sequel set within 1997's continuity might play out. Details like Silat's absence wouldn't make much sense since he shows up in Conviction, so this series would stand on its own like the former. Pacing is rough but hopefully the general meaning can be understood there.

KUROI KENSHI: BERSERK; BLACK SWORDSMAN: BERSERK (title is consistent with Kenpuu Denki "Sword Wind Romance: Berserk")
>The cold open for the first episode is Guts and Skull Knight meeting for the first time (his absence from 1997 can be chalked up to "Oh, it just happened off-screen"), followed by the conclusion of Rickert's encounter with the Apostles from 1997 episode 22 (Skully saved him off-screen), cutting to the episode title before transitioning to Guts screaming and SK bursting through the moon. "Escape," "Awakening to a Nightmare", "Sprint" and "Vow of Retaliation" would take up the rest of the episode.
>New opening is "Tell Me Why" recreation with Black Swordsman visuals
>Eps 2-3 would be "Demont Infant", "Armament" and "He Who Hunts Dragons", marking the end of Golden Age.
>Ep 4: Snake Baron was already killed off in this continuity, so Guts would meet Puck at the carriage of Collete and Adolf, who remember the swordsman saving them from the Koka tavern in 1997 episode 1. The rest of the chapter plays out as usual.
>Eps 5-12 : Guardians of Desire. Guts already obtained his Behelit from Snake Baron, so Count doesn't have it in this version. The established manga rule of the Behelit drifting from person to person until settling on its true owner could explain its activation kickstarting the God Hand's appearance i.e. after Snake Baron, Count is just another temporary owner until he gets sucked into the Vortex. Therasia was not sacrificed, so it remains in Guts' hand.

It would basically end on a post memory card of Guts walking out of the destroyed castle after doing the sad face, like the manga's Black Swordsman Arc.

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Thanks. I just don’t like seeing my favorite elf become a unfunny joke.
I can see it working. Pretty good.
Title needs some work.

God damn it the anime had the perfect style, i'd kill for a black swordsman arc in this style.

Also perfect pitch

>Title needs some work.
True. Now that I think about it, the first episode for 1997 was already titled "The Black Swordsman", so "Guardians of Desire: BERSERK" would fit as a better title since that's the main arc being focused on.

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You got any more art from the YA issue on berserk 97?

There's one more but posted a transparent version of the Guts render. Not YA but here's an Animage spread.

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Is "The Panel" in it?

These look so good, they really captured the edgy spirit of GA Guys from the manga, even if he looks a bit too old. The movies solely missed this and his characterization felt neutered.

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GUTS GODDAMMIT, god i hate phone posting.
Gotta be more specific user.

It taught me to be careful about watching any anime made by
And so far I'm not proven wrong yet.

are the movies cool?
going through the original amination right now

How did this shit even get approved?

The golden age movies are fine and enjoyable.

Bittersweet but necessary. Kept the niggers and the trannies out of berserk. Imagine how much worse it would be if CRAPPA had done Berserk.

Schierke's butt

Like worse in animation or worse thread wise?

Nah it didn't reach that far, if it got one more episode we would've got it.
They have amazing 2D animations but that's about it, a lot is cut and characterization from everyone is butchered. Almost every moment they share was done better in the old anime, i also don't like the purple gray eclipse.

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Fuck this gay earth.
Can't have anything.

His sword looks so short

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at least luca got some exposure

Thread wise for sure but up in the air whether the animation would be better or worse.