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she's angry and red

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read the guide

cant see a metal peg in the foot stand there
unless the entire leg is ABS (doesnt really look like it is) or reinforced with a rod it will probably sag eventually
MFC pic clearly shows the support is necessary

glad i missed this PO

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I can't believe buyfagging is dead!

Asked last thread if her character improves, anons convinced me watch till the end. I have PO'd her, thank you frens.

Anyone know if ninoma is legitimate?

where's the elf

on the shelf

we better get a real Rukia scale later this year

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is it wrong of me to ship rukia with ichigo [still]

>she's angry and red
and cute!

I'm gonna buy this

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buy the sex doll instead

What're ya buyin?

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No, user. I'm still right there with you. Bleach was essentially the greatest love story in a shounen battle manga of all time. The problem is Kubo had no idea that's what he had written and had no appreciation for it.


Even more based.


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Do you have the link?

What're ya sellin?

hard-working 19 year old + stubborn with savings. honestly, I couldn't fit enough of my pre-orders in that one pic. I believe I still have 24 I didn't paste in.

just received the rerelease of succuslut Rurumu (kedama character) and nendoroid Natsumi. I ordered a couple figures of Chino and Rize at the beginning of April, they're currently at sea so hopefully I'll see them by the end of June.

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i rechecked all my pre-orders this is pretty much everything from 2022-2023. not stacked enough though...

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As far as I know, yeah. Never used them though.

How much are you paying for that patchy figure? Is she cute? The promo pictures were a bit boring

26 and kinda in the same boat.
Now that I live on my own I have been trying really hard to save half my paycheck to build up a safety net for unexpected expenses.
So I try to limit myself to 200 euros max four figures per month.
But fucking hell, there are so many things being released from the series that I adore that picking what to buy and not to buy is starting to be quite challenging.

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Nice taste in Touhous and Elves.

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can you idiots stop derailing the thread? no one wants to know jackshit about your retarded life or what you do for a living. to to /soc/ if you feel lonely

LMAO at your life wanbe jani.

I do not want bitch on the left anymore.

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this desu. blogposting always goes out of hand

Nice Guilty Gear pose

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all this plus M4 SOPMOD. Nobody is interested in Hoshiguma here?

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>tfw the first batch of pre-orders is almost ready for payment anytime now
I have prepared my credit cards for this moment, with excel sheets and all

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>M4 sopmod
What does it look like? And I'm talking about the figure, not the rifle

Which one, there's 3

nice 50 kb picture

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finally gave in and pre-ordered her

buyfag is ded


She looks better irl than promo pics. I paid around 110$ for her.

Well it is golden week so there's nothing new and everything is delayed again due to chink flu

I'm buying delays.

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post the posterior angle

Anyone here have any experience buying a preorder from someone else on MFC? They don't seem like they're trying to fuck me but I'm naturally a little apprehensive. I'm assuming I'd be paying them through paypal so in case they tried something would I be able to be reimbursed?

Do they really?

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He's as real to them as your waifu is to you, it's just that an anime girl loving a Yea Forums autist is much more realistic.

The only winning side in war is the money’s side

>straight up funds an army
What the fuck is Japan doing?

please tell me this is a trolol. Sam Hyde figure when

I was just going to use pic related on a chinese Mig29 kit, but this makes things easier.
Plus half the profit goes to ZSU so maybe they'll buy a few 7.62 rounds and shoot a russkie for me.

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>supporting blood thirsty hohols

Love these two.

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Manga is coming out later this year.
This is the merch for it.
Not difficult to understand.

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i just ordered from nin nin, how fucked am i?

Only good russkie is dead russkie. Should've stomped them out in 1945.

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He bought?

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I would but i'm not in the highly exclusive club of countries native ships into. Perhaps BiJ will put her up since they had the cow.

oh woah that pre-timeskip robin

Shit pairing


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I care not what you think.

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Decided to grab her because I really don't want to deal with her potential aftermarket prices. Her pre-orders are selling out everywhere.

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