Date A Live

The current season is sorely lacking in Origami and Origami fanservice.

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What does that smell like?

sweet feces


What would happen if Origami got wet?

If only we could marry Origami

she's mine


Origami is for all of us

So why was Date a Bullet so shit? Was it the isekai? Was it the battle royale? Was it the rapid fire musket in the OP? Was it the lack of best girl Yoshino?
At least Higoromo Hibiki was kinda cute. I suppose the entire movie was just fan service for people that read the spin-off LNs, but I expected more from the Kurumi-wank movie.

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>So why was Date a Bullet so shit
Because Kurumi a shit

because clock is barely a character.
being hot doesn't make a good story

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This hurts my inner repressed /k/uck.


Heaven when you're horny, repulsive if you're not.

>paper is white
>Origami wears white panties
What did she mean by this

you described literally literally everything I've jacked off to. pretty much explosive ejaculation inducing with my hand on my dick, but makes me wretch when I'm not in the mood.
>ball crushing



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What fairy tale is this

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rip misty

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based origami

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best answer to everything really

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>imouto is passed out wat do
these will be great thread starters

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chad shidou

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trust no one not even yourself

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more paper

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Second best girl

As a male, I don't mind if she hates me as long as it means she'll step on my dick.

how can 1 girl be this so based?

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Piss and fart, plus woman sweat, so it's gotta be onion smelly-bad.