Which traits do you find the most attractive about anime vamp girls?

Which traits do you find the most attractive about anime vamp girls?

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Room temp holes for longer lasting sex. Can keep flipping them like a cool pillow during the summer. Not going to ask me to spend time with them during the day.

The flat chest.

the ability to be rough with them and force them to cum endlessly without them dying

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Lolibabas, shotababas, ryona sex, high chance to be masochist/sadism, proably rich.

Shota grandmothers?

What, shotas can't be grandmothers? I was actually hoping someone would correct me with the right word to use.

Those tits are wads of cloth you know

goth fashion style

The pale skin.

Corruption, either way, corrupting good girls into vampire girls or vampire girls corrupting good men

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ショタジジイ - shotajijii.

Low intelligence

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But Momo isn't dumb. Just kind of a dork.

Thanks user.

All the vampire in anime convinced me that I want to be biten during sex.

Its more about the template, the whole package so to speak. There are few things that stand out by themselves.

Should have stayed like this.

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Their extreme dorkiness.

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Would she ditch them if Ainz praised her flat chest?

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For me, it's Rachel Alucard.

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Flat as a board.

Your pic is quite an exception, but she's wearing pads which just made her even more perfect.

Thick thighs.

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This girl

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Deserves to be animated.

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Does she ever use this outfit in the manga!

I'd like more of them to actually be vampires. Cold to everyone except their chosen obsession, with all the negative points that implies. Undead, rather that basically a succubus with a bloodplay fetish, as they usually end up being. Outside Hellsing I can't really think of many actual vampire in anime and manga, because the tweaks usually made to them usually end up with them not feeling like vampires at all.

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A good chair should be well padded.

The flatter the better.

>pale skin
>red eyes
>very powerful but still need to relay on humans to survive
>power dramatic

what's there not to love?

I'm pretty sure the complex is programmed into her, like Albedo's obsession. It's pretty sad, really.

Who is this?
I must know.


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the thirst

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Lurk ten more years before posting.

Its a great hentai game shouldn't be to hard to find.

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>love his lolivamp waifu so much he never stop whoring her out
Man amongst men.

There's a couple of good scenes in monogatari but you're mostly right. Outside of that, there's the show that shall not be named.

based bird chad giving her ALL the fetishes

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Their bodies would be fine, but how about their minds?

That's some substantial emergency blood reserves.

No, unfortunately.

It never fails.

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This + red eyes.

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powerful little girl with attitude but can't beat the cock, nope

Eyes, fangs, nails.

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Who is this?

>The flat chest.
It's called a "coffin", user.

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Some coffins aren't flat.

Animalistic passion and overattached relationships.

I don't. I find things about them which are not necessarily tied exclusively to vampires attractive, but no one thing about them per-se. Like, the Goth thing is cute/hot potentially, and I like that some of them have big titties and/or nice hair, but lots of waifus have those traits without being vampires.

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Their smug dominance. This is even more pronounced in lolis because of a complete reversal of the expected power dynamic.
Vamp girls can also be endearingly immature or eccentric at times, but this shouldn't be mistaken for genuine weakness. If you tried anything with them they'd snap your neck before you even knew what was happening, and that's a best case scenario.
There's also the fact that they minutely drain your life away when feeding. If it's consensual, then the vampire has effectively convinced her partner to give up part of his limited time on Earth to extend hers even further. If it's non-consensual, then they're powerless to stop her.
Lastly, they're eternal. They'll be the way they are forever. A perfect, unchanging waifu.


They suck

Yeah, if the vampire is fat or has huge tits, she'll need a non-flat coffin. But who likes fat vampires with huge tits anyway?

Vampire girl feet!

Surely their minds are more resilient as well, since they can endure thousands of years without going insane.