The number of new seiyuu in Japan has been low in recent years, and according to longtime sound director Yukio Nagasaki...

>The number of new seiyuu in Japan has been low in recent years, and according to longtime sound director Yukio Nagasaki, it has to do with how the industry concentrates a lot more on veterans than newcomers.
>Veteran sound director Yukio Nagasaki has worked on City Hunter and the Love Live! series, and recently talked about the “dangers” that the voice acting industry is currently facing amid an anime boom with big hits such as Kimetsu no Yaiba and Jujutsu Kaisen
Are you tired of every single anime casting the same A-list seiyuu over over over and over again?
overused seiyuu that come to mind: Saori Hayami, Minase Inori, Kitou Akari, Hondo Kaede, Sawashiro, MAO, Okamoto, Kensho Ono, Koyasu, Tsuda Ken, Hosoya, Umehara, Fatsuoka (hate this guy) and recently Ai Fairuz.
Seiyuu industry has large pool of high skilled veterans I guess, so I'm okay with newbies getting oppressed and not getting roles.
Any anime with Hondo Kaede as main cast is instant watch list.

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I don't buy that unless you're strictly talking about anime. There's more work for newcomers than ever with all the mobile games around.

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Time to enter the industry.

Tell that to the article he's citing

if the only seiyuu in the industry was kobayashi yuu... that would be enough

>"veteran va"
>barely any vocal range
>still gets tons of work
Japan doesn't have a seiyuu problem, they have a simp problem.
All those guys raising average plain girls into goddess like status.

yeah most celeb seiyuu only do 1 voice type that's unique to them.

Seiyuu in Japan are an appeal in of themselves like how big Hollywood movies advertise that they have "BIG STAR A and BIG STAR B" for their movie.
This however is a two-part issue. The first is that the well-known names get more work for their star power and experience in the industry which makes the job of the director way easier since you know your talent is good.
The other issue that is universal is that people these days aren't retiring so the old seiyuu who should have tapped out like Masako Nozawa just haven't which means the younger people struggle to move up the ladder into better positions.

There's more to voice acting than vocal range.

Go back

legacy seiyuu like Nozawa and a lot seiyuu in One Piece, Dragon Ball, Conan and other long running anime are only dedicated to their 1 long-running anime. they may as well not be part of anime industry anymore. The only active legacy seiyuu is probably Jouji Nakata. and Tsuda Ken? I guess Tsuda ken isn't that old.

>Shitkaku Complex
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>ad hominem
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Bro, you know how many seiyuu could get solid jobs if Masako Nozawa stepped down? If she was like "I've been alive since before the end of WW2, I just wanna relax and get my royalties for the last few years of my life that'd be cool" and they recast all her roles?

>Bro, you know how many seiyuu could get solid jobs if Masako Nozawa stepped down?
Goku, Gohan and Goten

I'm sick of the bitch who voices the mother in Spy Family, her voice actually annoys me now. I looked up her name for the sake of this post and funnily enough I see now it's the first VA name you listed.

But otherwise I don't typically mind. It's just a matter of whether you dislike the voice you hear.

>forgetting about Bardock or Guilmon.
That's like a 400% increase in paid actors.

this but unironically, normalfags still obsessed with the 3DPD side

Yeah Hayami is pretty fucking bad as Yor.

It's also that Japan's film industry is dead so there are no film actors to obsess over instead

How does Yea Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

It bans discussion that isn't cookie-cutter, which helps avoid all the meta topics that make people uncomfortable.

Yea Forums is full of recycled template listing threads

>Shitkaku thread
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There is still a vast amount of work for amateur VAs, but they just have to be willing to do stuff like erotica. It isn't even that uncommon considering how many VAs got their start in that part of the industry, but even that part can suffer from the issue of veteran erotica VAs just getting cast over and over again.

yes, that's exactly my point


It's true. I actually stopped guessing/expecting VAs for the adaptations of manga I read, because it's like 80% probability they will just do a "checkbox casting" when they just fill the cast with the popular VAs that are everywhere that will do their expected voices regardless of the characters archetypes and whatever, even if it's doesn't fit at all.

You don't even know what those words mean you retard.
inb4 you think this post is an ad hominem as well

People like to wank at muh oldschool animation but the old voice acting industry is the real loss.

You'd be surprised how good those VAs can be. Problem is, they're always cast into the samey roles over and over again.

I'll be honest, if a character is voiced by Saori Hayami I'm pretty much guaranteed to watch her show.

and now a strawman

I am still waiting on a harem anime where Miyuki Sawashiro voices every girl and the boy.

>hurr overused seiyuu: Hondo Kaede
>durr any anime with Hondo Kaede as main cast is instant watch list.
Nice way to reveal your own stupidity.

Literally nobody is competing with Nozawa (and hasn't for like past two decades), that's like saying young male seiyuu are suffering because Wakamoto is hogging all the roles.

That's just you being a newfag who doesn't know shit (proven by the fact TsudaKen was the second person you listed).

Many people forget that even Sugita had a point in his career when he was doing BLCDs three times a week. Seiyuu are always looking for work because they know they could fade away any moment, so in the end it all comes down to whether they want to protect their image or get down and dirty.

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In jojo's ba I can only heard the brothers of lala from to love ru when Dio talk

You retard probably don't know that shitkaku is clickbait and nothing else. OP's text may be completely made up.

Nana Mizuki got her first role in eroge.
Tomokazu Sugita did BL in his early days.
Kadowaki Mai also did eroge.
Midorikawa Hikaru did BL as well and that is when he was already well-known.
And MAO, she seems to be big not but before that, she is just a no name who did Power Ranger yellow.
It isn't like their is a lacking of job due to veterans hopping everything, it is more about novice who got out from voice acting schools want an easy way for their success.

>Nana did eroge
Excuse me?

I don't buy it with all these (failed) mixed media projects

>she is just a no name who did Power Ranger yellow.
"Doing a power ranger yellow" is unironically more prestigious than 95% of anime work besides the normalfag stuff.

Not him but if i remember correctly, during one of the Tokyo Encounter episodes, the team played an eroge Nana voiced and Sugita really liked it.
And if you want another name, Shizuka Itou who is also similar to Nana (a seiyuu and singer) also did eroge.

Oh I knew Shizuka did eroge. Nana is surprising


Don't forget AAA anime game makers like Monolith Soft specifically look to cast main characters with voice actors without prior big roles

>hating on /ourguy/ Matsuoka
Shit opinion

ITT: Newfags lacking critical thinking skills and brain capacity to find proper information sources.

Sage and hide.

I call bullshit
Neither of these actually sex scenes voiced by her

>no new seiyuu
don't need them, all the old ones are fine
pic related can voice all the characters

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When will she get married?

She isn't already?

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Maybe it's because Nu-anime is soulless?

>Ai Fairuz.
She IS the newbie to the industry. Not so much anymore but she's one of the few up and coming VAs and it's weird to put her in the same category as multiple decades-long veterans.

Fair point, although I could see some having moral objection to gambling related work, but then in the entertainment industry can your really afford to have morals

>You'd be surprised how good those VAs can be. Problem is, they're always cast into the samey roles over and over again.
biggest example is matsuoka. Guy gets typecast into the edgy MC quite often, but he fucking shines when doing the batshit crazy characters. Betelgeuse is his standout performance to this day

i could do it


>Masako Nozawa
t. shitposter
Nozawa isn't stealing away work from the younging's by playing fucking Goku and minor Obaa-chan characters.

Whatever just inject more Aoi Yuki into my veins.