Flop will survive
I feel it

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dead flop
dead arc
dead series
dead thread

Is chapter 60 translated yet?

And can I get a summary of the latest chapter?

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OP, I...

WCT just released 60, and you can check it as well as their WIP for the next two chapters afterwards here:

As for summary, I haven't read the latest yet, but from being spoiled:
Flop fucking dies in a place and time that Subaru can't undo without undoing everything since even before getting turned Shota and Emilia makes everyone seem irrelevant by comparison, as she does.

Beako's probably not gonna get any more development, but I want her to at least get some spotlight and have some nice interactions.

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>Beako's probably not gonna get any more development
Tappei's still keeping her birthday a spoiler even though we know it was 400 years ago. There has to be a reason for that.

Kiss the Flop

>And can I get a summary of the latest chapter?
Mostly detailing the Emilia + Priscilla vs Madelyn battle, which is fairly good in my opinion just as a fight scene
They manage to push her back and eventually beat her down, but just as they approach her she says the name of some dragon and doing so basically calls down an orbital strike cannon like out of a sci-fi story. Emilia and Priscilla could just barely manage to redirect the blast enough so that it doesn't obliterate the city but it still royally fucks shit up. A bunch of casualties are brought to city hall so that Rem can heal them. This includes Madelyn, who got confused as an injured among the wreckage. She attempts to kill Rem but Flop jumps in the way and takes the hit for her. The chapter ends with him falling to the ground in a spray of blood.

I mean realistically if any named character was going to die it'd be the stupid deer and flop. Now we just gotta wait for tanza to perma die in the gladiator island.

Tanza isn't going to die, or Tappei would have just had her die when she exploded in the first place.

He won't kill Tanza. He needs a loli for a LN cover in the future.

Also seemingly Moblia is there on her own and she's as dumbfunounded by everything as usual. It appears she learned of the weakness of flying dragons from Petra.

Chapter today?

He's not dead yet, he just got stabbed. I was thinking about it and it's entirely possible Rem starts emergency healing him and then Madelyn comes to her senses and realizes Rem's importance and kidnaps her and runs away. So then the Emilia group misses her completely and she winds up captured in the capital and Subaru has to help Vincent complete his revolution just to save her even when they do meet up and find Subaru again.

Why would Madelyn kidnap Rem or anybody at all? She was told to kill everybody.

Anyone else dropping this shit over Emilia coming back?

Was Subaru calling himself "they" because of Japanese pronoun bs or is he going nuts?

Nope it was bound to happen sooner or later

Could you be more specific as to where this happens?
Like which chapter, and maybe copy paste the line?

Because healing has been stated multiple times to be nearly invaluable and Madelyn got her ass beat.

When he's drowning
>They forcibly pushed their soaking wet body up, pulling themselves nearer to ground, to which his fingers were just barely clinging to
Or am I being esl?

redditmillia ruined the arc and thanks her the threads are dying like the last one

That seems a little off, especially switching the pronoun from plural/singular neutral to singular masculine. If there's a translation issue I would guess the japanese references both of them initially.

It is because the line is vague, combine that with it being both Tanza and Subaru. "They" becomes the best word choice.

Ah, that they is singular.
They can be used as a stand-in for he or she, them can be him or her and their can be his or her (the other kind).

I thought Subaru referred to themselves a they in dialogue. This is just the narration referring to him as them.
I don't think the choice of they instead of he was based on any specific Japanese pronoun thing.
So yeah, it's ESL, but English is a juryrigged zombie language held together by hotglue, so don't worry about it.

Or I guess I'm wrong might be right.
But yeah, it's not out of the ordinary for they/them/their to be used to indicate a single person in narration, even if in this instance it was two characters.

I don't think Madelyn is that clever.

Thanks, considering the Olbart scene where he thinks about what everybody would do, I was wondering if the Satella molestation and drowning loops finally got to his child brain.

she isn't and she had no line, it was the same repeated stuff from the SS
she's not getting one, only the generals are getting one or not remshaudrak because she wasn't in a cover yet, he could also use flop and medium or him being a hack and use emilia

It doesn't matter. Emilia arriving has shifted from a character-based to narrative-based story. Things happen because the events need to happen and not because the characters would believably do that. Even if Tappei backfills that the other members of Emilia's camp aren't disinterested in coming here their actions already made no sense because Emilia got here alone so far ahead of them she can get deep into the city, have a fight, and then more time to pass before a single other of them arrive. Emilia is not so much faster than Garfiel or Ram in a hurry, is probably slower than Frederica if she's present and in a hurry and definitely slower than Roswaal if he's in a hurry. But Emilia needed to stop a dragon army by herself so she does and she needed to get to a fight she didn't know was happening so she does that too. Flop needs to get hurt for some narrative reason that either involves Rem powering up, Rem being forced to showcase healing to an enemy for some reason, or to show off something else when at this point in time if Ram was Ram she would easily already be here because that would be her sole priority. And Holy and Kuna were tasked with protecting Rem above anything else yet both of them vanished so Flop had to help Rem and neither of them do the one thing they were tasked with doing.

Hai, prooferfag desu.

It's meant to be a singular "they". But it was my oversight, that "his" there slipped by in proofing. I'll go fix it right away. Sorry for the confusion.

To get into detail, this is because this passage had every pronoun as singular masculine, and since the JP doesn't give any clues as to the identity of the person doing the swimming etc (whereas for Tanza's case it's nearly immediately stated it's a she), I tried to change all of it to be gender-neutral to keep the mystery (not like there's much of a mystery but eh I'm autistic about that kinda shit)

I've gone beyond and found a couple other leftover he/him/his in that section, so I've fixed those as well. Once again, sorry for any confusion it may have caused anyone

>whereas for Tanza's case it's nearly immediately stated it's a she
But is 'she' though? I don't trust dem antlers.

I went to a Re:Zero themed cafe and got otto of all fucking people twice
I am so angry

Rem told Hawley and Khouna that she was going to fight her own fight.

to bad the rem and priscilla(and schult) bonding is over
>Mostly detailing the Emilia + Priscilla vs Madelyn battle, which is fairly good in my opinion just as a fight scene
pretty much this. it doesn't make sense that the other members would let emilia go alone in a foreign country
the fight was shit

And they have no reason to listen to her instead of doing what they've been tasked to do. Kuna isn't out there knifing dragons and she doesn't need to point Holy's fat ass at things she can clearly see.

Whether he can be saved from his injuries is irrelevant compared to Hawley's hunger. He can give his regards to Jamal.

Otto is for everyone after all

Why does Emilia’s presence always bring the story down?

He doesn't know how to write her in any kind of natural manner, but he's compelled to shove her in anyway.


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If best girl dies for real I’m dropping this series.

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They're probably assisting the injured.

Rem is fine, Flop took the hit for her. Funny how the title of the chapter was about something Flop remembered rather than Moblia being retarded all the way through.

Found the malding remdittors!

>he didn't read the chapter
Low effort.

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Shitposters haven't read anything from this series.

Rem should have tanked the strike for Flop, not the other way around. If Flop for real dies when some boring fucking Loli survives a city blowing up on her I’m dropping this shitty ass series.

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>t. speedreader

So did Emilia detect herself?

Ironic coming from somebody who didn't read the chapter and blames facts on a retarded boogeyman.

Emilia is not intelligent enough to recognise herself in the mirror. That is something only beings capable of complex thought can do.

What she is smart enough to spot, however, is someone who does not think Flop is best girl.

She was looking at a mirror but she had never done that before.

What am I blaming the fact that you're a malding remdittor on exactly?

Such is their nature.

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Amazing how you still choose to make Rem the subject of your posts even when Emilia returns in the main story.

>everyone is the same person
Sup schizo-kun

Hello, schizo-kun!

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That wasn't even what my post was about, you're awfully defensive user.

Nta, but the mass replies usually give you away.

Gave what away exactly? That I was calling out a shitposter/shitposters on their nonsense?

Whatever you say, schizo-kun.