Chino-chan is shy

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Just bumping the real gochiusa thread

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Still on page 10

But is this the real Chino?

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Would the real Chino please stand up ?

Chino isn't real.

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we're all real chinos

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Is this supposed to be Fuyu?

Is there a reason why Sxarp's name is romanized as Syaro when Chino's and Chiya's names are written in hepburn?

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My cute wife Tino and my traditional Japanese cow Tiya
On a serious note, they don't have a combining y-sound like the ャ (ya) in シャロ so it kind of makes sense, but I'm not sure if there's any standard that actually does it that way

I wonder if most Japanese even know the difference between hepburn, Nihon-shiki and Kunrei-shiki. Maybe to them they're just alternate spelling choices. Kunrei-shiki is the standard, and that doesn't care about transliterating kana either.
>but I'm not sure if there's any standard that actually does it that way
I don't think any of them do.

Just pronounce her name correctly

Sea arrow

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Kunrei-shiki allows writing ti as chi as an exception, but in the same clause it also allows writing sya as sha...
I guess they thought that Tino was too weird but Syaro was okay enough to be left default

>Kunrei-shiki allows writing ti as chi as an exception,
Is that official? Because it all just feels like alternative spellings.

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Aoyama's Blue Mountains!

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Rize likes puzzles

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I wouldn't mind licking her thighs.

What does Chino want? Why is she making that face?

my wife samarqand

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Chino has smelly feet.

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Why is she like this?

Rize-chan might be on the spectrum, it would explain her military obsession, why she hangs out with kids several years younger than her, and why she doesn't like being touched. Don't be mean.

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you gonna get cold, get in my bed to get warm with me

Chino Mosaic

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Reano isn't chill

Kinmoza is not as lewd as Gochiusa

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exactly where it should be

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>is autistic
>is best girl
every time

I like how she looks slightly autistic here, it's really cute.


can i trick Rize into sexing me?
like acting as a general to inspect her martial status


Chino sneaks into my bed at night.

sorry, i will put more mousetrap
damn critter

Cocoa sneaks into my bed at night.

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Something should be done about that.

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She's so cute

Does that involve making noise at night and making Chino unable to fall asleep?

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Mocha is fat

Assaulting Chino as I rage in denial over having developed cancer

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Okay leave it to me. I’ll marry her and make her my cute wife.

sxarp lost pc

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I nyaggered some 'jong today

Chino is gonna eat you

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Give me your pickup line that will work on Cocoa-san.

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Chino Is gonna teach you

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I've implemented the Sieve of Eratosthenes in C#

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But I'm high calorie

Very lewd ribs and tummy…

What if Chiya was flat?

I'm okay with this.

But she is.

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