How come in most modern anime couples, the woman is physically stronger than the man?

How come in most modern anime couples, the woman is physically stronger than the man?

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anime is the wish of the audience

It’s fantasy.

It's more common but definitely not most

People really like putting them in the same frame for shits and giggles when they have nothing in common aside from their color scheme.

Prez is stronger than Kaguya though.

Bejitabros... are we really weaker than Bulma...

She defeated him at arm wrestling.

>modern anime couples

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Because it's for cucks that cannot imagine themselves as real man

2006 is still considered modern.

Lloid is manlier than everyone on's just that Yor is physically stronger than him. Like I don't get it, does the author have some kind of emasculation fetish or something?

Cancer defeated your brain.

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She defeated him at arm wrestling.

No it's just that all of these series are first and foremost pandering. So there are two options, either the girl is the typical moe ughuu retard that needs help or they are physically strong super heroes that are only weak for the MC, as far as I have seen for Spy x it's both. The bitch is dumb as shit and insecure but also strong whenever the plots needs her to be to fill out both stereotypical roles.

Because those are comedy series and that's a funny subversion and you're ignoring every time this isn't the case so you can make a stupid thread

Even in this season there's that Shikimori girl who's stronger than the MC.

because its true irl. too bad you will never feel the embrace of a woman

I hate to break it to you user but the woman you're with isn't telling the truth about hi- I mean her identity.

why would you want a woman to be strong than you wtf

Or you're just a moron that's looking for the most pathetic things to criticize something for.
The woman is physically much stronger than the man but dumber while the man is much smarter but weaker.
Usually it's the opposite in these types of stories which is the point and the joke but your mind is too melted with "muh pandering" to get the basic meme.

Some guys just think "god, I wish I could experience a reverse piledriver from a cute strong girl."

Cause its hot as fuck

To make it a challenge. If "hold her down until she submits" isn't an option I have to actually try, and that's more exciting.

Except that isn't remotely represented in said anime

Because I, like most men, want to be killed by a beautiful woman, ideally by having our head crushed by her thighs.

Reminder that Ishigami losing to Kaguya was a set up for him to grow, get stronger, and then save Kaguya from her brother.

I'm pretty strong, but also really fast. If I teamed up with a women even stronger than me, but not as fast, then we'll have ideal turn coverage and can 2v1 our bosses with ease
Furthermore if you keep this up for a few generation you'll get great grandkids where even the little girls can kill a grown man if accosted, ensuring that no matter what happens the clan will survive and know victory

Ishigami probably shot up to 65 MP afte he started working out. Assuming he stuck with it. Prez probably went up to 65+ MP too.

>usually man stronger and woman smarter
>but this time it's OPPOSITE
what an amazing joke. truly anime is pioneering new forms of comedy

are you really this mentally and emotionally fragile user?

It's just a nice little subversion user, not the crux of the whole series.

Because those anime are usually comedies too, and women being stronger than men is the joke autisticbro

>a funny subversivion

because nips love running jokes into the ground

with his weaker, left hand

Yes, God is always stronger than you.

because it's marrying upwards in status, an almost impossible feat for men

He had his guard down because they were just holding hands until she started freaking out.

>non-dominant hand
>holding back to prolong skin contact
>caught off-guard by Kaguya going full autist
Yeah, no.
Also, It's been remarked that Miyuki is quite fit. It's just that his coordination is absolute garbage.
Either way, if they brawled, Prez would lose 'cause he'll probably hit his own face or some shit.

Your girlfriend has a bigger dick than you.

jealous, user?

Yeah, wish I could fuck you in the ass like her.


There have been several instances where she physically overpowered him like when she restrained him in the iceguya arc

come over bb

Isn't kaguya good at martial arts or something? I remember she knocked him out in the anime but I haven't watched it in a while. I really doubt prez could win in a fight.

What is mp? Grip strength? If so kaguya is abnormal.

Haruhi wasn't the god.

Wasn't this wayyyyy before the current arc? Pretty sure it was just a fluff chapter

Yeah. Prez is physically stronger but if they happened to have a lover's quarrel that ends up being a no-holds-barred brawl, Kaguya would destroy him in 10 seconds tops lol. Kaguya probably won't even need to do much. As I've said, Prez would likely just lose due to his own incompetence.

Realism. An average woman lays one egg per month. That's 12 prey animals per year that she must subdue, paralyze, and oviposit in. They need to be stronger because they have to fight deer and oxen to submission, and men don't.

The idea of a girl who could destroy you with ease but chooses instead to be feminine and submissive for (You) is really hot.

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Roland would strip and manhandle Yor.

Finally, somebody gets it. That's why blushing muscle girls are so good.

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Nigga as soon as he raised his fist for real, she cowered in fear

>60% of a male strength
Only virgins think a strong woman exist, any 14 yo boy will trash women in any pro sports.

Holy Shit, somebody get Iino some fucking basedbeans or something, her arms are like fucking jelly apparently.

I dunno, because funny I guess

I dunnoe, we've never seen Prez go full out on Kaguya. He dealt with the goons in the Hayasaka kidnapping arc all by his lonesome.

>S. O. Y. beans


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Holy shit, this right here. Why the fuck did it take so long for this to be posted.

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