Are you ready for the big 5?

are you ready for the big 5?

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How was Chainsaw Man able to revolutionize shonen and anime as a whole?

>Shitju no 8

>basically all devilmen
So this is what replaces isekai

Who the fuck are the three on the right and where is black clover

The two on the left will probably end before the others truly blow up in popularity. Anime adaptations take time

Is chainsaw man the "soft-seinen" kny?


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>black clover

ishida is seemingly trying to keep choujin x out of the main stream?

i mean after all the bullshit he went through i dont blame him

I dont know any of this fags

What’s 3 and 4?

3 is kaiju no 8 idk what 4 is

Is that really what appeals to the modern shounen fantasy? Why are they all some kind of satanic bullshit?

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four is Dandandan. MC gets cursed by a 10,000 m/ph granny

It took and old trope and it rehashed it

kaiju 8 was the most disappointing manga for me
got baited hard by the first chapter man

A synthesis of the worst aspects of Bleach and HxH and doesn't feel like it has any clear direction at the moment. Shibuya was a great high point though.
A fantastic read simply because it doesn't feel like a shounen and thus doesn't feel as derivative as the others (even though the Devilman influence is pretty obvious).
>Kaiju No. 8
Soulless fast-tracked MHA clone that BARELY gets saved by the art.
No idea what the other two even are. Is one of them Black Clover or something?

7.5/10 amazing fights, sloppy but inspired art
8/10 stylish throughout, sloppy art, amazing imagery, weak ending
6.5/10 played straight as an arrow but has great potential, the drawing aren't stylish but aren't bad
6/10 amazing art, great character design, uninteresting story
8.5/10 amazing art, weak start but picks up soon enough, you can tell Sui is having a blast with this one, probably will be batter than TG

I don't even know what the right three are, so I guess not.

>uninteresting story
bruh! you need to lift.

Why do Japs like transformation?

We can't write power systems anymore, so just have them all transform into devils and monsters.

Great art even if messy, Like able characters and plot
Too short, Alot of literal who side characters, Good imagery and plot
>Choujin X
Good art, Interesting plot and characters
The other 2 I'll read when they're done.

Good riddance, "power systems" are fucking boring and naturally lead to unengaging narrative powercreep a la DBZ and Naruto

Honestly JJK could be better, but I have high hopes for the future of all of these series. Hopefully Choujin X or kaiju 8 will be adapted by pierrot

JJK has one of the best power systems in a while fag

it's pretty much just the same thing as the Naruto system really, with the addition of cursed weapons which are pretty similar to ninja tools

I blame Eren

Choujin X isn't shounen.

It's not devilman until there is a white haired guy you are supposed to ship with the black haired masculine guy.

>jujutsu kaisen knockoff
>revolutionizing everything

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animeonly here. In JJK anime, why do characters talk too much during fight scenes? Just shut up and fight ffs. The same shit happened in Demon Slayer, too.


They do that in all anime. Except for Boruto and Dragon Ball honestly.

K8 is already in a decline.
DDD isn't that big yet.

it's part of the power system, messing with your opponent has an effect on their cursed energy

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aki and denji. Close enough.

don't bother with reading/watching hxh

That's just an inherent disadvantage of anime vs manga, paragraphs of exposition and dialogue that can be read through in seconds suddenly kill the momentum and gravitas of a scene when translated to an audiovisual format

Yea Forums doesn't even know the right 3 because Yea Forums doesn't read manga anymore

>Yea Forums doesn't read shounenshit anymore
praise be, if only it were true


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Kamen Rider

JJK and CSM are the only sure hits. Kaiju is painfully uninspired, DDD already gets stale, though it has a chance, and CJX on top of terrible release schedule so far also wastes Ishida drawing talent on generic devilman clone.

Choujin X is so much better than everything else on that pic, it's not even funny. Also are there actually people who like Kaiju 8? That shit is the definition of soulless.

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>jujutsutard trying to fit
fuck off fujotranny

>so far also wastes Ishida drawing talent on generic devilman clone.
What a dumb take, it has much more to offer than just that.

Soulless as fuck

Put one of the titles in the OP next time so it can get caught by my filters, thanks.

K8 is practically dead on Yea Forums and there's not much to discuss about in terms of plot or characters compared to the other series there. It also seems like sales are declining

because they need to explain the power duh

CSM took a while until it became a hit, I think it was during vol 7 or 8 where it suddenly blew up. DDD already shows good growth and CJX is kinda hard to tell since only 2 volumes are out so far (but both reached 100k). But you are right about the release schedule thing, will make it harder to keep a consistent readerbase.

really trying hard to push 'everything' is a devilman clone meme

It's funny because half of these are clearly inspired by toku and henshin series

JJK, popular but I don’t give a fuck. CSM, liked it but part 2 will either make or break it. Kaiju 8, don’t care. Dandadan, liked it but I lost track around chapter 40. I really should get back into it. Choujin X, I like it.

>i-it was popular before the anime
>muh fujimoto can't do no wrong
>generic isn't bad if it popular
>muh fujimoto assistant can't do no wrong
the 5 most annoying fandoms

choujin x is not meant or intended to be deep...

Meh, maybe if you are into overanalyzing stuff, apparently it was a common occurrence during Tokyo Ghoul's run. For now it really just a take on Devilman with slight divergence, instead of demons there are choujins possessed by their complexes, meek MC gets cool vulture powers, he has a blonde schizo friend, who will go villain route, good choujin fraction vs bad one and fluff female MC, probably for the sake of brutal murder at some point. There are some stylish pages here and there, but overall art looks worse than his previous work. I may oversimplify things here, but manga really doesn't go much deeper than that.

The fact that you are comparing it to Devilman in the first place when it has much more in common with Toku with Ishida's own spin to it, shows how much you are reaching.
>maybe if you are into overanalyzing stuff, apparently it was a common occurrence during Tokyo Ghoul's run.
I fail to see how this is related to anything that was said. And I don't even disagree that it borrows frol Devilman (just like many other manga out there, hell even CSM was clearly influenced by it) but my point is that the world and characters, and in general how the setting works gives it an unique touch. Speaking of the art, let's not pretend TG had cochlea tier art throughout the manga. The paneling and choreo is much better in this work and the background art doesn't clash badly with the characters as it did in his previous work because of all the photofiltered stuff.
>I may oversimplify things here, but manga really doesn't go much deeper than that.
Yeah and it doesn't have to if the whole package is solid, it doesn't try to be deeper than that.