You're a clerk in a store

>you're a clerk in a store
>this little 15yo boy walks into your store
>he asks for beer even though he's underaged
>what would you do?

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Refuse to sell him beer

Punch him in the balls like a real ma I am

Would that be enough?

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Tell him to bring an adult next time.

>Punch/kick flurries are ba-

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Beat him up

Ask him what the tattoo on his back means.

Ba what?

Is Hanayama a jobber now?

I haven't watched his fight with the sumo yet, but outside of that he had confrontation of raw strength with Picle in which he at least didn't lose and had a loss against Musashi, but I couldn't consider it Jobbing because of how retardedly he fought, although he did help showcasing Musashi's resilience, it's not like it needed any help after his fight with Yujiro.


Paper, please.

Ask him where his parents are

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Why did I card him?

He only won that fight with Spec, he lost against Baki, Yujiro and even Katsumi

Molest him

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No spoilers, but Hanayama did very well in the sumo fight.

Challenge him to a pissing contest obviously.

sell him the beer. i have no reasons to think he's underage, i sell the beer and no questions to ask.

Give him the alcohol. I'm not carding someone who looks like a 30 year old man.

Any top tier baki fighter would clap him. But he's an elite fighter of mid tier of baki gang.

He fights like a retard on purpose so that makes most of his defeats not count

He comes out of all his fights the moral victor.

It doesn't matter how many times he jobs or itagaki repeats the exact same story he's still the coolest fucking guy

>I said no beer for underage boys.

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Tell him it's illegal so he has to recruit me into his gang so I can be a legal criminal

>>what would you do?
ask for a kiss

>"Sorry, sir. I cannot sell alcohol to underaged people."
>He stares at me blankly for 5 minutes
>His goon starts to screech at me and is instantly interrupted
>He places his head on my shoulder, I can feel his grip
>Oh god I'm fucking dead
>"Is that so. You are right to take your job seriously, Mr Clerk."
>Walks out slowly without saying anything while I'm pissing my pants
>two weeks later some guy who somehow knows the entire exchange asks me to resume what happened over a cup of a coffee, which I'll explain with the most convoluted analogy I can think of

Refuse to sell him beer, give him wild turkey instead.


Hanayama had the best showing imo of the entire cast, even better than Baki.
How much of this being Hanayama isn't the type to play around vs Itagaki slamming the guy he modeled the sumo after for being a naughty boy is anyone's guess.

I don't buy alcohol. Does anyone actually card you when you buy or do they just assume you're legal depending on how you look?

i could buy cigarrettes at 16 without showing ID cus my hairline is terrible and most people guessed i was almost 30

anyway, noone would card the 6'3 350lbs scarred guy wearing a suit

captcha: D44NM

I don't get what the fuck is going on in this panel

fucking kek

Bad? Yes, look at the image you posted.

holy shit

Itagaki is so damn predictable sad his writing style became such a meme

Mr Itagaki, I did not realise you browsed Yea Forums. Please allow me to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage.


outrageously accurate

you got me

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>Please allow me to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage
Sure, but that daughter isn't going to be Paru. It is improper for a youngest daughter to be married off before an older daughter.

It's hard to understand what is happening in Baki.


sell him beer: the law of my country prohibits the consumption of alcohol by minors, but it is perfectly legal for them to buy alcohol in a store, as nothing logically implies that the buyer of a product is also its consumer.

>jacks leg in the bottom panel

They're punching each other
They're punching each other again
They're kicking each other

Does he have gigantism? Or was it just genetics?

He is Hanayama. He is strong. Stop trying to explain things.

this is actually unironically what would happen if you read his gaiden

For a while he was the actual proper wrestling definition of a jobber. He lost once just to put Yujiro over further, and then later Baki no-diffs him just to show how strong Baki's supposed to be now. He's been getting a lot more respect lately though, and even got his own spinoffs.

I'm looking and seeing kino, have you tried getting glasses?

No he's only 191cm (1cm taller than Yujiro) but I do think he has myostatin muscle hypertrophy (what Kengan calls Superman Syndrome) because he's heavier than other people around his size (Yujiro for example is only 120kg)

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Huh, I forgot for a while how big Hanayama was because of how monstrous everyone is in the series

>He made me feel almost like... a deck of cards

Lmao, I can even picture the pannels in my head

You mean like.......THIS?!

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Hanayama doesn't drink beer.

He was so small back then.