Types of anime you want to see more

Personally i miss the bros hanging out animes like nichibros, early gintama and of course croco high

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More gintama like long running comedy would be most welcome

Near future/bright future/utopian settings.

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Anything with a distinct style. I get it's risky and takes a ton of effort, but a good aesthetic can carry even a mediocre show.

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more comedy/ecchi where it has a dark fantasy setting something like that

It would be nice to see more variation in personality of the main characters in underground fighting manga, things like Kengan Ashura and Baki or Shamo and Holy land do have somewhat different characters in terms of morals, stories, etc. However, it would be nice to see more varied personalities than just the stoic and gloomy/cocky archetype

Hard scifi.

Ishitkai that actually ends with the MC returning home or adventure stories where the MC have done all he can and just decides to retire or move on to other things.

Like Mecha or GitS? Because I don't think things like AKIRA, CowBoy Bebop, Trigun or Outlaw Star are hard sci-fi.

I miss it too but I doubt it comes back anytime soon
the age of bros is over, nowadays everything is so hypersexualized that you just cant do it anymore
people would just wonder who is gay for who because friendship cant exist without sex anymore
its not just anime but every media type

subhumans don't have the concept of camaraderie it's entirely foreign to them

i just want more cromartie

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the occult being used in a way that is actually frightening, personal and costly instead of punchkick antics or high fantasy power sets. sort of like the premise of black butler

Have you checked out Gankatsuou AKA Count of Monte Cristo?


for me it's Kaiba

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I'm tired of shows with faggot teens with no backbone who cry all the time. I've had enough of the autistic melodrama or some faggot confessing to his crush with a note. I want skulls to get cracked and planets to get blown to hell and back like they did in the early 90's and 80's. Just make fucking 80's action movies with big anime tits.

haven't seen it yet but apparently Dimension W is pretty good and fits this


Me too, isekai ojisan is the closest thing we have

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I just want good mahou shoujo to return. We have one good one right now, but it's pretty much a parody series. We need a really good new show like CCS or Tutu.

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immediately thought of this

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Violent ecchi comedy.

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Shamo was an amazing read, its such a shame that they pretty much were speedrunning the whole final arc

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i can still her pipirupirupirupipirupi

2016 archive thread about this.
I think the "Internet is dead" theory is real and all of you are bots.

>thread about older anime
>instantly the normalfags that have only seen 15 shows at most come in the thread
>they lament a bunch of things that are either false, stereotypes that prove they have no knowledge or aren't actually dead

It is still my favourite manga after all this years despite people saying the last third is bad, which I think has to do with the fact that I read it in a couple of weeks and I was talking to people that had to wait years to finish the last arc.

>thread with a vaguely-similar op was posted six years ago
>these guys must be bots

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High/Science/Epic Fantasy, basically give me a show that contextualizes all those fantasy backgrounds on the internet. It's honestly amazing that we don't have single high-budget fantasy despite the medium being the best for it.

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We are coming home

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All of this

Your image basically looks like Aa! megami sama.

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Personally I want to see more people take a timeless approach to anime. By that I mean not get caught up so hard in when a show came out.
I know people that don't watch a show, no matter how interesting or how much they might like it because its old.
I cannot fathom it, it's like they only watch shows that are about 3 years old max and that's it.

Can't believe that even 2016 was still funnier than than today's Yea Forums even though I always hated on 2016's Yea Forums.
Bet most don't even know Chromartie HS anymore, in that old thread everybody knew.


Social media brains.
Everything that's somewhat old is "outdated" the way memes are outdated after a month. Plus most people don't care if there isn't an active "community" talking about it on social media or in their shitty discords. They are busy watching shit because that's what at least one discord fag will talk about.

I hate that as well. But it's been around since anime became more accessible with internet. Before that, people would watch what few shows they could get their hands on. Now there's so many shows in just one season that people can be more selective. And they don't even have time to go back and watch stuff from 5 years ago. Let alone 25 years ago.

Never heard of it but I'll check it out after I finish ranking of kings, thanks user.
Very nice. For me, it's eizouken. Not as striking as his other works but I love when the characters sketch things out.

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I can't be a bot I can see the fnords

I just like how they walk, take your meds user

Mantama sounds like it'd be pretty fun.

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More cool examples, Pixiv Fantasia kinda has successors in the form of alot of chinese gatchas, but even then, I really would want to see these things animated to scale.

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I hate it too, that's why I like imagining the sceneries in my own made-up story.

>It's honestly amazing that we don't have single high-budget fantasy despite the medium being the best for it.
You're the embodiment of "watch more anime."

I would like pierrot to adapt a totally new long running shonen, something like Naruto and Bleach, but more fast paced and new age, something like black clover but less cringe. Modern Pierrot doing something totally new would be an instant classic

shut up bro anime isn't that good, don't trick the boy into slogging through bullshit

There should be more remakes of good old anime.

This, Kingdom is kino right now.

Non linear storytelling (but has to be well executed like Baccano)

Well it's not going to be a new Jump title. They have shifted over to seasonal adaptions only.

Not really, Boruto, Bleach, probably a new season of black clover eventually, they're still THE studio doing long adaptations other than Toei. They've always done a few seasonals anyway

Every time something is slightly different f/a/ggots say it's pretentious and not anime

After seeing what happened to Sailor Moon, Slayers, CCS and so on, I'm not hyped for more remakes. And the few shows that should get remakes never will. Because they only do remakes of shows that were already massively popular and hyped. Not the ones with a lot of potential but had budget/time restrictions. Like Lost Universe and Escaflowne.

Oh god no.
No more remakes.

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Slow paced anime

that's all anime

The thing about generalizations is, it only takes one example to prove them wrong.

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Military themed anime that doesn't focus on little girls

Mahou shoujo that doesn't go grimdark and isn't Precure.

There's like 1 or 2 decent anime per season. That's not enough to keep me busy, I have to watch old shows..