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warning: long

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where are the dumps

source: marriage toxin

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Why doesn't he impregnate his sister's girlfriend?
That would solve all problems.

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>main girl is actually (spoiler)
dropped at the speed of light

because than the gf may dump the sister for the mc
orgy family rarely works

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He should impregnate the sister too, just to make sure there is no funny business with the grandma.

there are other ships in this story if its an issue

i think this will really make the grandma be in awe of his dedication

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>yaoi shit
>wanna-be assassin
>lesbian imouto
Fucking pass

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what the hell is supposed to be the target audience for this?

This was dumped already when it first came out.

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sorry i missed it.

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how do you think this story will go?
choose one or more answer
a. main girl ended up lying in the end of this chapter
b. mc and main girl fall in love
c. main girl helps mc bamboozle hoes
d. mc and sis/sis gf getting it on
e. new character introduced next chapter
f. (other)

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