Spy x Family

Shojo series packed with action battle and romcom

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mid show packed with mid

I'm tired of waiting for the next chapter, new chapter when?

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I wanna bully her so bad

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*chair clattering*

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I'm gonna say the a word.


Could've avoided tripping over if her legs weren't so stubby


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Requesting Anya version of pic related.

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What a great series. It just makes you want to go out, find a wife, and have a few kids of your own, doesn't it?


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Hey there fellow young adults, I am also enjoying the hit Anime Spy x Family this season. It sure is cute and wholesome seeing this unusual family get up to their antics, isn't it? It really makes me want to start my own family and have many children who will become productive taxpayers. I bet you all feel the same, maybe we should set out to find your own Yor to marry and reproduce with!

t. An ordinary Japanese young adult without any connection to the Japanese government

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Too bad women are nothing like anime girls.

Is Spy x Family actually shojo? I thought it was Shounen.

actually shojo.

The writer has been involved with shoujo manga for a good chunk of his career, so you'll see it seep into this "shounen" manga occasionally.

Shonen but actually shojo

It's a shoujo through and through. Even its primary audience are mostly women. The school plot is Hana Yori Dango with 5 years old kids. The romantic plot is shoujoshit with love rivals getting cucked.
It's a shoujo with some spy action here and there.

I agree with you, user. I thought all I needed was my "waifu" once and that I would always be alone. But Spy x Family by Wit Studio and CloverWorks has really shown me that what I always wanted to do was find a good woman, get married, and have a lot of children while also paying my taxes to ensure tax payments are made to our older, wiser generation to let them live out their final years in peace and contentment.

Thank you, Spy x Family by Wit Studio and CloverWorks!

Shounen but OP is a faggot.

>shoujoshit with love rivals getting cucked
If this was a real shoujo the love rivals would be doing the cucking. Having girls seethe over not getting the MC is standard shounen romcom fare.

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What a wierd OP

I don't want to be yorny, i just want to be yappy.

Why not both?

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Saying SxF is shounen is cope because males don't wan't to admit they read shojo.

im just surprised we havent seen any choking yet

She cute

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Do you think we'll be able to see Anya actually improving her test scores

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>hurr a series that is published under shounen label is something else

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>Shojo series packed with action battle and romcom
Did you mean: Full Metal Panic?

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Yes, her brain is still in development. Mentally, she's closer to a toddler than she is to a grade schooler. She'll catch up to her classmates before long.

feels like middle ground between shojo and shonen, this series can satisfy both audiences

Go to bed, Abe. I'm not going to reproduce, hell, I'm not even Japanese.

>feels like middle ground between shojo and shonen
is a shounen stop doing this stupid shit.

a motherly hug would destroy him after his PTSD nigthmare ends

Nah. Shoujo immediately introduces the two leads who will get together in the end, and any second place "rivals" it introduces later down the line exist explicitly to be simultaneously cucked and speed up the leads' relationship development.

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Unironically yes.

Yor should hug him and put his head on her chest so that he can feel the warmth of the heart beating (and the softness), I bet he would melt on the spot.

it's shonen, it's not even very shojo esc, OP just thinks if it has a girl it's shojo

its literally published in shonen jump, you know nothing about what you are saying

Best girl.

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>he doesn't know

Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha were also published as shonen. What's your point?

God I hate that loli's "smug bitch" face, I may have actually given this anime a try but she looks so retarded that I will not.

they were shonen

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It's shojo, just admit it user.

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Ranma was a slice of life harem romcom

Ranma was a slice of life battle shonen

Great shojo then

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What's their appeal again?

But when does the rom part start?

Broken people mending each other is my favorite romantic trope

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Two cute autists find happiness through lovey dovey vanilla romance.

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spy/ assassin might be in love and found family

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