Pretty Series and Aikatsu


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>all of them ding dong dead

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I have high expectations for Primagi's duets.
Rarely do you get a bad duet song in Pretty Series.

Solulu and Luluna was weak even if Saiga did an amazing job making the singing work, but from a story duos and unit shuffles always lead to great plots.

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What type of new character you want in Primagi season 2?

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For me, Itsuki being character assassinated is the one that really rankles me; he goes from snarky but smart to a oblivious goofball in the space of three years; to this day I still have no freaking clue what went on there.

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Ah. Hello nightainon. How are you today?

An alter ego idle, like Mirei, Yurika or Setsuna but done right.

Not bad, just on my lunch break.

They wanted a ship for him but only wanted teasing instead of actually exploring the romance so the solution was making him dense... Which doesn't work because like you said he already had an established personality in AD, it was like trying to fit a square block into a circle.
>Setsuna but done right.
You mean the Precure one? But she was already one of the best Cures.
New song called Dream Travelers

Prankster character, you just know it's coming.

>You mean the Precure one?
I meant Niji's, but that's better honestly.

Someone is missing.

lurk moar newfag

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Crashing the iRis plane, with no survivors!

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Someone has a new song coming out too.

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What would a Primagi Aroma look like?

lurk moar newfag

Your stupidity might be terminal.

oh nonohana

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Yeah, I wonder who.

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>he keeps up with /dbs/
I imagine everybody here to have all kinds of taste, but really?

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>touching cats

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That's rich coming from a literal lemon

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we have yugioh and digimon posters, why are you so surprised

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Primagi Circus might exist within our lifetime.

kill yourself rolafag

I'm 100% expecting Primagi S1 to get a Doremi fakeout ending.

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Yugioh and Digimon threads are fine (especially Digimon), /dbs/ is something on a whole different level.

Every day is a good day for Aoi!

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I love Mion

mel smells

I miss Stars

DMF really shows the creators tastes with all the references and shit.
I guess you could say it already started in the AD episode extras but they were holding back in the actual series, in DMF it actually seeped into the show.

We all do, ainon.

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I'm going to bang my head against the wall until Aikatsu starts existing again.

I hope your life crashes.

Lemons taste good and I bet so does Lemon's "lemon juice"

No need, it's already doing so.

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what idle anime is that from

Pretty has always been run by old heads so the dated references are not surprising (fun fact, Moriwaki's first big break was on the 1979 Doraemon). Pic related, PR's director working on Gundam with Tomino.
That's Shoe.

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"Did you really think this was a date?"

Yeah you can really tell from all the distant dark love tragedy.

For some reason, unit shuffles work way better in Pretty than when compared to Aikatsu; OGkatsu only memorable shuffle unit was Dancing Diva (and Skips if you're a fan of them; Stars did the whole shuffle thing except it was temporary (although SKY-GIRL did reform at the end of the series). Friends on the other hand had all the girls fixed within permanent units and only did 'shuffle' Honey Cat & Reflect Moon once in a joke episode, so nothing came of that either.

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Is Elliot Smith /ai/?

I realized we can get a Touma and Matsuri duo.

We will most likely get the Manamana partners performing on stage and maybe a new girl and her manamana partner.

Reflect Cat best unit don't fucking @ me

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It's really eye-opening as to how they re-did the whole tragic asshole trope with Hiro and made it better; Shou really was a beta test when you think about it.

And it doesn't help the writers actually fleshed out Hiro and gave him sympathetic reasons for why he was that way, unlike with Shou who only gets a throwaway backstory line for justification.

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>fun fact, Moriwaki's first big break was on the 1979 Doraemon
I hope she trained a successor in her comedy style for the future of Pretty.

>Touma and Matsuri duo.

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>We will most likely get the Manamana partners performing on stage and maybe a new girl and her manamana partner.
All mascots getting human forms would be good for a 12 episodes arc but without anybody new it would be hard to carry an entire season.

user. This is Pretty Series. Arcs have been carried for much, much less.

Yeah, we need more stuff like that in anime for little girls, like in the old good Heidi days.

I hated that about Aifure, their whole system was made in such a way that creating new duos would have been piss easy but instead they took the most boring route where the girls barely interacted with anyone outside of PP and their respective fren, what a waste.

Yeah, Hiro was pretty fucking cool and you can see some similarities with Shoe, sadly Shoe ended up being like a big fat baby while Hiro ended up as a real hero.

Nah, they might follow the Prichan route and add like 4-5 new characters and spread them through the season with the manamana performing after going through their own arc and stuff.