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What Boruto should have been

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Fuck off and kill yourself.

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Best couple, cutest couple in this franchise

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-Hanabi and Hinata go to a hot spring
-Hanabi wants Hinata and the kids to live with Hiashi since Naruto is so busy
-They fight over whether or not Hinata will do that
-Hinata defeats Hanabi
-Hiashi, Hinata and Hanabi walk home and everyone thinks about adjusting to the growth of Boruto and Himawari (i.e. Hinata needs to let him grow up)

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Wrong on both counts. I mean, even Kishimoto couldn't make sense of their romance.

I like SakuKarin nore desu

Also non-canon since it was removed from the anime adaption.

Would you let him kiss you with his hand mouths?

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Why does it being canon bother you so much?

Because bringing it up is senseless because it ultimately has no meaning to Naruto or Boruto discussion.

>Can someone PLEASE fuck my sister so she can stop meddling with my life and children's!?

We discuss fanfiction and filler all the time.

Well, too bad. It's still canon whether you like it or not.

Boruto shouldn't have been.

Irrelevant novelshit is boring af, though.

Then why wasn't it in the anime?

>Shino listen to me, you have to fuck my sister, she got a cat and named it Onee-ko! ONEE-KO SHINO!

It not being in the anime has nothing to do with whether or not it's canon.

disgusting, seek help

It pretty much determines whether it is.

Eh, still better than sakura

I'm guessing the sperg is just on an anti-Hinata crusade and since the novel depicts her as stronger than a jounin he can't help but screech.

No, that's just something you made up because you're angry about that scene for some reason.

Based and cute

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Why does she like him again?

He was popular in middle school

He didn't have any friends, though.

Its not canon btw

Why is incest so popular in the Naruto fandom? There are more fics where Naruto bangs Kushina more than Mikoto.

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Yes it is.

>Not in the anime.
>Which means it's in no way complementary to the manga.
It's not canon. Cope. It's never going to be brought up in any other media.

Your name is not masashi

He also bangs his dad too, lol.

There is also a lot of shit of Sakura banging her mom and her daughter for some reason.

Self inserts wanting to fuck Kushina

Again, the anime has nothing to do with whether or not a light novel is canon
Neither is yours.

Maybe it's because of the movie where he goes back in time to meet his parents, and no one knows they're his parents.

Pro tip: Novels are not canon

I'm not surprised about homosexuality and fanfiction. It's incredible that an entire generation ended up being gay with each other. Konoha would not survive.

But why do they do it through Naruto? Why not just make their own, quippy smart ass, oc insert?

I thought it was an alternate dimension?

[citation needed]

I don't know, I haven't seen it. The wiki says it was the same dimension. Maybe you're thinking of the Infinite Tsukiyomi filler, which could be the reason there's so much porn too, I just figured because of the time travel they were a little more "compatible".

>But why do they do it through Naruto?
Because they see themselves in Naruto. They're losers who were hated by their classmates, thinks the world owns something to them, they were hated by the hot girl from school who liked the edgy popular guy, and are waiting their Hinata to love them and have one beautiful boy and a girl while the girl who rejected them marries the edgy guy who becomes a loser in his adult life

>Again, the anime has nothing to do with whether or not a light novel is canon
Yes, it does. It tells you how valuable something is to market.

Which has nothing to do with canonicity, seethe harder.

You first

Actually what should have been was me personally impregnating and marrying Mei

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My source is that the books are written to be a part of the greater Naruto universe.

You're just desperate. What's the real reason you don't want this specific scene to be canon?

>seething pinkshitter

You know what, I like Sakura just because of the amount of self insert incels hating her because she rejected Naruto/said a shit thing when she was 12. But what I said earlier is true

LMAO you're literally a female. Get the fuck out of here, femoid.

But Sakura liked him before that. Sakura admitted to her friends that she liked Sasuke and wasn't aware that most of the girls did too

more proof that Pinkshitters (Sakura fans for those lurking) are literal females from Tumblr lmao

get the fuck out foid

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So he was just cool and dark.

Chill out incel, go read some fanfic about naruto fucking women from other animes so you can feel better

You are in denial.

Kino couple for making Naruto self-inserts and NaruSaku self-inserts seethe

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You're pretty much proving that user's point now.

Livestream you slitting your wrists first, foid. Then I'll do that. Fucking pinkshitter Tumblr foids lmaoooo

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Of what? You keep bringing up irrelevant shit and going "something something therefore it's not canon." You haven't posted a single thing to support your claim. If anyone is in denial, it's you, and it's obvious that the scene really bothers you. Too bad for you, it's canon and always will be.

>"You belong to me now, Sasuke."

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>Pinkshitter cope
Nah fuck off. Yea Forums is actually a decent place to discuss things, not a place where some Twitter or Tumblr normalfaggot cattle comes in to annoy people with their "muh incel" bullshit.

Kill yourself, faggot. Pinkshitters are something else lmao they cause problems and then they complain.

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According to Kishimoto, Sakura's addicted to Sasuke. His very presence is like heroin to her.

So I guess she likes him because he floods her brain with dopamine

>We have some narutard self insert seething over sakura in 2022

Well, it's obvious she has a strong addiction to Uchiha dick. She's a real fiend for it.

>Pinkshitter says something stupid and gets called out
is more like it lol

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It's Shit-kun again. I recognize the posting style and images.

this person's right though:The Naruto fandom is rife with incel losers that self-insert as Naruto and feel personally victimized by Sakura for preferring Sasuke's cock

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>janitors nuke the previous thread because it was linked despite it being legit and asking an actual question
>the previous thread was to reach the bump limit was spam, likely made by a jannie
>this thread is incestbait that has devolved into pinkshitters and /r9k/ tourists arguing
the absolute fucking state of these threads, i honestly miss the URA and CHADren spammers, at least they're fun

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Anyway, incel please don't bother anymore I'm gonna play ck2 now


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Nah that's either you or you're also another Pinkshitter. Nobody likes Shitkura because she was meant to be a hated character lol. Incel losers? Sounds like female cope. Keep coping foid lmao literally the only "people" who like Shitkura

Hinata is better than Pinkshit anyways, we're happy she's with Naruto

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Nobody cares, schizo. Now go away. Scat!

>Hinata is better than Pinkshit anyways, we're happy she's with Naruto
Hahahahahaha so it truly is a seething narutard loser

Be the change you wish to see in the world

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You're a literal third world Pinkshitter lmao go make my underwear peasant lol muh incel it's definitely a female. Your precious little Pinkshit is trash

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As you can see, that person and me are 2 different people

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Seething over what lmao Pinkshitters love creating a false narrative. It's the only way they can cope with Pinkshit being a useless and hated character.

Hinata is objectively more popular and loved than Pinkshit. Cry about it lol

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They're both trash but Sakura is an actual character. Hinata is just a cardboard cutout

Holy shit, it actually was the pinkshitter

Aw man, crossover fics are the worst!

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Females don't need character, they need to look good and pinkshit is insufferable and ugly. That's why Hinata is better.

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