One Piece

I think LuNa will actually happen

1.) Luffy only seeing Nami's face after arriving on Amazon Lilly
2.) Nami's shoujo trope rant about his personality (pic related)
3.) Nami being jealous of Reiju kissing him
4.) Oda intentionally added his LuNa headcanon into Film Gold and teases it in Film Z. No, it's not canon, but since Oda himself did this shit, it's relevant.

These are the smoking gun arguments, and the only points I'd have 100% confidence to attempt to force down another user's throat. For #5 I could use a combination of some of the more specious """"hints""""" but I'd rather not act like a crack shipper(ZoNa/SaNa come to mind) so I'll just say I could only come up with 4 really good examples for now.

It's hard to argue for romance in One Piece, but Oda is leaving enough build-up to make it not only work and have some believably, but to have an excellent romance subplot when it's done due to the very natural and well paced build-up of their relationship.

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>MONKEY GOD AWAKENING is at last canon
>Starts thread with shipping garbage
I fucking hate it here

OTama sex

I expect the Yami Yami no Mi to actually be a Moon God Zoan. One who brings despair.

Hang yourself

Oda has been so, so fucking adamant that the characters aren't going to hook up. That's just not the kind of series this is. The only ships are those that sail, and the only romance is dawn.

LuNa will never be real

No fujo will buy your hideous looking and loveless manga, wanpisser shill. Fuck off.

One Piece is still good
All of you will change your tune in a week when Kaido goes down

>Gear 5th: Gomu Gomu no Monkey God Gun
And spicbros say they lost

I'll take it over Yamato spam.

>No fujo will buy one piece
thank god

He said that ages ago before he got married and had a family, WCI shows he's clearly changed his mind.

Why are you like this, Ace?

chapter literally felt like filler

blame makino

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When do you think Luffy had time to study indian mythology?

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What the FUCK happened to Oda’s art?

Lmao never thought about It that way

wan piss is a lowest common denominator manga for retards from a subhuman hack that hasn't learned to draw in 20 years of trying.

Fuck off, you aren't welcome here.

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OK, Narutard. We get it.

fuck you

i rike it

Around the same time he study artillery types.

>I think LuNa will actually happen
I mean, obviously. He loves teasing the hell out of it and every other word out of Nami's mouth lately is obsessing about Luffy.

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Lol wut?

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The voices told him.

Threadly reminder that Kaido’s new fire dragon form won’t do shit

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1049 will be where Kaido goes down
I can feel it

Joy Boy vs Sad Lad

it got better

gonna be 1050. Oda's gonna drag this shit out one more chap go on break and finish when he gets back.

Wano will never end

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this faggots gonna take a break AGAIN????

yeah right lunaschizo both Luffy and Nami never showed romantic feelings to each other

What would possibly draw a shipper to One Piece? It's the least shipping-friendly series in Jump. There is no romance in it whatsoever. The shipping impulse is better served by literally any other shonen, not to mention the hundreds of other manga that actually focus on romance.

Fucking ungrateful faggot

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Where are Hera and Prometheus at? If Zeus is running around they should be too.

The previous break was a magazine break

>Is a whore
>Useless outside of being a whore
>Not even the main arc princess
>Is irrelevant to the arc
>Isn't even pretty
Is she the worst princess character?

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You’re forgetting Japanese number puns
49 = “Yonko”


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Just be thankful it wasn't after this terrible chap like we thought it was going to be.

I doubt oda will make LuNa a thing but do shippers really think Luffy will get with anybody? Especially Hancock of all people?

ZoNa is the boomercore One Piece ship. It was really popular when the series began back when Zoro and Nami actually interacted. It's fell off a lot since tho, probably because they stopped talking to eachother.

>There is no romance in it whatsoever
We literally got a shoujo tier romance plot in WCI

>Luffy finally becomes a proper Yonko and causes the beast pirates to turn traitor, Kaido himself says that might makes right and the strong say what goes
Chances of this?

Momonosuke will solo everyone in One Piece after training.

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It has at least two characters that talk to each other, that's all they need.

The only period where I can vaguely see it Is when the crew was literally just them and luffy, but that doesn't really count

Nope ifs just the Dark Abyss of the Sea (Davy Jones Locker)

I think people are reading too much into that, but we'll see. I certainly wouldn't complain, but I just have a hunch oda isn't ending the fight til after his break. That way he can hopefully start the arc clean up.

Possible, but not probable

What draws a shipper is not what is, but what could be. And despite One Piece being very light on such relationships, people just see more possible potential. Adding to this is overlap between people who not only read One Piece but other series that contained a more noticeable emphasis on potential endgame ships (Naruto, Bleach, etc.) A dozen years ago people could discuss ships they liked in One Piece without really upsetting anyone, but as the series continued to grow new fans who were exposed to ship wars in other series brought it to One Piece.


> Fully integrate in Doflamingo as Joker
> No break between him and the lead up to Kaido
Thank god he didn't do it

I like Luffy and Nami's dynamic and relationship, but I don't expect any endgame confirmation. At best they continue to sail together, likely with others.

shouldn't have got vaxed

>one-on-one fights for every Strawhat. Everyone gets time to shine.
>Void Century and God Valley loredrops
>Island is probably uninhabited so no Reaction Piece

Laugh Tale arc WILL be kino

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Is momo gonna kill kaido at the end?

If Doffy was in Wano, who would be his opponent?

>no reaction piece
>implying morgan isn't gonna be there with a denshi recorder streaming it to the entire world

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Shippers don't need much. All they need are two attractive characters talking to each other think they're in love.

I don’t know if your trolling or just retarded, he died of a blood clot

Jinbe, assuming Doffy doesn't get the Blueno treatment.

Who is the weakest Straw Hat who could beat Skypiea-era Enel 1v1?

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miura deserved breaks though, oda is just pumping out filler chapter after filler chapter for money

That would actually be pretty cool. You get color commentary like a pay per view wrestling match.

You are both the laughingstock of this general, shut the fuck up.

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somebody tell him

>he died of a blood clot
conveniently after his age group got vaxed


Other Doffy in Wano questions
>When would Luffy first use Gear 4?
>Would the story between him and Law stay the same?
>Would he be just as powerful, or more so?
>How would Whole Cake Island occur?

I read that as should have instead of shouldn’t have. Yeah if he got the JJ that might have been the thing to kill him

Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Jinbe, and Yamato are the only Straw Hats with CoA, but I think all of them could take Enel at the level they're at now. Jinbe might struggle a bit.

I guess Usopp could kamikaze Enel with a reject dial, if he still has any

Could Enel beat Doffy?

You guys underestimate Enel due to when he was defeated. Jinbe's the weakest that could beat him.

probably sanji

luffy/zoro/jinbei would body enel, sanji would win too but he's the weakest among them

All joking about aside about the vax scam, I think Miura suffered an aortic dissection. He might've had a heart defect or something that finally caught up with him.

With or without raidsuit? With it yes, but I'm not sure about without.

>all that hiyori buildup
>denjuro was the one to finish him off

Wano has no bathrooms, after Luffy had his first street shit all the knowledge came pouring in

You learn all about gods when you eat the fruit

Is One Pace just totally fucking worthless? Like is there any fucking point at all in trying to watch One Pace? They literally don't even have anything adapted. They're missing most of Arabasta, most of Skypiea, like what the fuck is even the point.

Presumable we would get a short arc where the island Dressrosa would just have the arena stuff trying to get the fruit with a different enforcer of Kaido’s or one of Big Mom’s kids running it. Gear 4 would show up either fighting them or later on WCI. So it would go something like Punkhazard - Small Arc of Luffy trying to get Ace’s fruit and netting Sabbo - WCI - New Wano with the Doflamingo family as beast pirates helping with mass oppression. Komorasaki would probably fill Violet’s.

Usopp is drowning

Damnit fill Violet’s role, I hit send too soon.

>Momonosuke will solo everyone in One Piece after training.
Can't wait for the cash grab, 4th timeskip, One Piece sequel then.
As adult Momo, he'll be the one to slash Kaido down, but it won't be enough to kill him. Kaido PSTD over Oden will finally fade, since in his weakened state the new adult Momo will look like Oden to him. So his smile will be permanently restored and he won't be suicidal anymore.

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Zorobros... Hiyori was our girl... What the fuck happened

The price of getting a good look at robins ass

>female one piece characters thay aren't evil
Why is oda like this

Denjiro just wants to make sure he gets his money's worth out of his bottom bitch

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Enel survives reject dials just fine

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Even Page one is too much for Usopp

>Oden 2 electric boogaloo.

If you can read french there's "One Piece Kai" on Nyaa, which is awesome. They cut all the filler shit up until Wano, and they're still going at it. They even remastered the East Blue part which looks super clean now.