Do you like big boobies?

Do you like big boobies?

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DO I!?

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More than anything else in life

I don't know, I'll need to see more of them to make a decision

Yes. But i like big butts more

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No, I LOVE big boobies!

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I love ryo-tas's giant breasts!

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Are you black?
Genuinely curious.

Yes and i cannot lie.

I am brown
But plenty of white, asian, black people etc also enjoy big booties.

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>Do you like big boobies?
I prefer small to tiny, but I'll never hold any girl's huge rack against her, as long as she'll hold it against me.

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love em
I also love butts and thighs
nope, white

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For 2D, the bigger the better.

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Yeah I do.

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>posting breast mom
My brother from another mother.

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New title when?!?

Do you?

Do I

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I love milfs.

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Love them. Want to be smothered by a pair at least twice a week

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big boobies yes

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My niggers

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Cake is also good.

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they are ok I guess.

Go big or go home.

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I LOVE them

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Yes. And not any of this "it'd be considered big in 3d" shit. I like the extra massive milkers.

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I don't have a clever joke but yes

Breasts are best when they are in their full jiggly glory.

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Yes! I even found a handy chart about it

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nah bro i heard she got back problems


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flat is better

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Why does she wear clown makeup?

No, I prefer young little girls

Most recent one I got.

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Same. With big boobs.

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I love it

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I typically don't care for lolis at all. But slap a pair of massive milkers on them, and my neurons start to go into overdrive.

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I'm just a horny beast for girls of all sizes. But oppai lolis are one of my top favorites too!

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Seitokai Fukukaichou Yagami Sayuri wa Ganbatte Iru!

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patrician pairing

Who doesn't famalam

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oppailolibaba is the next big thing


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Jesus! What's this one from?

Nice, big, soft breasts. Always enjoyable.

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Official manga Passionlip

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