Is this accurate? Should trigger be lower?

Is this accurate? Should trigger be lower?

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Toei should be at God Tier.

what level of shit taste would lead somebody to make a tier list this absurd

>Deen in C
Invalid list, Deen isnt even a tier


ufotable is massively overrated desu. Their animation is technically impressive, sure, but their fight scenes have such garbage choreography that it still ends up looking like shit.

I think it was made almost a decade ago

Deen is Deen-tier.

>ufotable over madhouse

Put feel higher. They're better at subtle character animation than most others

>Bones at S tier
Lol. The majority of stuff they make nowadays is low effort trash

Cloverworks didn't even make their own anime before 2018

Even if FMAB is overrated, it still has good animation

>madhouse, trigger, and whitefox higher than mappa
The fuck is wrong with you contrarians?

What was the last good Bones show? Dogakobo keeps producing absolute garbage because Cloverworks/A1 stole all their animators. Kyoto Animation is a zombie that lost all their best people to the fire (the ones that didn't die left). Giving a shit about studios instead of people is for Redditors and shounenbabs.

Madhouse is pretty average. They're C tier at best, OP is just a retard.

SHAFT hasn't made anything since 2019.
Drop them down to F tier because they're no longer fucking relevant.

Kyoani is GOD

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>their fight scenes have such garbage choreography
Objectively false.

>Madhouse is pretty average
you are trying too hard to be different

Nah he’s right, fate and demon slayer look great but are completely uncreative when it comes to the choreography. Demon slayer’s supposed to be all about the sword fights but there isn’t a hint of any actual swordsmanship, it’s little better than the “sword fights” (clubs essentially) that toei do

Trigger's ADHD zoomer garbo.

where is Gainax?

Next to madhouse

This isn't 2010 anymore.

Everything S but maybe Bones is overhyped imo. I get that Kyoani can put out some great looking shit but their stories are mostly generic cute girls/cute boys shit and the plot driven stuff is often absolute trash. Should be A. Ufotable is also A and the studio started to annoy me some years back after proving they are incapable of stopping with their filter spam and the animations aren't as sakuga as people pretend it to be.
No fucking idea what DOGA is doing there. Looking at the list there isn't a single anime they made that I didn't drop and 99% of them I didn't even pick up so I assume they are mostly doing CGDCT and isekai shit.

WIT would rather be a S candidate. Mad House was one but do they still do great things? And Sunrise made a lot of weird choices but they shouldn't be in F. Also weird even counting Bee Train. I assume this chart is alltime not about the status right now? Then DEEN needs to be in Z, not C. PA Works should be a bit higher too. Citrus is A for me. Think White Fox too. Mappa B, no I don't give a shit about SNK.

Mappa is the mcdonalds of anime studios

Aren't Pierrot and Toei the only ones to do long running shows?


>Mappa is the mcdonalds of anime studios
You will fucking kill yourself once Chainsaw Man blows every other show out of the water later this year you colossal fucking faggot. Mappa is jumping straight to S-tier after they're done animating the biggest and most revolutionary anime of the decade. It will be full of high quality sakuga like the trailer was already demonstarting.

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Oh look it's the mentally ill chainsoydrone.
Dead series

In 2010 still

bones was only good when they did originals (2000s)

Fuck off with your r*ddit charts

Aren't you tired of shitposting in the csm threads, faggot? I know ur the fag that posts the chainsawman soijaks.

Put Toei in C and Pierot in B

Neck yourself

>only i can shitpost in other threads, (you) can't shit post in my thread
retarded attention whore avatarfaggot

Madhouse is not what it used to be anymore

This is your brain on witshit.

Name one well animated series from Doga Kobo.

OP wasnt clear whether this was an all-time tier list or how their placement is today.

Love Lab

>Dogakobo keeps producing absolute garbage because Cloverworks/A1 stole all their animators
Yeah that explains a lot, hope they can bounce back

Mikakunin, senpai is annoying

Objectively correct.

All of these look like generic moe blob stuff do they even have any scenes with movement besides moving mouths?

Go to bed daiperfag. Stop forcing threads for a dead series no one cares about

Those shows have plenty of scenes with expressive character animation.


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pierrot is by far the best anime studio of all time

Of course it's not accurate. Xebec is a subsidiary of Sunrise now, dummy.

Bones is pretty trash nowdays, remember sk8? MHA is pretty shit tier animation wise compared to other battle shonen, even Mob Psycho is pretty overhyped, you won't agree with this but Mob Psycho is pretty much technically on par with black clover, black clover has pretty good animation though

maybe if you actually watched things before calling them generic, you'd know if they were good

Why is SHAFT so low ranked?

You're full of shit. They're adapting the manga, the choreography isn't even up to them. Every other show they did was god tier.

Move all to F-Tier.

ufotable anime is on par with Boruto

Bones prestige productions tend to be well-made, and even their average shows tend to avoid the worst pitfalls that plague modern TV anime. SK8 was a mess of a production behind the scenes but they even managed to prevent the show from completely melting for most of the part. And MHA being conservative means it doesn't go off-model as often with its animation like most TV anime do these days.

>start with shit
>end up with shit
The only thing that's surprising is how hard you're simping.

Only one full of shit here is your assblasted ass full on shitting yourself, lmaoooooo! Fucking Boruto out of all things, shounen nigger.
Go back retard.

What does this even mean

All shonen is trash, sorry.


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I would switch deen and clover works to each other’s tier. The rest I feel pretty fine about.

It was a compliment to ufotable.

What's wrong with this?

>Terrible CG monkey
>Literal tree jpeg copy and pasted over and over

who? imagine inventing a boogeyman because you got called out

Why's Sunrise not higher

if you're considering Trigger and Gainax to be the same then put Trigger in S tier.


ufotable anime wish they got boruto level of animations and fight choreography Man Anime.jpg /