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Requesting the right pic with Chariot du Nord getting her belly button licked by Akko Kagari.

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Requesting Quon Kisaragi from RahXephon doing a sexy pantyhose upskirt-tease.

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Requesting this except with onaholes instead of fleshlights

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>Remember making himecut Nyaruko request ages ago
Where does the time go?

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Requesting Marin Kitagawa cosplaying the Reaper Princess (Desumi Magahara), with a flustered Gojo slightly peeking behind Marin.

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Requesting Minase Iori getting her ass grabbed and fondled like this: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=7171384 by a much taller and handsome man (maybe Producer-san, just keep his face out of the picture), she should be visibly excited by it.

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Requesting Frolaytia Capistrano squeezing a German stick grenade between her breasts and licking it

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>where does the time go?
Between our fingers. If you look closely you can see it slipping…

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Requesting a drawing or comic of adult Raphtalia nervously asking for and then getting a haircut from Naofumi, "like old times". Have her blushing but enjoying it.

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Requesting Misato as the Driver from Drive (2011)

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Yeah, I see it...

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That was hard
I have no idea how to color crap

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Take this as well

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Requesting Sun Seto (Seto no Hanayome) in any of her idol outfits and idol Matome Mayonaka (Akiba's Trip: The Animation) singing together.
Further refs: imgur.com/a/fBvhIUJ

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Requesting the East Blue Straw Hats dressed as the Dragon Quest 8 party.

Luffy = Hero (Eight)
Zoro = Yangus
Nami = Jessica
Usopp = King Trode
Sanji = Angelo

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Anchoring a request from last two threads
>Requesting Cure Chocolat (the girl on the right) doing a Slav Squat post (like the girl on the right). Thank you.

Sorry for bothering you guys.


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Were drawthreads more active back then or as dead and spammy as today?

Requesting Jing Xialian from Appare Ranman bound and gagged like in pic related

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Only a little bit better I think

Easy request
Can I get a front facing drawing of Inumuta's turtleneck closed with the silver stars and fur? I'm want to make a custom face mask with it to wear at a con that's going to require them. Thanks

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Activity level was similar, but the spread between requests and drawfags was a bit more balance. I've made a good amount of deliveries, and I feel like more and more, I see less requests getting filled. Guess a lot of drawfags are a bit bored of a lot of the requests being repeats, which is fair, and I've felt the same, but sometimes it's a good one that just never got filled.

Malarkey! Not requesting anything, just hoping drawfriends are doing okay.
Far more active.

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Were they making better requests though?

Personally, I'd say so. This one was fun.

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What do I need to draw cute anime girls?

requesting mizuki usami wearing her spats and school uniform and doing this pose

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A pencil and a dream

Requesting Pitou with a freshly caught fish in her mouth looking happy.

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Requesting a redraw of pic related (Cheryl Melville from Nanatsu no Umi no Tico)

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Requesting Gammamon being petted by his tamer Hiro just like the right reference.

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Requesting Ruki's fat un-loli like derriere getting groped

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Requesting Tomoko teaching a normie Yunyun about otaku culture.

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(mildly nsfw) requesting a (larger) redraw of this Himiko Toga sketch but without the socks/shoes.
if you want you can just take the head reference to the right and add a tracing of the body below it, probably be easier than redrawing the whole head.

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Requesting Akkun and Touma beating Rei senseless. I just wanna see that dumb roach suffer

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Requesting more Mexican Mimi

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Requesting Gamo and Yoshi dancing together

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Requesting a full body picture of Izusu tape gagged and handcuffed in this outfit.

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Cute Shinobu

Requesting Ponta adorableness

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any wip to share?

requesting loli feet

Requesting Hatsune Miku holding an Infinity Gauntlet (the gauntlet can have a simplified design, a musical motif or just the gems), with each gem being the logo of one big idol franchise that had a collab with Vocaloid: Idolmaster, Bang Dream, Love Live, Aikatsu, Pripara and... well, let's say Revue Starlight to round up the six, since it's at least music-based. On the background you can put images of the different mikus in those collabs (there are a lot of images in this twitter thread: twitter.com/mikitheworld/status/1521875750672125954

Man, I wish they had made a Vocaloid collab with the Macross gacha before it closes, that would have made an even better pic

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Requesting a sweaty Reeze with bigger boobs

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Requesting Mayuri from date a live wearing a latex outfit with her navel exposed whilst holding a whip and looking at the viewer as if he was walking garbage.

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It's not that they're repeats, it's that they are almost exclusively "draw X girl half-naked doing an explicitly sexual pose or drawn from an explicitly sexual angle". That or "draw my waifu being happy". I enjoy drawing that type of shit as much as the next guy but I don't wanna be doing that even 50% of the time. Idk, I've always found it weird just how little there seems to be in demand for anything other than that.

When people make more complicated requests drawfags complain they are not gonna draw commission tier ideas. People dumb requests down and drawfags complain it's now boring. No one ever wins.

you really think the alternative to "draw coomershit" is "draw an epic"?

No. We do not do that lol
The more specific your request, ie too many rules, the less freedom for the artist to depict his taste.

For example:
Waifu wearing x is more open than saying Waifu wearing x while doing y in front of z

This is because artists show their personality in different areas
Character design
Color scheme

Chacter design is already taken
If you took more freedom from the artist, it becomes too narrow of a road. No realm to explore

Likewise, saying
Draw my waifu is just boring because there is no challenge. Fun happens when difficulty and skill level is on the same ground

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Requesting biblically accurate Seraphim Panty and Stocking

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>people think it's the quality of the requests being the reason why no one wants to draw and not because artists just like to mingle with each other and found other places to interact like twitter and discord. That Yea Forums stopped being "the cool place" to interact with other artists, that everyone from Medical Whiskey and veteran artists from WWD left a long time ago and that they were a large contribution to attracting even the shittiest of artists because everyone wanted to taste that same level of perceived popularity and perhaps even catch their attention with their own art work. All the artists who were just shitposters left because the other artists they wanted to "hang out with" in the same threads also left.
There's nothing left here except to shitpost. The requests never changed, it never got worse or better, it's been the same exact shit for the past 10 years, the only thing different is that all the good artists that actively posted here has left, giving the impression that this place is a hollow ghost town deprived of any sensible interactivity for other artists in a world where everyone wants to be around the same kin in this digital hellscape.

Since the muromi manga got another chapter. Requesting otohime from muromi san as the mythological creature shes based on.

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and I'll also throw in that the change in Yea Forums culture is also to blame. Mods shit on any and all forms of oc. Collaborative efforts has all but completely died, no one is compelled to do shitty PS edits because no one else does it and they don't want to look weird.

Also all the unsolicited redline edits that used to plague these threads have completely been killed off. The rampant critique culture in this place contributed somewhat to artist retention. Every artist thought they were hot shit and just gave other people redlines no matter how shit their take was. It compelled everyone to prove that they were more correct. It gave artists another reason to participate here.

I am already tired of nostalgia posters saying the same thing that tbe old is always better

It is true thatboard rules changed Yea Forums but it wasn't without reason.
No more generals because it is shitpost hive. Nothing gets discussed and just clogs up the board
OC projects arent banned. We still have Yea Forums sings and draws. Whats banned are the overexited fags who never made crap but wanted to hire people to do stuff for them
PS edits arent banned either. You just have to put actual effort now onstead of propagaying cancer

I admit, i have never been to drawthreads till last 3 months. But it is not a good idea to keep on mourning whatwas lost while ignoring what was gained
Stuff which i do not know yet

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>No more generals because it is shitpost hive.
Real dumb idea since there's still constant generals. Most Shonen have a constant general up. Pretty cure has a thread separate from the other general early morning pretty cure series.

I am aware
Nevertheless, lenient mods are better than powertripping ones on Reddit

Requesting Wendy (Fairy Tail) in dragon force pierced by a magic beam and coughing blood.

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This is a good idea but it far surpasses my current skill. Hope someone picks it up. I wanna see it