Kind reminder this is officual Evangelion artwork

Kind reminder this is officual Evangelion artwork

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Did someone say Asuka thread?

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It was a different time.

this proves once again, she's best girl

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officual work of exdreme improtance

Too much green

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Anno is friends with Miyazaki an anti-japanese leftist. That's why I don't think that he's based.


Asuka tang'd all the juice.

retard here. i always thought these uniforms were nazi uniforms. I think they arent, and are just german uniforms that look like nazi uniforms because the nazis were german so of course they look similar, but can anyone redpill on this? is the iron cross nazi symbology or just german military shit?

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There's a swastika ok the hat, man.


i did claim to be retarded

Based Trumpet boy

Funny thing is that I was thinking Reifags by comparison always reminded me of the Soviets. They're more numerous but so inferior that their only option is to throw themselves in droves at the Asukafags and hope to win that way.

What has Miyazaki said that makes him an anti Japanese leftist?

NGE takes place in a reality where the axis won

Miyazaki is not really that much of a leftist. He probably has more ideological overlap with Ted Kaczynski than with Marx. And Anno has expressed some fairly reactionary views in the past as well.

Ultimately both are boomers though, whose minds have been thoroughly poisoned by American Imperialism, even if they are unaware of it.

He protested together with some female korean professor for the comfort women and reparations.
>Furthermore, on the same day, famed director Hayao Miyazaki emphasized that Japan needs to apologize to Korea regarding the matter of comfort women.

>This is not the first time the director has spoken out about the issue. In a press conference for “The Wind Rises,” Hayao Miyazaki stated, “Japan needs to reflect and must apologize to Korea [for comfort women].”
That's no different from a leftist in the west hating his own country for colonialism. Never apologize. National apologies only open the doors for more humiliation.

Eh? Is that all? That's not anything crazy just virtue signalling.

It doesn't seem much but there seems to have been an extremely anti-japanese sentiment among the japanese left during the 70s:
>Anti-Japaneseism (反日亡国論, han'nichi-bōkoku-ron) is a radical ideology promoted by a faction of the Japanese New Left that advocates for the destruction of the nation of Japan. The ideology was first conceived by Katsuhisa Oomori, a member of the New Left, in the 1970s.

Extending from anti-Japanese sentiments and viewpoints such as the Ainu Revolution Theory, it claims that "The nation called Japan and the entire Japanese race should be extinguished from the face of the earth".[citation needed]

Anti-Japanism makes claims that go far back in history, denying the founding of Japan and the history of the Japanese people. It advocates for the extermination of the Japanese ethnicity.

>The East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front has suggested a scenario that could lead to the ruin of Japan. In this scenario, they would invade South Korea and topple the current "pro-Japanese" regime, replacing it with a military regime that is openly anti-Japanese. Japan, owing to its naturally aggressive nature, would invade Korea in response, then the Anti-Japaneseists could employ their terrorist networks to wreak havoc in Korea similar to the Vietnam War, draining Japan's financial and political strength, which would allow its swift downfall.[1]

The detailed scenario is as follows:

The main country of importance in this scenario is the Republic of Korea. By fostering xenophobic South Korean nationalism, it would fuel anti-Japanese sentiment, induce a coup d'etat in the South Korean military, overthrow the “Pro-Japanese government”, and eliminate the “Pro-Japanese” sentiments that are rooted in South Korea. Then, the South Korean "Anti-Japanese military government" would declare war on Japan, killing at least 100,000 Japanese Self Defence Forces personnel.

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Something interesting I think about the part about the independence of Okinawa and Hokkaido.

>In Okinawa, the “Ryukyu Republic” would declare independence. This 'independent nation' would declare war on Japan and the United States, and then ally with South Korea to invade Japan.

>In Okinawa, the “Ryukyu Republic” would declare independence. This 'independent nation' would declare war on Japan and the United States, and then ally with South Korea to invade Japan.

It reminds me how in Eureka Seven AO Okinawa was independent. The guy who directed this seems to have been very fond of hippie culture. It seems that Okinawan independence was really liked by many parts of the japanese left.

>Luftwaffe uniform
Should be bluish but this one is ok I guess..

I'm not sold, this is just speculative. He's probably just anti war or something, supposedly howls moving castle was an allegory for middle eastern wars after all.


HER COUNTRY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HOLO[spoilers]graphic map[/spoilers]

Miyazaki is a massive Wehraboo and fanboyed over Otto Carius (a German Tank commander who wrote Tigers in the Mud)
Tbh it's kinda funny

Ken ken fucks THAT?

lurk more

The second part was about Hokkaido I accidentally copied the Okinawa part again.

>In Hokkaido, the "Ainu-Soviet Republic" would also declare independence. They would claim that Japan ignored the Ainu, in incidences such as "Returning the Northern Territories", and the slaughter of 5 million Japanese people in Hokkaido who are "proud".[7] This would also fuel anti-Japanese sentiment in Southeast Asia.

hehe, user is not

Nazi uniforms are German uniforms with Swastikas and one too many runes or eagles slapped on
The Bundeswehr today essentially wears a more minimalist version of this uniform. Even the communist East Germans continued wearing the same grey uniform, pic related

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Not him but It's known that he's a commie. They say he changed Lupin's car from the old Mercedes to a 500 because It was "muh proletariat car" and I'll never forgive him for that because despite his rendition of Lupin being the most off and a literal appropriation of an already well established character to do just do whatever the fuck he pleased everyone went along with It in later renditions instead of going back to the source material because le famous director Is famous

no it doesn't, the sdf and the su/russian federation exist. you're probably thinking of gunbuster, which takes place in a universe where japan beat the us in a second pacific war.

You don't get It man, the voices told me

Plus the swastika carrying eagle on the chest, meaning she's Luftwaffe which makes sense since she's a pilot. You can see it all more clearly here in higher res

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hey that's a spanish cross for germans in the civil war
i wonder if they just picked whatever medal they thought looked coolest

Does it really look grey to you? You should check your eyes

So anti-japanese japanese wanted to invade another country to make it's citizens hate japanese and then use terrorist attacks on this country to weaken Japan. Sounds kinda retarded

Am I getting punked? So fucking based. I guess I'll finally give this show a watch, always thought Asuka was hot but never watched the show.

>implying Asuka didn't support Franco and bomb the fuck out of Guernica

Asuka's fertile womb.

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I like that when Khara released their guideliness about how you can't do political art (symbols or not) nips spammed this picture on their twitter replies
This never appears in the show or the movies

I'd like a doujin where asuka fucks kaji, nge hentai is RUINED by shinji as a dom

Sasuga best girl.

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And that's a problem? You fucking faggot.

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Evangelion would have been better like this. Discuss.

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>This never appears in the show or the movies
>he doesn't know

It's a recolored image.

ur face is officual Evangelion artwork

This thread makes me want to build my Me262 model and paint it in Unit02 colors.

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is this true??

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I feel like this image supports Asuka/Kaworu more than Asushin.

Kind reminder this is officual Evangelion canon ship

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>Miyazaki made films showing the beautiful side of japan like Totoro
>Made Spirited Away to celebrate the beauty of japanese folklore
>Wind Rises shows a very sympathetic perspective of japan during WW2 and even a sympathetic side to the person who created the japanese fighter planes


I hate faggots like you who put a false picture on a man for your hatred for him and also your own agendas. Kill yourselves

Reifags are actually slightly outnumbered, at least on Yea Forums.

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That's true. And now that I think about it Asukafags are the Nazis here because they are jobbers, eternally seething

Literally can’t even beat the Ukraine. Meanwhile Germany is already boss hog in Europe again.

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I don't see the problem. It's just an army uniform.