Kaguya-sama manga spoilers

I, for one, welcome back the stuco shenanigans.

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End already, please.

Will Shirogane still go to America? That's a mistake and we all know it.

>End already, please.
he can't

not until maki is happy

No one cares, end it now.

>End already, please
Said nobody ever. We only wanted the last arc to be done not the whole manga. Please fuck off newtard

Faggot, I'm saying this myself I dont need you to agree with me.

Only 1 thing can save this manga

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Happy birthday, Miko.

Yeah, but it's too based to happen.

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This whole manga needs to be done with.

t. discord shiller

It's incredible how out of touch discord fags are with the rest of the reader base. Even Aka wants this shit over with.

oshi no ko chink spoilers

>Aqua chapter.
Fuck this shit.

Translate it, chinks.

Wait what, so why did Kana start calling him A-kun?


Aka's last out was having Shirogane sacrifice his scholarship to stay and fight for Kaguya, and he didn't use it. He's going to leave and the manga will end.


>We Kana route now.

>Shirogane sacrifice his scholarship
He won't do that, he has an our personas part 2 chapter to solve that. In reality, he doesn't need to go to Stanford anymore, he's millonaire now.

>chink noises tldr
>deus ex machina tells ruby that aqua has been collecting evidence to find about what was behind Ai's death
>then we switch to ruby praying for aqua to find the real murderer
>akane and kana shit I don't and I bet nobody cares about
>15 years of liars is already on production
So Aka wants to nuke both mangas and quit writing at the same time? Based, Aka, I kneel.

What the hack is even happening?

If Mengo wasn't also a hack whose only redeeming quality is loving Kana I'd feel bad for her, but I don't.

Yaaaawn. Aka really trying to pretend that shitfest arc never happened now?

He was supposed to be in California for summer break, come back for a month, then graduate early. I have no idea where the timeline is now since Aka seems to have abandoned the volume = month shit.

>he's millonaire now.
Nah, it doesn't work like that. There are taxes to consider and it's dirty money. Plus how fucking lame is is that the hardworker character just gets a hand-out and doesn't earn his own money.

>Aqua thinks his dad is dead and moves on
>timeskip to 15 years of lies where Aqua is still an edgelord and Ruby is optimistic
Is Aka just retconning shit now?

>20 chapters of theatre Namek and endless Kanawank
>followed by deus ex machina, timeskip and retcons
Every new chapter Aka writes is one too many.

No one cares anymore.
However I'll bump because discussion might be fun.

It's good to have it back.

dead manga

Onoderabros... we got shaftet

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Aka needs to sleep for 10 years and then come back to finish ib properly. Then he can sleep for the rest of his life.

Hot, sweaty sex with Hayasaka.

>15 years of liars is already on production
This spoiler has to be fake. No fucking way.

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Fujiwara chan you know you aren't allowed to use the computer at this time


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Better than MikaGuya at least but still inferior to IshiMiko


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>ruins Prez's showing off later
Not bad.

>confession starts playing


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>chapter 260: "Life is just a series of events that don't go your way"
>chapter 261: "Ackshyually, it's all according to Kaguya's keikaku"
Is Aka bipolar?

>After the shooting, the real girlfriend and the hat soaked in the hot spring. The real girlfriend who was dazzled by the pua couldn't care about the excitement when she saw the naked hat.
Looks like Akane got a clitboner from seeing Kana naked. Aka and Mengo really can't help themselves, huh.

I do suspect some of the chapters were written by someone else, this arc in particular has been all over the place.

Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

What does the rest say?

>If Mengo wasn't also a hack whose only redeeming quality is loving Kana
>redeeming quality
Death to all miko clones and those that love them

Japs hate Kanashit.

Pretty much what said, but the spoilers actually mention the length of the timeskip: half a year.

We love Mengo here

I've just realized season 3 won't have a single "how cute"

Ishigami is so lucky his girlfriend can vibrate. Imagine the foreplay.

yeah I miss it
last one was in the PV that adapted 110
next one is in Iceguya arc

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I can't wait for Aniplex subs to shit the bed

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Aka is a hack and I should have remembered his name before picking up Oshi no Ko.

Today's episode has a special rap ED.

Ai is begging for sex.
And for Ai I also mean I.