There is a super hot goddess in isekai

>there is a super hot goddess in isekai
>MC ignored her and chose other girls instead
How about you anons, what would be your choice?

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Greek mythology taught me that having sex with a deity is damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of situation. If she wants it, then probably yes.

I agree with the main character.

>greek/roman/norse gods
No thanks, demonic path here I come.

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I'd prefer if the Goddess was also a shitty brat t b h

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>The former Hero wants to live life peacefully
The Goddess straight up pluck the unborn fetus from the Saint's womb as punishment for daring to betray the Hero, her chosen one. Wtf?

Do you like isekai wolf girls?

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Japanese Katana in isekai is cringe, yes?
so what's the best weapon for mc? considering the compatibility and effectiveness, dagger is the one

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Well deserved, bitch had it coming

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She did?
Finally. It's the least she can do for him.

No, cope.

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I'm so tired of RoB and Moonveil spammers


>Isekai'ed man shits on the death game genre.
Honestly this isn't much of a death game plot if it's basically Far Cry.

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Isekai incest.

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Finally some real fucking intelligence.

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Gods and halfgods are always better than humans.

>tfw MC never rapes the goddess
Isekai authors are low test and will never understand the underlying thrill of a lowly man dominating the pinnacle of female power.

Sex with Aqua all day
Every day

I love little sisters

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The patriarchy means he's always winning, even with a goddess.

Int 1

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>MC never rapes the goddess

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>MC forgets the goddess

any with goddess raping/having her way with MC (male and female)?
MC is strong but unlike other stories they cant do anything to a god

Hope for an anime
>edgefags lose their minds at the based isekai man

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>MC is strong but unlike other stories they cant do anything to a god
not allowed

I don't think I can recall any isekai where the MC is someone who commits suicide not knowing there was an isekai awaiting him

>this can hide as a guy
How? Also source?

>MC learns some lessons in revenge.

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why valentine doesn't do anything about the clerics?

>fear of being stared at
Sounds legit, people stare at me for no reason which is unsettling.

What is the appeal of sex?

So who are the nobles? All I see are commoners.

Taking Responsibility

Baseball isekai or something

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>MC never rapes the goddess

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so, axe soon?

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>goddess is a bitch
MC should’ve raped her

If mythology has taugh me anything it is that goddesses are everything I hate in women turned to 11 with a bunch of power and an even bigger superiority complex than normal as a bonus
I don't see why anyone would want to deal with that

Sauce? Google gives me nothing

Because she will only love you! the based isekai mc.

This is literally Epstein Island over here.

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That's arguably the worst part

Time goddess is made for rape
The head goddess is way too OP for it

>actual American title is baseball isekai
Kek, thanks user.

I choose the youngest beastkin slave available to me instead.

To level up into a tittymonster, right?

Enter Hackerman

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Can't handle a strong woman? you homo?

Of course, that way I can sell her and use the money to buy an even younger beastkin slave.

To level up into a tittymonster, right?


>stepbrother wants to fuck his villainess sister

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Humans are born to serve divinities and men are born to serve women. Thus obviously it's human men's natural role to obey to goddesses' wills.

Sex with villainess.

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>youngest beastkin slave available to me instead.
Weak. You are no better than insecure otaku who can't handle any women who aren't a mindless pokemon.

This. This is a villainess friendly thread, where we only worship evil women who are strong, have conviction, and are willing to do whatever to get what they want.

What a Prologue.

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Nepotism of a Goddess

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Int 1

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